Chapter 4:

Cap 4 - In Iron Fists Part 1

Eyes of the Mind

"What does Speak know about the girl?" Elder Apollo asked the others around the table."

"Not much, her very existence is a mystery, by her recent reports, Speack claims that the girl met with a shinigami of rank B, block class, after a short conversation the shinigami handed a katana to the girl and soon after tried to return to the spirit world, Speack soon intercepted the creature and tried to extract some information from him before killing him."

"And what did the shinigami say to her? "Apollo said while he was seriously facing Elder Miranda."

"He said nothing useful, only that he was sent by another hunter, soon after he tried to attack Speack, she had not many choices but to shoot down the creature. "Miranda spoke as he looked down thoughtily."

" That's bad, we should eliminate the girl, these reports can not mean good thing, a shinigami following the instructions of a hunter to deliver a gun to the girl, outside that she does not appear to be normal, maybe it is because of her magic of soul control, but its evolution is not something human, we can not afford to have another problem at hand, the fissures between our world and the spiritual have more than doubled recently, if the girl shows herself to be a threat in the future we will have no way to deal with her. "He speculated to Elder Astin as he intertwined his fingers."

"What do you think about it... Sebastian..."

"I have complete confidence in the girl... At no time has she shown herself to be any danger to our organization and to others, she also follows the orders, her results are indeed dubious, but I believe we can trust the girl as a hunter."

The elders even with Sebastian's words still kept themselves worried, the girl had an abnormal potency as a combatant, her strength even being low today, was enough to leave the elders worried about the future, they had in mind that the girl could be of great help against the creatures, but the fear of having another uncontrolled killer as the G was something that left them pensive.

" Sebastian, I believe you know why you be summoned here, your apprentice, proved to be a great hunter in a short time, however, she does not appear to be normal, in reports Speack claims that the girl successfully mastered for a few seconds the total control of your senses, a feat that even you need your magic of great sage to accomplish ... She's becoming very strong in a short time, so I need to know, if your apprentice comes to turn against us, you'll know what to do, right? "Apollo said with a look of concern and seriousness at the same time."

Even reluctant to answer, Sebastian wise what Apollo meant, the girl could not become as his former apprentice, in the current situation of the world, no organization could afford to hunt another corrupted with a force similar to that of his former apprentice.

"I will do whatever it takes if this time comes, I will not let the girl get lost in her way, but if it does... I'll give you a stop. "Sebastian said with a serious and determined look, in part the elders were silent."

Meanwhile, in Haruka's apartment, she and the hunters Speack and Shadow passed through the portal created by Shadow for the spirit world, so that the girl could continue her training with the hunter.

After passing through the portal, Haruka found himself in a mysterious and strange place, around him there was a desert of black sand with a purple sky full of orange clouds, the place was negative in every sense of perception, besides being very silent.

"So Haruzinha, what did you think of the spirit world?"

" Pow, it's a very bizarre place, I'll tell you, I imagined something more normal. "Haruka said as he looked perplexed at that vast purple sky."

"All right, I think we can get started, right?"

"Easy there! I have a question aunt."

"And what's your question, Haruzinha?"

"Why doesn't this mute speak here? "He asked Haruka as he pointed to Shadow."

"Umm? You mean Shadow? It's because she's really dumb."

" What? So the seedling is really mute?!"

"Yes, Haruzinha, Shadow hasn't spoken in a long time."

I get it. Okay, where are we going to start, Auntie?

After Haruka's question, Speack got serious and began looking around hunting something, after a few seconds of silence, Speack finally found what she was looking for.

I thought... Haruzinha, your training will be very simple, after this dark desert, there is a dark forest and after it a kind of kingdom destroyed, your goal will be to get there.

"Kingdom destroyed? I thought the spirit world was a copy of the real world."

"You're not wrong, this world is a copy of the real world, but it's a copy of when our world was still like this, as for example, you must have realized that the portal took us into a desert, even though we're on the third floor of your building, the portal works like a cell phone calling the other, the Shadow portal brought us to the other side of the call, so we are in a different place and because this copy of the real world was created a long time ago, we are seeing the earth at the beginning of the hunts against creatures, it is a very long story right? "Speack said as he turned his eyes to the girl, but Haruka was entertained by taking selfies with Shadow who was not understanding anything about the girl's actions."

"Oh, i'm so sorry. Are you done? Relax, I was listening aunt, until the time you said the copy."

