Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: To be Reborn

Grimson: Blue Future

I vividly remember...

I vividly remember what happened that night...

At that night, I...

I lost my life.. in the hands of someone I love.

I vividly remember the pain surging through my body back then...

Of how much I scream...

However, it does not compare to the pain in my heart, knowing my love has been betrayed.

How did things turn out like this..?


Just when I was busy thinking about what happened back then, I suddenly feel something being splashed at me.

Forcing me to wake up and open my eyes.

It took my eyes a few moments before it finally getting adjusted to my surrounding...

The first thing that I noticed is that I am wet for some reason.

I saw nothing but white.

White wall and white ceiling...

I am in a room.. where everything is white... top to bottom.. left and right...

In front of me, there are 2 girls.

One sat on a wooden chair with her legs and arms crossed just beneath her breasts.

She dresses in a long elegant purple dress with a cut on the thigh area, revealing her bare thigh and she wear a heels made of transparent glass, so clear and transparent that I can see her bare feet.

She's was incredibly beautiful.. I cannot think of any words to describe her.

She's just like those goddesses of beauty you hear in many stories and folklore... no, not even close... none of them can match her.

She's just perfect, her pink color eyes, her well-curved body shapes, big breasts, everything...

The other one is Aoi.

She's standing in front of me with her sharp red eyes glaring at me.

She dressed in a simple white button shirt with red skirt reaching her knee, and brown shoes.

Her facial looks appear as if she wants to have a brawl with someone, right here and right now.

Out of nowhere and without warning, she throws a jab on my left cheek and I collapse to the ground.

I scream and squirm in immense pain.

What the.. what was that for...!?

"I do not remember any of us giving you permission to gaze upon us." "Know your place, worm."

Aoi coldly berates me.

Dammit... what is that even supposed to mean..? she doesn't make any sense, just like back then.

...Wait... this feeling...

I raise my head as I remember this interaction I had with her before.

I look at her in the eyes and at that moment, I remember.

This person in front of me is not Aoi.. she was someone else... right.. that time...

She raise her right fist, wanting to harm me again.

I try to protect myself with my hands, but my hands won't budge, it was as if my hands are being tied with a rope.

I check around and that's exactly what happened.

I do not know how, but I have been put into a chair and have both my arms and legs tied into it with ropes.

I can't move even an inch.

"Hey, what the hell is this..!?"

I desperately shouts and demand some explanation.

"Rope of course, isn't that obvious?"

The pink eyes girl giggle and speak in a very ladylike manner.

"It's alright, Chidori, I will grant him the permission just for today, just relax and leave this matter to me~"

"Oh and please get him right back up, I can't have a good conversation with him otherwise~"

She look at the other girl with a bright smile on her face and kindly asks her out.

The other girl didn't say anything, she obediently follow what the other girl said by bringing me right back up.

Afterwards, she silently walk away from me and stood beside the other girl with her arm crossed.

Who is that pink girl might be..? for her other one to obediently follow her like that... and is Chidori her name?

"Now then, where should we start~? right~ I am supposed a congratulations should be in the order, congratulations for waking up, Yuiga Aito!" "Yay~!"

She happily claps and congrats me for a reason that not even I know.

".. Congratulations.. what..?"

I repeat her words.

"Yup, don't you remember what happened~? certainly you can still remember of what happened on that night~" "Try to remember now, very slowly~"

The pink eyes woman encourage me.

I calmly think and try to remember.

Just as she said, I can remember of what happened on that night.

From when the date with Kiroi begin, all the way to my demise, I remember all of it.

But then how can that be..? I am certain of my death, yet here I am right now... did they brought me back to live or what..?

I look at the pink eyes girl with full suspicion.

"Aww.. if you make that kind of face, you will ruin your good looks you know, mr. Yuiga~"

The pink eyes woman bring her face forward and rest it on top of her hands.

"..Where am I..? how did I ended up here..? who are you people?"

I throw one question after another, demanding to know every single last one of them.

After all of these bitter experience I suffer in the hands of people that I know nothing about, I just had enough all of this.

"Who we are no concern~ but you may refer to us as the grim reaper if you want~"

The pink eyes girl playfully answer my question.


Alright, what kind of lame explain is this going to be?

"Currently you are trapped somewhere in between the world of the living and the death, unable to voyage to either side of the realm~"

The pink eyes girl continue and smiles at me.

"And..? what the Grim reaper want from me..?"

Feeling like she has no intention to cooperate with me, I just go along with her play.

