Chapter 10:


Til Death Do Us Part

Maybe I’ve mildly gone insane. I pick up my jacket and rustle it. After my fifth attempt at reaching out to Kami, it’s dawned on me how ridiculous life is. You can die and come back but still have to do laundry. That’s right. Dirty trousers  don’t stop for no one. 

I balk at my room and tread through. Ordinarily, I would pick up the pace but the shock from earlier rendered my legs to spaghetti. I grunt. Who waits in the backseat? The man with black pants stepped out at the sight of his girlfriend. She zoomed down and took drivers seat but not before snogging his face off. Annoying. Maybe Kami knew it wasn’t anything dangerous. 

Did you know? Kami? Kami?… Ugh, nothing. I throw another shirt to the pile and nod. That should be all of it. Past my door, Drew’s bedroom was wide open. We have locks but we trust each other. Though, I do have the habit of stealing a sweatshirt or two. Or, three. 

Should I do his laundry while I’m at it? I sneak in and as usual, barely a dustbunny. I slide my finger against the windowsill and whistle. I doubt I’ll find anything to clean in here. I open up his closet and drag his laundry bin. I dump his clothes on top of mine and am about to carry the mountain out when I glimpse his jeans. 

“No. I shouldn’t.” I can’t. What use will it be? Besides, he probably threw it away already. My fingers twitch and they wander to a pocket. I’m simply checking for loose change. And, what I find is beyond my expectations. Nothing. Ugh. I throw the jeans and hear a crinkle. I spring to it and snatch the paper. 

Right, men have more than one usable pocket. I flatten the piece of paper and just as memory serves. 

I love you so much I could die. I love you so much I could die.

Repeated across the page. It’s disturbing and the ink reminds me of blood. I hope it wasn’t blood. I turn the page over but my fingers slip. There’s a second piece of paper. Was that always there? No, there was definitely only one last time. My heartbeat pumps in my ears and the stillness of the room doesn’t help. 

Dear Drew, 

You’re lovely. 

Meet me at 42 Tangle Street. 

Lest we forget, I have one over your head. 


What is this? I flip it back and forth but it’s no to avail. There’s no secret message I could see with my naked eye. I search the address and it’s a bar. Rumtime Bar. When did Drew ever have the chance to go there? I flip through my memories and separate the times Drew was gone for more than an hour. I can’t find any. No. He never left. He had that break from acting and was home all week. I was home all week. We watched movies and played games. When could he have?

I take a sharp breath. It’s 3:05. Drew’s shifts always end at two. How could I have been so dumb!  

I grab my jacket laying on the floor and take off. It’s not that far away. I can still make it. 

Til Death Do Us Part

Kev Scotia