Chapter 7:

Chapter 7: Blue Epilogue (Part 7)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aito POV*




I look left and right, looking out for anything that's out of the ordinary.

Currently, I am waiting for Kiroi in front of the amusement park.

After what happened yesterday, I text and ask Kiroi if we can perhaps change places and times.

She refuses, saying that she has planned a surprise for me.

Which.. actually ruin the surprise when she said it out loud like that, but never mind.

She begs me to not cancel it and I feel bad about it.

I ended up not changing anything and go with my original plan.

So here I am right now in front of Ryugu amusement park.

What's my next plan for Aoi?

After what happened with her yesterday, I go and seek assistance from my homeroom teacher.

I explain that I got into an argument with Aoi and got threatened.

After hearing my story, my homeroom teacher said that he was willing to help and going to call for me and Aoi tomorrow Monday to talk about the matter.

Why tomorrow? well, it's because Aoi has taken a sick leave prior to my arrival and went home.

And so our problem came to halt until tomorrow Monday.

Just to note, I haven't told my mom nor anyone else about what happened between the two of us.

I don't see the necessity to spread the words to anyone, at least not yet.

While it's true that Aoi may have threatened me, she didn't hurt me in any way.

Had she did, then it would have been a completely different story and I am sure the teacher would have to call Aoi back to school.

Personally, I didn't care which way we solve the problem.. I just do not want to have anything more to do with her, especially after what happened last time.


Kiroi voices echo from the distance.

I look west and saw Kiroi running at me while waving her hands.

She soon arrives and stops in front of me.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, did you wait long~?"

Kiroi flashes an angelic smile and tilts her head a little to left.

Today, she wears casual pink clothing with white flower motive, a white skirt decorated with frills that went all the way down to her knee, and heels with a pair of straps.

She also wears a pink ribbon, tied on top of each side of her ringlet hair.

Speaking of her hair, it looks smooth and fresh as if she had gone to a salon the day before.

Needless to say, I was captivated.

My heart skipped a heartbeat and I was petrified on the spot.

I forgot all of the trouble I had prior to her arrival.

"W-well, how do I look? this is the first time I hang out with a boy of my age.. so I am not sure of my look."

Kiroi lowers her head and moves her eyes left and right.

"You look cute as hell, Kiroi!!"

I shout.

"Really? thanks!"

Kiroi flashes another round of smiles at me.

Another round of her charm hit me.

This time, not only did she make my heart stop heating, but melt it all together like chocolate.

I fell under a spell called love that I can no longer escape and I forgot all of my worldly problems and concern.

"Then lets us go!"

Kiroi grabs and held my right hand tightly as she pulls and drags me into the amusement park.

"H-hey! there's no need for you to drag me!"

I happily chuckle.

Thus begin our fun time together.

Kiroi would always lead the way and drag me into one attraction after another.

There's a scare jump attraction, where ghosts would scare jump the visitors.

Kiroi looks really afraid before we enter but still forces herself anyway.

Needless to say, she screams, a lot.

Over and over again.

When it's all done and we made it out of the attraction, we sat on a bench together with Kiroi cry her heart out from all the trauma she experiences.

I told her not to, yet she wants to go no matter what.

She said that's the joy and there's no point coming here if she didn't enter the attraction.

I.. do not understand the logic behind that, but Kiroi looks determined, so I didn't bother to ask more.

I get the feeling that I will not understand anyway.

The time flies and the next thing I know that the sun has set.

The two of us sat next to each other on the sides of a lake inside the amusement park.

"Hrgh~! that was a lot of fun~!"

Kiroi stretches her arms out.

"Yeah, it sure was.."

I smile and commented.

"It has been a long time since I went into an amusement park... I honestly forgot how it feels..."

Kiroi smiles and brings her arms down.

I do not know why, but unlike her usual, cheerful smiles, this one exhibits a faint hint of sadness.

Almost melancholy even.

"..When was the last time you go to one?"

I curiously ask.

"...I do not know."

Kiroi answers with the same sad smile on her face.

"You don't know..?"

I sharpen my eyes a little bit, feeling her answer a little weird.

"Either my brain simply forgets it as I grow up or what, I do not know."

Kiroi looks at me with a sad smile.

She then stands up and gazes into the night skies.


I get back into my own two feet as well and stand behind her.

"..Say, Aito." "Do you have fun today?"