There's nothing else I can do in my current situation, I know nothing and have no ways to free myself from this chair.

Perhaps if I play along, I can learn and figure something out.

"Simple~ we have a good offer exclusive for you, Mr.Yuiga~" "We offer you chances to return to the world of living~"

The pink eye girl flashes a smile at me.


I repeat her word, asking her to elaborate.

"Right~ we do that by playing a simple game~ if you win, you may return to the world of the living where your friends and family is." "Though, of course, if you lose, you instantly go back to hell~"

The pink eyes girl explain and said that I can go back to hell so lightly...

What did she think of people lives are..?

I already didn't like her, that dislike and anger only build up even more.

But I try to remain as calm as possible, if I show too much of my real feeling, she might notice and make things even harder for me.

"Sure, except that I do not know if you're going to keep your word or not to me, I need to be certain, you know."

I confidently said.

I should go on the offense and active if I want to learn more about them.

"I see, a nice assessment coming from you, Mr. yuiga~" "Rest assured, we have answer to that question of yours~"

The pink eyes girl slid her right hand in between her breasts and bring a piece of paper out.

The paper has many words written on it with what appear to be magic circle that you see on fantasy and movies engraved on it.

I can't really explain why, but I have a sudden chills the moment I saw that piece of paper...

There's something ominous about it...

".. What's that..?"

I asks and raise my guard.

"Magic contract~"

"You know, the magic paper that bind the souls of those that sign it to be forever bound into what's written on it even after their death~? that one~"

The pink eyes girl flashes her angelic smile once again.

And that's the final straws, I immediately understand in what kind of serious danger I am.

If I were to participate in whatever "game" they want me to play and lost, I will suffer fate worse than death.

"To sign it, it's simple, all you need to do is to have your blood on the paper, I already sign mine, all that left is yours~"

The pink eyes girl "kindly" explain with smile on her face and hand offer the paper to me.

"Screw you!! you think that you can have your way with me-!"

The other girl suddenly punch me and manage to draw some blood from me.

My blood is splattered all over the paper and the paper begin to glow in red light and disappear into thin air.

"Right~ with this the contract is established~ now we can begin our game without worry~"

The pink eye girl happily declare.

"You... Bastard...!"

I curses at them.

"Why so angry, Mr.Yuiga, you're the one who ask for it, right~? I am but fulfilling your wish to have a fair game~"

The pink eyes girl explain the reason for her actions with smile on her face.

"Anyway, this is the game we're going to play~" "We have a simple match, I am going to try and please your sexual desire and you have to keep holding on until the designated time~" "if you ejaculate before then, you lose, otherwise, you win~"

The pink eyes girl explain the game and rules.

..What? sexual desire, she say..?

The other girl act quickly, she untied my belt and lower my pants zipper.

"W-what are you doing?!"

I furiously shouts.

It didn't take long for her to completely stripped me and pull my pants down.

My nether regions and groin were all exposed for them to see.

"Ohh~ so this is how yours looks like, such formidable penis, Mr. Yuiga~"

The pink eyes girl praises and giggle.

The other girl walk away to the side, while the pink eyes girl kneels down before me.

She gently grab my penis and bring her face closer to it.

I can feel her warm breath on my penis.. she's seriously going to do this..!

"Well then, without further ado, let us begun, shall we~? we start slow and climb up from there~"

The pink eyes girl giggles and lick my penis.

A sudden surge of pleasure came from the part of my penis that she lick and the pleasure spreads all over my body.

W-what in the world is that..!?

The pink eye girl continue to lick my penis over and over again, occasionally kissing the tip before licking them back.

D-dammit.. what in the world is this..!? is such play can even be allowed to exist..!?

I try to kept my mind intact, but the way she uses her tongue was too much for a mere virgin like me to take.

It didn't take long before my penis begin growing and stiffening up, finally standing up to the highest point possible.

"Now that's what we're talking about~ we can now move on to the next stage of the game now~"

The pink eyes girl rejoice upon seeing my stiff penis and wrap her red sexy lips around the tip of my penis.

She slowly pushed her head down, bit by bit, eventually reaching the base of my penis and swallow my entire shaft.

A new and different surge of pleasure came from my penis and spread into the back of my head.

I lost my mind at that very exact moment, my brain has been hijacked by sexual pleasure.

The pink eyes girl slowly move her head back and forth, kissing the base of my penis everytime she pushes and pull the tip of my penis when she pulls away.