"Good... It won't make much difference whether you know it or not, going back to what matters, we'll wait for you to arrive in the destroyed kingdom, we'll be right at the entrance waiting for you."

" What? What do you mean you're going to be waiting for me there? Weren't we supposed to go along?"

"But then it wouldn't be a Haruzinha workout. "Speack said as he entered a portal that Shadow had just made."

" Hey, what are you doing here? Oh, wait a minute! "Haruka was screaming, but before she finished speaking Speack and Shadow they had already passed through the portal."

Haruka was now alone in that vast desert, she had in mind only where it was supposed to arrive.

"That's it then... Let's see what you can do. "The girl said as she stared at her new sword."

Without thinking too much the girl began to walk towards the forest, she was approximately an hour away from where the girl was.

As the girl walked towards the forest, she began to realize that the weather at that location was different from the standard, the sun was not moving and the temperature was something around 10 degrees, the girl began to regret leaving the house only with her t-shirt with white and not a jacket.

Walking non-stop for a few minutes, Haruka began to notice something wrong, it had been a while since she felt a presence watching her footsteps, but at that moment that feeling was even stronger.

"Hey, if you want can appear, I do not bite sacks?"

Haruka's words did not seem to have had any effect, meanwhile she prepared to fight, looking around the girl could not find where that presence was.

"You... You're not from around here. Where did you come from, little girl? "I asked for a soft, low voice."

"I came from my mother, where are you the beast?"

After those words, a centipede-like creature emerged from under the sand, it seemed to be about 16 feet long and 2 feet tall.

"And where is your little mother?"

" Eh... I don't know, around here somewhere, are you an ally or an enemy?"


"It's an enemy, isn't it? I'll tell you humans don't taste very good, you find something hotter out there."

"You... It doesn't seem like a human, something about you is different... "Before the creature finished talking, Haruka had already run toward the forest that was just minutes from where they were."

The creature soon began to chase the girl, the centipede was indeed faster than the girl, in a few seconds the creature had already reached the girl.

Haruka then turned quickly, using her magical ability, Haruka made a cut from her soul to attack the creature, at that distance the creature tried to dodge the hunter's attack, but she was not fast enough having 3 of her 18 legs cut off.

"Pow, if you stood still, would that be easier wise?!"

"This magic you used... Reminds me of the supreme inquisidora, i haven't seen that in a long time. "The creature said as it rose upwards getting bigger than it already was."

"Supreme Inquisidor? You mean the demon that was the first user of this thing I got?"

"Exactly, but... Why do you have it little girl?"

"I don't know lek, damn it, there's no way you're going to leave?"

"Unfortunately I can't let you go. "The creature said with a bitter, thick tone of voice."

"What a pain in the ass, I was already thinking it would be easy to get through this damn desert..."

At that moment Haruka took advantage of the conversation to analyze the creature, after a few moments talking to the threat, the girl could say that the creature should be among the classes of threat over human and prime.

" All right... Let's get this over with then. "Haruka said as he prepared to fight the gigantic creature."

"We don't have to fight girl... Just come with me and I won't do any harm."

" It was bad man, but I have an appointment, I can give you my number and we exchange a chat after that?"


The creature had no intention of letting the girl go, whether she wanted to or would not bring the girl with him.

"I don't have time for this girl, if you're not going to come on your own, I'm going to have to take you by force."

"So that's it... I'm crazy to see you try big."

After the hunter's words, the creature struck a deadly attack with its mouth full of teeth toward the girl, without thinking twice the girl used her enhancement technique to be able to dodge the creature's attack.

After escaping the deadly attack, the girl began to run while using her magic to defer her soul cuts, her opponent was large, but was fast too, while the girl ran off her attacks the creature ran around the girl.

In a few seconds the creature turned toward the girl, in contrapartly the girl stopped and prepared her katana for her quick run, at that moment, just before the impact, the girl struck her blow toward the creature that ran towards her, as soon as her blade hit the side of the creature's mouth, the girl began to be carried away by the force of impact, the creature had a lot of force and began to drag the girl through the sand, without thinking twice Haruka used her magical ability that left her invulnerable, so she managed to stop being dragged.

After realizing that she was no longer able to pull or touch the girl, the giant centipede buried itself again on the ground, at the same time that the creature disappeared in the thick sea of black sand, the girl stopped her movement, crouching and putting her hand on the ground, the girl began to focus on the vibrations of the sand.

