Chapter 15:

20th September part 3

heaven's hell

Meanwhile Toshiro, Ino and Mio

"You are lucky, already got assigned to a household, I am still here waiting"

Says Ino to Toshiro. Toshiro, Ino and Mio are in a narrow alley where light hardly reaches with Toshiro taking the lead.

"Its not like you are the only one waiting"

Says Mio.

"Well, if I marry Kakoroshi then I will automatically be selected into his household, not to forget, its the blood household, the most successful one, I will hit the jackpot"

"I am also here!!"

Shouts Ino with a shy face.

"Sorry but you have to go with Toshiro"

Says Mio with a poker face.

"Could you both be quiet!!!"

Toshiro is really annoyed with Ino and Mio as he is feeling slightly tired with the constant use of the 'search' art. As he keeps walking, his face turns serious.

"There is a devil's representative in the 50 meter radius"

Informs Toshiro as his head starts hurting as soon as he senses the devil's representative.

"Follow me"

Says Toshiro as Ino and Mio follows him in full pace. 

They finally reach the place where the signal was coming from. They see a man, who is standing in front of a candy shop, holding out money as he has some candy in his other hand. The man has a lean body, standing at 5'10 with a black coat and torn jeans 

"I can't even buy candy now because of your art"

Says the man as he can't see anyone as he is inside the 50 meter radius of the 'search' art, making him invisible to the humans and vice versa.

"You have to be one of the 5 demons"

Says Toshiro with fear in his voice though acting confident as he can sense the destructive power in him.

"I am the Vav demon"(The weakest among the 5 demons)

Replies the man as he turns around, revealing that he has a hannya mask (google to know how the mask looks) on his face.

"Thank god I had the mask with me"

"You will be coming with us"

Says Mio in a commanding voice.

"I like how you have hope that you can capture me alive"

Says the Vav demon.

"I am pretty sure you don't even have B class arts till now"

Says the man as he laughs, mocking Toshiro's group, making Toshiro lose his cool.

"BLUE FLAME FI......."

Toshiro stops as horror fills his eyes. The Vev demon is no longer in front of him, like he has vanished in thin air.


Says the Vev demon in a low voice as now he stands behind Ino and Mio. Ino and Mio try to react quickly but are knocked unconscious as the man chops both in the neck. Toshiro also tries to turn around and use an art but is grabbed by the neck from behind.

"You thought it was easy, huh"

Mocks the man.

"Damn.... you"

Says Toshiro as he is barely getting any air to speak.

"I have a question for you. I have heard that a new blood representative has been selected. If you could just tell me his name, it will help me a lot and of course, put you at ease as well"

Asks the man as he slightly tightens the grip on Toshiro's neck.

"Why.... do you .... want to know?"

Asks Toshiro.

"Because we, the devil's representative, have a history with the blood representatives"

Answers the man

"I am never gonna sell out my friend"

"I expected this, well, I respect your decision so I will let you live this time"

The Vav demon lets Toshiro go as he loosen the grip. Toshiro falls to the ground as he lies there, feeling dizzy.

"You are about to fall unconscious so hear me out, I haven't paid for the candies, which is 400 yen, so pay it up in the store when you wake up"

Says the man as he takes his leave. Toshiro falls unconscious shortly after.


At the beach

"The sand is so cold"

Says Haruna as she walks barefoot on the sand, under the dazzling starlights which lights up the sky into a beautiful view

"Aren't you the one whom I met here, at the beach that day? You have a son, don't you?"

Asks Kia 

"Yes, so I have to make it fast, my son usually wakes up around this time"

Replies Haruna 

"No mercy will ever be shown to the devil's representatives.

Kia uses an art as the palms of her hands have some ice crystals growing on it. She aggressively  slams the palm of her hands on the sand, making ice grow on it, slowly covering the beach in thin layer of ice, making everything which touches the ice, freeze.

"Not bad.

Haruna also uses an art, making her covered in raging flame which melts the speeding ice as soon as it reaches close enough to Haruna. She then picks up some sand and makes a ball out of it as the ball is covered in fire, she throws the fireball with full strength towards Kakoroshi.

