Chapter 1:

chapter 1

Love me Akira

Running through the city, weaving from rooftop to rooftop avoiding the large knives that could split a house in half.Bookmark here

"I TOLD YOU TO USE YOUR SHIELD TO MINIMIZE DAMAGE AROUND YOU" yelled the commander at the base while dodging in the large humanoid machine.Bookmark here

"I KNOW, GET OFF MY BACK, YOU CAN SEE HOW ARE FAST THEY ARE" Akira exclaiming as the screams intensify down below."Bookmark here

"ANYWAYS USE YOUR SHIELD YOU'LL BE KILLED. DONT YOU FORGET THIS ISN'T A SIMULATION AKIRA," the commander furiously replied through the headset. Bookmark here

"Sigh, FINE BUT YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT’LL TA-" she growled as she took a knife to the chest where she was held of the large mecha.Bookmark here

"DAMN, WHY IS SHE SO USELESS? If she thought about training more than trying to fight with us we would have won today! SEND UNIT 4 OUT TO THE BATTLEFIELD"the commander yelled frustrated, not hiding his disgust for the girl at all.Bookmark here

Akira looking scattered suddenly woke up in bed surrounded by her small trashy apartment.Bookmark here

"Today is going to be shit!" she yelled jumping out of bed feeling around her body trying to find any wounds from the battle, “OF COURSE, IT HAD TO BE MY LEFT ARM!" Feeling her new arm attached from the elbow, the skin was red around the elbow but more down her arm was lighter as if she hasn’t been outside anytime recently but compared to the rest of her body it looked sickly.Bookmark here

” ugh, the arm is all tingly,” she thought as she fell back into bed. "Why do I have to go to school even though I’m protecting your asses. Man cut me some slack!" she said with a sad face getting ready for school. Akira Sossi was a cute girl with average height, brown hair, and green eyes captivating anyone who didn’t know her personality.Bookmark here

“Oh shit the time,” she said worriedly Bookmark here

Walking into the room of lockers seeing everyone murmuring about her failure on the recent events.Bookmark here

"LEAVE YOU MONSTER YOU KILLED MY WHOLE FAMILY!" a boy crying in the crowd of people who hate the destruction of the mecha's they create in the name of protection.Bookmark here

"SO! I DON'T SEE YOU TRYING TO STOP THE XANTHOS!” She yelled at the top of her lungs loud enough to silence everyone in the room.Bookmark here

“Geez you could be nicer,” said a girl to the boy.Bookmark here

“Man, why does everyone hate me so much?” thinking sorrowfully as she heads to the classroom. Bookmark here

The bell clanged and the teacher walked in.Bookmark here

"Good morning everyone, it's your teacher Miss. English!" said in a sing-song voice trying to start the day right but the room was half-asleep. "Wow, you guys sound so sad on this joyful day for we have a new student!" still in her happy tone that filled the roomBookmark here

"... Why is someone coming at the end of the year?" the class rep asked the teacher puzzled why someone would come nowBookmark here

Well, his family came from afar and this time of year was the best for him. "Her upbeat voice started to get annoying" Well… come in Mr. Harper," she said while welcoming the student coming in.Bookmark here

He was a well-groomed 5"10' male my age, had brown hair and blue eyes, kinda handsome in our school uniform.Bookmark here

"Hello my name is Matthew Harper, I was born from the Faroe Islands, it's in between the UK and abridged from Denmark but I moved to Paris because of the alien invasion that destroyed the general area of the UK!"Bookmark here

"WOAH" exclaimed the whole class Bookmark here

"How did you escape?" someone yelled through the chaos of children Bookmark here

"My parents were working at the robotics lab a little when it happened" concluded Matthew as everyone had pure awe and interest in the new boy they couldn’t stop the questions.Bookmark here

"OK, OK, talk to him after class about it after Ok everyone!" she said to quiet everyone quickly. Bookmark here

"Aaaw" with the unification of everyone they could start class.Bookmark here

"Mathew go sit by Akira because of your predicament" advised Miss. EnglishBookmark here

"Ok, Miss" Noted Mathew as he sat down. " Nice me meet you, Miss Akira," he said as he reached out his handBookmark here

"Fuck off" uttered Akira as she slapped his hand away.Bookmark here

“Aaw don't be like that because I'll be with you for a looong time,” he said with a cheeky smile on his face.Bookmark here

She blushed to wonder why he would say it like that“wha- what do you mean by that idiot”.Bookmark here

“Haha nothing” Mathew chimed in really quickly so not alert to the teacher.Bookmark here


Love me Akira

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