Keeping quiet the girl waited for the creature to strike her next blow while waiting patiently, Haruka was still motionless.

" Tsc, where did you go buddy?"

After hearing haruka's words, the creature emerged from beneath her, opening the sand, ready to swallow the girl.

In a quick motion, Haruka took a leap using the technique of body enhancement, thus escaping the creature, after able to dodge the attack of the centipede, the girl advanced quickly towards the giant creature, before she could see, the girl was already running on the back of her huge body toward her head.

Realizing the girl's presence on her back the huge creature rose ready to enter the sand again, however, before she had a chance to bury herself again the girl had already reached her head, using her soul magic and her enhancement, the girl struck a blow in full burying her sword in the creature's skull.

In immense pain, the huge centipede entered the ground carrying the girl along, while writhing under the sand, the creature tried to get rid of the girl, in that situation Haruka began to force his sword into the side using all her strength along with her enhancement, so she managed to open the creature's skull, forcing her to climb up and pull the two out of the sand.

After able to get out of the sand, the creature stood again with the girl holding on to the sword still trapped in her skull, after a few seconds, the giant creature finally fell to the ground knocking down the slayer in the middle of the sand.

"That..." I could have done better for you big guy. "The girl said as she shook the sand of her hair and her clothes."

"You... You don't get it."

"You just needed to let me go, and everyone was happy and quiet."

Haruka then began to walk towards the huge creature now defeat, coming close to the centipede, the girl held her sword still trapped in the creature's skull, leaning her foot over her head, the girl tore off her sword.

" Fiu! Boy, the blacksmith who made you... You did a really cool job! "The girl said as she swung her sword, taking away the creature's remains of blood."

After cleaning her katana, the girl bathed her sword and returned to follow her goal, turning her back to the huge body of the creature, she began to run towards the forest that was a few meters away now.

"Come back... Please come back... — Spoke the creature with an inaudible voice to the girl who was already far away."

Arriving near the forest, Haruka began to analyze the place, staring at the trees, the girl was looking for some abnormality or some hidden creature, after a few minutes looking at the huge forest, the girl finally decided to enter it.

After walking a little in the dense forest, the girl spotted a somewhat strange girl writing something in one of the trees, however, that girl was kind of different, she had short brown hair, with small horns, bat wings and a tail with triangular end, her clothes were very differentiated, it was something like an explorer's outfit.

Slowly Haruka approached the girl without her noticing, while looking over the girl's shoulder, Haruka realized that she was writing some kinds of coordinates.

"What are you doing morceguinha?"

"Oh, i'm so sorry. Where did you come from, Satan?! "I asked the little succubus who had been frightened by the girl's presence."

"From where? I came from the desert. "Haruka said as she stretched out her hand to help the girl who had fallen with the fright."

" Desert? But that's impossible, that's mr. Unbeliever's dark territory. "The girl spoke as she took Haruka's hand so she could get up."

"Damn Speack, where did you bring me..."

"Here are the broken kingdoms, what kind of demon are you?"

"Demon? I'm human, do you have a problem with your little black eyes?"

The girl was a little pensive as she stared haruka from head to toe, staring at the girl.

"Human? Um... Where my manners are, my name is Kirien, and I am the exploitative succubus. "The girl spoke as she beat the dirt out of her clothes."

"It's... Hi, My name is Haruka, so you're an exploitative succubus, right? So, what are you exploring around here?"

"Excuse my lack of manners, but I should ask this question, what is a human doing here?"

I was thinking about buying some land there, destonating all this and creating a gambling house maybe.

"Eh? What are you talking about?"

"It's a joke, I'm looking for something like a destroyed kingdom."

At the same time the eyes of the succubus shone, she wise exactly what Haruka was talking about, she could not even contain her emotion.

"A kingdom destroyed? I know exactly what you're looking for, it's the old ODF base, it's where human forces failed to defend the elves' attack thousands of years ago, they say it was just before the barrier stones separated the human plane from the spiritual plane. "Kirien said while he was taking little leaps of happiness."

" ODF? What are you talking about?"

"Um, don't you know? The Order of the Iron Dames, 30 years ago they formed a base of operations in that kingdom, but after Lord Unbeliever managed to return to the human plane, they stopped their operations in that area and moved to the dragon kingdom to defend the frequent attacks the rifts they committed."

"How cool, apparently you know a lot about this morceguinha world."