'Blood wings'

The art 'blood wings' is suddenly used without Kakoroshi uttering a single word, which deflects the fireball with ease.

"I finally have found the blood representative"

Says Haruna with a smirk face


Asks Kakoroshi as he is confused of what Haruna is saying.

"I guess you don't know the weight you carry as a blood representative. I had a low ranking devil's representative follow you and give info about you but all the pictures he clicked, you were blacked out, expected from the god's representatives to take measures to make your identity hidden, but now you stand right in front of me, what better chance will I get to take you down"

Haruna starts running towards him as the fire which was covering her whole body now only covers her fists, making it glow bright orange.

"NOT TILL I AM HERE!!!!!!!!"

Kia jumps in front of Kakoroshi as she swings her right fist which is still covered in small ice crystals, towards Haruna. Haruna counters it, colliding her right fist with Kia's, making a huge explosion which creates a huge smoke cloud on the beach.

"Where did she go?"

Asks Kia as she coughs. 

"HELL CHAIN!!!!!!!!"

Haruna shouts out an art from inside the smoke, as 2 chains come rushing towards Kakoroshi, grabbing him and pulling him towards Haruna into the smoke.


Kia runs towards where Haruna is as with lightning speed, she just makes it in time to swing her blade, breaking the chains and clearing the smoke. Haruna distances herself from them after the smoke clears.


Kakoroshi throws the Katana towards Haruna, aiming for the head but Haruna dodges it just in time, moving her body sideways. She grabs the katana mid air but then releases it as burn marks appear on her hands.

"You shouldn't look away in a fight"

Says Kia as she lands a solid punch on Haruna's stomach, making her crash into the wall of the beach side store as the wall breaks into pieces. Kakoroshi rushes towards the rubble.


Kakoroshi swings his right fist into the rubble, hoping it would hit Haruna but as it is about to hit the rubble, a hand pops out of it, grabbing Kakoroshi's right knuckle, stopping the punch mid way.

"You...... FUCKING WEAKLINGS!!!!!"

Haruna appears out of the rubble as her face clearly shows anger and rage. She clutches her right hand which is grabbing Kakoroshi's right fist as it breaks the bones in his knuckles, making him scream in pain. She then punches Kakoroshi in the face with her left hand which sends him flying deeper into the city, coming to a halt near a departmental store.

"It hurts a lot!!!"

Says Kakoroshi as he feels tremendous pain

"It will get more painful"

Haruna is standing right beside him as she has a melting glass in her hand, Haruna thrust her hand to stab Kakoroshi in the stomach.


Kia kicks Haruna in the face with fire on her toes, leaving a burn mark on her chin.

"There is no way you covered that distance in such short time"

Says Haruna, surprised of how, in such a short time, Kia was able to reach Kakoroshi.

"Talk less!"

Says Kia as a exchange of blows happen between her and Haruna. Haruna grabs her left arm, as she dislocates her shoulder, making Kia scream in pain.

"I will end this once and for all"

Says Haruna as she gasps for air


Kakoroshi again swings his right hand towards Haruna. Haruna tries to block it as she doesn't have enough stamina to dodge but the punch is powerful enough to send weakened Haruna flying, crashing into a corner of a alley.

"She is finally into a corner.

Haruna clears the blood on her face which was blocking her vision to see 3 blades, zapping with lightning, surrounding her from all 3 angles, 90 degree, 45 degree and 0 degree. Haruna gets on her feet as blood starts dripping from her face.

"Its all over for you"

Mumbles Kia as she closes her fist, activating the art.

The blade on the 90 degree moves first as it rushes towards Haruna. Haruna moves to dodge the blade on the 90 degree but then realizes that the blade has slowed down a bit and now the blade from 0 degree rushes towards her, not giving enough time to her to dodge as the blade eventually pierces Haruna through the chest, bringing her to the original position she was standing at as the blade from 90 degree and 45 degree also pierces her. 2 more sets come the same way, with different patterns, piercing Haruna, making the floor rinse in blood.

Continuation of Haruna's backstory

As she swings the blade at herself, somebody grabs the blade on the sharp edge to stop her from killing herself.