Kiroi asks me without facing me.

"Do I.. have fun..?"

I failed to understand the point of her question, it was so random.

"Yeah, do you?"

Kiroi repeats her question.

"...Yeah, I did, this is the most fun I ever had with anybody."

I still do not understand why she asks that, but my feeling tells me to just answer them without asking too much about it.

"I see.. the same goes for me, this was the most fun time for me as well."

Kiroi cheerfully said.

"..Which mean you won't mind dying right now, won't you, Yuiga Aito?"

Kiroi suddenly looks at me.

Her eyes are sharp and she wears a sinister almost demonic smile on her face.

Her eyes lost their light, there's nothing but madness and insanity in her eyes.

The next thing I know, something sharp has pierced my chest from behind.

I slowly lower my head to check on what's going on.

Something resembling a huge and long spider's legs pierced my chest from behind.

The tip holds something that I cannot see very well, the said object radiates a strong and bright like, like a small sun.

On the other hand, there's something behind me, something black and big with 3 pairs of legs and 3 red eyes.

.. It's a spider... a giant black spider monster.. right behind my back.

I finally feel the severity of my wound as I start coughing and vomiting out blood from my mouth.

"What time do you think this is, Aito? your mom clearly told you not to be outside until it dark outside, right~?"

Kiroi sadistically licks her lips.

S-she knew...? don't tell me, just like what happened with Aoi, she's too-!?

The spider suddenly raises its leg along with me.

A surge of extreme pain coming from my chest spreads all over my body.

Every single cell and nerve inside my body screams alongside me.

It hurts..!! it hurts!! it hurts!!

Every single part of my body screams.

My vision turned all red for a reason that I do not know, my mind slowly collapsing with all the pain.

I can't think, I can't feel, nothing.

Nothing but deep, long, and sharp pain.

The giant spider then slams me to the ground and tears the shining object from me.

At that moment, I can no longer scream, I can no longer make any noises.

Right now, I am no more than a mere lump of meat on the ground with whatever little life I had remained.

The spider lowers its leg down and offers the object it take from me to her.

"Thank you~"

Kiroi wholeheartedly accepts the gift and holds it with both hands.

"Took me few attempts to find it, I can't thank you enough not only the gift but also the good memories we share together~" "Thank you and rest in peace, Yuiga Aito~"

Kiroi flashes her angelic smiles at me for the last time.


I silently murmur, disappointed in how things ended up.

How and why.. things turned out like this...

Be as that may be, it is all too late right now, I will die right here... and now...

I slowly close my eyelid as the last strength I have slipped away and so is my life.

Just when I am about to surrender and succumb to my wound, life asks me to stay just a little longer.

Suddenly, a pair of Aoi fell from the sky and land next to me.

..Yes.. not one, but two Aoi...

The two do feel slightly different.. with each of them wearing different clothing and style each other hair differently.

The first one let her long hair free, just like the Aoi that I always meet and know.

She wears nothing but a bandage wrapped tightly around her chest, white long pants, and matching traditional white shoes and socks.

In her right hand, she holds a Japanese wooden blade.

She wears a distinctive cape on her back with the kanji for "Strength" written on the back.

The other Aoi tied her hair into a twin-tail with a pair of black rubber.

Her outfit consists of white button shirts with a black jacket wrapped around her torso, black leather gloves, short silver pants, and blue sports shoes, and white socks.

Around her waist, strapped a pair of short-swords resting in their sheaths.

"You're finally here, Aoi- No..." "Grimson."

Kiroi warmly greets the two Aoi and refers to them as "Grimson."

I do not have any idea of what is that means nor do I in any condition to even think right now.

The two Aoi glance at me with the twin tail one approaching me.

She stood in front of me and gaze down at me.

"I told you.. I will see you again as you rot on the side of a street, didn't I?"

The twin tail hair Aoi calm speak.

In that very instance, I realized.

I understand what's happening back then.

The Aoi that I always know and the Aoi that threatened me are two completely different people..!


I used up the last bit of my strength to try and talk with her, only to lose everything before I can even say the next alphabet.





Yuiga Aito is gone, he's no more.

The two Aoi look at him one last time before turning their attention to Kiroi.

She was smiling and not bothered even the slightest by Aito death.

"Smile while you can... you're going straight to where he's gone into..." "I make sure of that..."

Aoi with a cape sharpen her eyes and threatened Kiroi.

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