"Clearly! After all, I'm an expert explorer. "Kirien said while bragging."

"Can you tell me where the destroyed kingdom is then?"

"Certainly! It is about 40 minutes walk straight through there. "He pointed Kirien to a dark and dark path within the dense forest."

" Um, thanks morceguinha, we'll see you around then."

" Hey, what are you doing here? Wait, where are you going?"

Isn't that obvious? I'm going to the destroyed kingdom.

"Can I come along? "I asked Succubus as he was shrunk with shame."

" Of course, of course! Can come along yes, a free guide is always welcome."

After Haruka agreed to go along with succubus, Kirien entered the front to be able to better guide the girl along the long way she waited for the two, the place was strange and quiet, at every step Haruka realized that Kirien was always alert to her surroundings, always looking right where she stepped and marking certain trees, every 10 steps the girl would stop and look around and into the sky.

"Why do you do so much?"

"The forest is a dangerous place, here is the territory of the elves, they are very complicated to deal with, if you do not pay attention, they can jump in your head out of nowhere, strange as we have not yet seen their hunting beasts, usually in these areas is where most have of them."

"In this area? What do you mean, you don't know? They could cover the desert part too, to avoid the entry of strangers here."

"It is on account of the giant centipede that they do not do this, she usually eats everything that is weaker than her, so the elves avoid the desert because of the vast number of centipedes that exist in that place, I managed to count 15 in total, but after all how did you manage to get there without being attacked? Usually when you notice them, there's not much to do, she may have already swallowed you or else be chewing your legs, they can be great plus your specialty is to take someone by surprise, if they want to kill you can be sure you will die."

"I overrun one of them coming here, she even tried to convince me to follow her, but I had other commitments."

"A centipede asked you to follow her? That's weird, usually they attack anything that doesn't have a similar presence to their masters, but well that's not the case now."

As the girls walked through the forest, in a quick motion Kirien stopped and hid behind one of the trees accompanied by Haruka, the girl then pulled out of her backpack a kind of binocular, placing them the girl managed to see a trio of elf hunters next to her hunting beasts.

"What do you see there morceguinha?"

Elves, together with their hunting beasts, judging by the beasts are rangers, only they use wolves as hunting beasts...

"Um... But then, how do we solve this?"

"I'd tell us to get around, it's only going to take another half an hour before we get to our destination."

"Hi? But not, are they aggressive?"

Elves don't like other beings very much, usually they attack everything, why?

"Great, then, I'm going to have a chat with them."

"Hey, are you crazy? They're going to kill you."

"Stay calm, morceguinha, I can manage. "The girl spoke as she stood and walked towards them."

Approaching the elves, Haruka was already preparing his katana to fight, it took them not even a second to realize the girl's presence, quickly the elves attacked the girl near their beasts.

Entering her fighting position Haruka just waited as she watched her enemies approaching, after analyzing well, the girl fired at the elves, with a quick attack she cut down one of the trees that fell towards them as they swerved from the tree, Haruka went after one of them who was farther away from the others, the girl ran towards the elf mounted on the beast, by the time he realized the girl was too late, with a low-up attack the girl cut the creature and the elf in two.

After taking down one of the threats the girl held onto a tree while watching the other two, speaking a strange language the elf ordered the other not to interfere, at that moment Haruka found himself being challenged to a one-on-one battle with the elf.

Before she could stop to think, a noise caught her eye, coming loose at the same moment as the tree, Haruka swerved from a wind-shaped attack of the elf, much like her magical soul-cutting ability, which destroyed the tree she was holding.

Landing on the ground the girl was already being attacked again by the attacks of the elf, running behind the trees, the girl was shortening the distance between the two gradually, in a short time, she was already getting close to him, the elf then set off towards the girl next to his spear.

Using her quick delivery the girl managed to defend the elf's attack, at that moment the two were in a balanced fight, however, the girl was having many difficulties because of the distance in which the elf could attack her, while Haruka defended and fought back his blows, the elf just attacked, it was as if the girl's blows were repelled before touching him, by a slip of the girl, the elf managed to hit a slap on her torso, tearing her t-shirt and causing the girl to retreat back.

" Tsc, it was my favorite t-shirt, apparently this spear drug is going to be a headache. "The girl said as she put her hand on top of her wound."

