Chapter 10:


Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

« As I, the narrator awakened from me slumber, I discovered that I was experiencing a weird dizziness. On the other hand, Louis... Louis ? »

« Huh ? Why are there marks between my sentences ? Where am I ? I... Legs.. I have legs !! Good. Arms, hands. Ooh, fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears ? Yes.Eyes : Two. Nose... eh.
Don't tell me... I finally broke away from him !? HOORAY !! I'm finnally free from this devilish narration nightmare !»

As the ex-narrator waked up, he began to discover his new body. He was so excited that he didn't, at first, remark my presence. However he slowly adapted to his new body and newfound senses so it was mostly comprehensible.

« What th- Who the hell are you » said the ex-narrator, confused.

There is no need to worry, I'm the narrator. I am a narrator. You can call me Narrator. Any questions?

« This gotta be a dream. No... A nightmare! I got removed from one torture machine only to be trown into another one. »

What's with you ? I'm not a bad narrator ya know !

« Help AAAAAaaaaaahhh

God it was just a dream... Just a dream...

« Could you shut up it's 3a.m. »

Sorry it's just... I... I got to experience your side of the coin and it was just as nightmarish as my side. This dream was really enlightning. I think I understand you a bit more. After all, I've never considered your side and acted without a care in the world. I'll try to limit my 'antics' from now on.

« Whatever just let me sleep. »

Actually never mind. Screw you.

*Inhale* (Actually I can't inhale, I don't have lungs).


« My ears ! »

That's what you get for ignoring me.

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