Her play is insane... she knew how destroy me, no.. she knew how to destroy a man...

Every single reasoning I try to came up with, fell apart before my brain can even process them.

I can't think of anything, my brain has been hijacked.

At this rate, I am going to lose and suffer an unimaginable fate worse than even death.

I need to use something else, I need to use my heart.

Right.. what did I do to deserve all of this? first was Kiroi, Aoi, and then these two..!

Just how much do they all want to screw me and my life..!?

I won't forgive them..! I will not forgive them!! as if I am going to die yet again!!

I am going to return to where my family and friends are, no matter what!

The fire of anger and hatred within my heart erupt, granting me some strength to regain some part of my brain.

I determined to not ejaculate no matter what.

I determined to win this game no matter what.

If I remember correctly, the same magic contract also bind this woman, meaning as long I can win the game, then there's nothing that she can do against me as well!

I am going to win this! no matter what!

Her play suddenly went wild, she pushed her head back and forth with my penis inside her mouth.


I screams my lung out to the point that I feel like I am going to tear my lung apart.

I am trying my darndest to resist the built up urge inside me to ejaculate.

I will not ejaculate, no matter what! no matter what!

I keep the thought and hold tightly into it.

And suddenly, the pink eyes girl stops and came to a halt.

She didn't move even an inch for a few seconds before pulling away and let my penis go.

"Oh wow, that didn't make you came..? I am surprised..."

The pink eyes girl were shocked, I finally erase that smug on her face.

"I.. win..."

I said in between my gasp for air.

I win... I win...

I hold on until the very end.

The anger and hatred in my heart lit my will to gone back home and reunited with my family and friends.

The thought of living with them earn me this match, I can't thank all of them enough.

I win!!

"In that case, lets keep on going, shall we~?"

The pink eyes girl smile return, much to my confusion.


"The game is far from over, instead, this is where it all begin~"

The pink eyes girl suddenly pushed my chair down and I collapse along with it.


I squirm in pain as the pink eyes girl steps on my penis with her right feet.

"If my mouth alone isn't enough, then let's us try a different route, shall we~?"

The pink eyes girl begin rubbing her feet against my penis.

A different sensation of pleasure, accompanied by pain flew into the back of my head.

The pleasure of sex try to seizes my brain yet again.

"What are you doing..!? you're cheating!! the game is already over!"

I shouts in complaint.

"Didn't you hear what did I just say~? the true game has just begin, Mr.Yuiga~"

The pink eyes girl smiles.


"Didn't you read part of our magic contract~? oh right, you didn't have the leisure didn't you~?"

The pink eyes girl tilt her head a little to left and smiles.

...What is she talking about..?

Something ominous and sinister is hiding behind that smile of her...

"The designated time is 24 hours, in other words, our play time~"


"So you must hold on for at least that long if you wish to win this game~"

The pink eyes girl "smiles".

24... hours.... she say..?

I can barely hold on as it is right now... and now I have to hold on until the next 24 hour...?


The realization broke all of my spirit and mind.

My previous spirits, anger, and emotion, all vanish into nothing.

All of my memory, heart, and soul, all vanish into nothing.

I cease function.. like a broken toy.. and to an extension, cease to exist...


"What~? you really think you have even the slightest winning chance against us~?"

Skadi voices changes, her voice become deeper and much sinister.

"I simply let you think that you can win so that I can see that look on your face~"

"You know, the one your kind make when they are filled with hope and determination~?"

"All so that I can have a good look on their face as they realize that their determination and hope was nothing but a hidden despair all along!"

"Watching decent people like you all collapse into despair is the best feeling ever!!"


Skadi true nature revealed, her eyes turn sharps and the light in her eyes vanish, replaced by insanity.

Aito body ejaculate soon after from her foot play and lost the game.

His sperms splattered all over the floor and Skadi heel.

"Hey hey, seriously~? you broken already~? where's your dedication to your previous love~? don't you have a girlfriend? and now you came from a girl that you don't even know the name~?"

Skadi look at Aito in disbelief and disappointment.

"You fell way too easy, dammit!! you're a shame of a man!" "You're tbe most amusing toy I ever had!!" "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Before cackling out and maniacally laugh.

Skasi then raise her left hand and the magic contract reappear on her left hand and do its work.

As part of the deal, Aito soul and his existence are now belong to Skadi.

Skadi then bring her face closer to Aito and look at him in his empty eyes.

"I will be looking forward for your servitude for my family, Yuiga Aito- no~"


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