The elf in turn prepared to attack the girl again, turning her spear so that the wind accompanied her, he advanced towards the girl, Haruka then quickly returned to her combat position prepared again, using her body enhancement, the girl managed to stop the impact of the blow, after which she began to be targeted by the attacks of the elf, even with his soul ability and his technique of improvement the girl was leading to the worse, the elf was strong and also wise to use wind magic, because of this the combat was very complicated.

At that moment Haruka began to remember Speack's words, about her relying too much on her eyes instead of using her other senses.

The girl then began to gradually focus on her other senses, little by little, she began to deviate better from the elf's attacks, while her senses helped her to dodge the attacks, her magical ability began to flow better in her blows.

After realizing this the elf took a certain distance from the girl, the girl was almost exhausted, using so much magic and enhancement was killing her, Wise Haruka who had to end it there, so this time she took the initiative to move towards him, using her soul magic along with her technique of improvement, the girl unloaded several blows toward her enemy, the elf in contra parte began to defend himself too, after an exchange of consecutive blows, the elf in a quick attack tried to pierce the girl with his spear, using his senses Haruka managed to deflect and hold the spear before the elf had a chance to pull her back, then with a direct blow the girl crossed the elf's chest with her sword.

After that arduous struggle, she had finally come out victorious, as she prepared to pluck her sword from the elf, she could perceive the approach of the other, the girl did not have much more strength to fight, and the wise elf of it, yet she withdrew her sword, leaving the elf she had just killed to fall to the ground, soon after preparing to fight again, however, before she was attacked, Kirien using his succubus magic began to control the hunting beasts, causing them to attack their own owner.

While the last elf fought his own beasts, Kirien took the opportunity to catch Haruka and distance himself from that place.

After fleeing the site, they took shelter in a type of cave, Haruka was very tired, the frequent use of his magic and the technique taught by sebastian, consumed much of his body.

"He must take care of those critters in a few minutes, elves are smart, I believe he must keep in mind that he can not fight us both, then surely will go away to report it to his superiors." Kirien said while looking for something in his backpack."

"I'm so good. I'm zeroed in on the floor, I don't even have the energy to walk."

"But in fact you are impressive, you managed to kill two of them, even more so that one of them could use magic as well."

" I've faced some crazy people like this before, relax, that's just another Wednesday for me ..."

"Wednesday? What the other year?"

"Forget it... It's not going to change anything in your life."

"Hummm, I have something for your fatigue, it's a medicine made by me. "He said to sucubbus while taking a bottle out of his backpack."

It was a strange jar, it looked like those glass containers used by scientists, with a pink liquid protected by a butterfly-shaped lid held by magic seals.

"And what is that? A monster or a redbull of spirits?"

"This is actually a very strong aphrodisiac, it will leave you wide awake and ready for another!"

"What?! You can forget it! I'm not drinking that."

"Time come haruka, stop being a spoiled child! If he decides to come back and you look like a Drogum puppy, he's going to kill us both! "Kirien said while making the girl drink the aphrodisiac."

After drinking that pink liquid, the girl began to feel an intense heat coming from inside her, it was as if all her fatigue was gone.

"Did you see that? Brand new."

"Look at your brand-new... " said Haruka as she squeezed the cheeks of the succubus."

"Calm Down Haruka! I did it just to help!"

"I'm going to help you by putting that dick face of yours down! "Haruka spoke with his face blushed and panting."

"Wait, wait! We are close to the destroyed kingdom already! Calm!"

" ... Sack! I'm going to let this one go through today."

Dropping the succubus, Haruka took his things and came out of the cave looking around, soon after Kirien left as well.

"You're sure that crazy guy's not going to go back for revenge, right?"

"Yes... Perhaps... I have no idea, I'm not going to be here to find out anyway."

"And where are you going now morceguinha? "He asked Haruka as he shook his face with his hands."

For a few moments Kirien was silent while watching the hunter, something in Haruka bothered the succubus, but she did not have time to stay and find out.

"I go to the land of the fallen, if my sources are correct, there is a find and so much of the ancient wars, as an explorer I can not fail to ascertain this."

"I understand... Good luck morceguinha, we'll see you. "Haruka said as he stretched out his hand to greet the succubus."

"All right, let's go. I hope to see you soon more Haruka! "She screamed an emotional succubus as she shook the girl's hand with both hands."

After the farewell, Kirien opened a portal similar to the one used by Shadow, using a kind of scroll, but his portal led to a devastated region, while the explorer passed through the portal, Haruka continued his journey towards the destroyed kingdom.