"Serving the devil is better than killing yourself"

As Haruna opens her eyes, she sees a tall man, with long hair and glasses, wearing a black suit stand beside her, as his hand is bleeding because of the blade.

"The Zayin demon, what a time to arrive. I was just greeting our new representative"

greets the man with the Oni mask on.

"I will look after her from now on"

Says the Zayin demon as he throws the blade away.

"Well, I won't stop you, do as you wish"

The man with the Oni mask on takes his leave.

"I am Takuya, the Zayin demon among the 5 demons"

"The 5....... demons....??"

"I will explain this to you later. Now, it will be really nice to know your name"

"Oh, I am really sorry, I am Haruna"

"Well, Haruna, I will start of with showing you the place you will be living at"

As they both talk to each other, Haruna realizes that Takuya is a really nice guy, even though he is a devil's representative.

Few months later

"What you looking at????"

Takuya asks Haruna as both sit on top of a tree, Haruna looking towards a single story house where a old woman sits.

"Thats my mom. Since I have being selected as a devil's representative, I haven't met her"

Answers Haruna.

"It can't be helped, meeting your family is strictly prohibited cause if god's representative gets to know your close ones, they might take them hostage to lure us"

As takuya says this, tears slowly starts to roll down Haruna's eyes.

"You really look nice in the photo frame there, with the glasses on like me"

Says Takuya, pointing towards the photo frame which can be barely seen near the window. Trying to take her mind off the topic.

"How do you even see that!!!!!???"

Asks Haruna in amazement.

"Good eyes I guess"

Replies Takuya.

"That's me from highschool"

Haruna gives the reason of why she has glasses on in that photo

"I figured that much out"

Says Takuya. Silence then fill the conversation as both look towards the peaceful house.

"Don't you have a family?"

Asks Haruna as she breaks the silence.

"My family died in a car crash when I was 7, I lived with my uncle till, suddenly, I got selected as a Devil's representative 3 years back."

Says Takuya as his eyes gets moist

"I always wanted to run away from this hell's duty, start a family and lead a normal life but it seems, it is not written in my faith"

Tears fill his eyes as he looks away to hide his tears.

"Why can't we???!"

Haruna suddenly grabs Takuya's hands.


Asks Takuya as he looks towards her, confused.

"Why can't we??? Why can't we run away from this and start a family???!!"

Haruna's tone suddenly turns serious.

"Haruna, we can't run away from the devil......"


We will make it work, lets just escape from here, from this duty and start a family, lead a normal life, happily...! I have had enough of this, I just want to live with you for rest of my life!!!"

Tears rains from Haruna's eyes as she hugs Takuya, finding warmth in his arms.

"I..... I love you too"

Tears also fills Takuya's eyes as he firmly grasps Haruna, kissing her in the forehead under the full moon.

2 years later

Haruna is in middle of a forest, walking towards her new home as she has grocery in her hands.

'These 2 years have went so happily, without any problem with the devil's representative. We even now have a baby to take care of and Takuya is turning out to be a excellent father'

Haruna rethinks how her life has been going on from past 2 years, blushing as she looks at the diamond ring, gifted by Takuya.

"I guess, I should make......"

Haruna stops mid sentence as she sees the door to her house broken. She rushes inside the house as the worst nightmare of hers comes true. Takuya is lying dead on the ground as a pool of blood surrounds him, the guy with the Oni mask stands beside the cradle where the baby is lying in with a blade in his hands, which is releasing black aura.

"You shouldn't have denied your role"

Says the man as he looks towards Haruna.

"Damn youuuuu......."

Haruna drops the groceries and almost forges an art

"I wouldn't suggest you attacking me"

The man slightly pushes the cradle, making it move in the to and fro motion

" I have cursed this baby. If you once again betray the devil, the baby dies"

Haruna's eyes shows horror as she hears this, unable to comprehend what is going on as she falls on the ground, accidently covering her hands in the blood of Takuya. She finally cries, screaming in sorrow.

"Your foolish decision killed Takuya. His last wish was to let the baby live, I hope you won't let him down this time"

Says the man as he takes his leave.

Present time

'I will finally be able to go where Takuya is'

Haruna gives off a smile as she is about to die but suddenly she hears footsteps approaching her.