Chapter 11:

A though opponent part two

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

" Where are you? " I shouted.

She appeared in front of me.

I destroyed her with my azure vortex but several similar bodies in front of me appeared.

" I'm telling you this is not real, and only an illusion. "

Why is she telling me this?

A giant Faith jumped in front of me, I evaded her giant punch.

" Why did you dodge the punch when you already know it's not real? "

My human brain couldn't comprehend this situation.

She added:

" It's because you can't know what's real from what's fake. I'm controlling every piece of your mind. That's my ability: QUEEN GAMBIT. "

What a dirty ability.

" Indeed." she replied.

How can I defeat her? Will I lose? Is that the end?

" I can give you some tips if you want. "

" Get out of my mind! " I pleased her.

I should get out of this mind prison first.

Let's remember it.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Inhaling for 3 seconds.

Keeping my breath for 7 seconds.

Exhaling for 5 seconds.

I repeated the process five times and suddenly the world around me disappeared.

I can see her now.

" What is that? "

She was furious as she is vulnerable without her technique.

It was an old move I learned from a human. He used it to defend himself from my previous telekinesis abilities. It was basically a way to clear your mind from any idea.

She can't use her ability on an empty mind.


" You think you've won? I can see what you'll think next. You won't attack me without thinking. "

I enhanced my arm and leg.

I had a plan.

" Now, it's all about luck. "

I was thinking about two moves in a row, and let my instinct decide which one I was gonna use.

It was a left punch.

The punch sent Faith flying.

I finally did it!

" I wanted to capture you as a one-piece but I have no choice. "

Is she willing to attack me now?

" I will attack you from behind! "



I was trapped again in her illusions world. It was a bait for me to start thinking.

I need to clear my mind.

" Oh! Do you think I'll let you do it? "

Countless loli girls surrounded me.

" That's your move? Versions of yourself? "

I can destroy them all with my azure vortex.

" ◊Meier's Spectacular Sacrifice! ◊"

Faith's version began glittering and swelling.


I covered myself with my arms and legs and my instincts have made me execute a new defensive move.


Despite the wall I made. All my limbs were destroyed and I couldn't move.

This is it!

It's my first loss in this world.

She approached me with her small steps.

" You know what! I like you. "

What is she doing?

" If you spare me now! I swear I will take my revenge and grant you the most painful death you can ever imagine! "

" Oh, is that your pride talking, my lord? "

" Why? "

" You are useful resources. I don't care what you want to do but our goals cross each other. "

" What is your goal? "

" To kill all royalty. "

" Why? "

" It's not your matter. "

" You know I can always kill you when you're asleep. "

" Well, I want you to try. " she answered confidently.

She added:

" And, don't worry about your body. Here you go! "

She canceled her illusions world. My body has regained its previous state. However, I can't feel my legs or arms.

" The effect will end in the next hours. Your brain still considers your limbs to be crushed. "

Suddenly, we heard the giant door opening.

However, a sorrow aura reigned.

" What happened? " said Faith.

There was a member missing.

A pleasing girl with a pleasing tatoo on her chest.

Share didn't make it.

It's the first time I saw the higher five drowning in such a depressive ocean of sadness.

The person I sensed more red flags from him was her twin brother:


I had that same look once.

The dark eyes, hungry for vengeance!

~End of first arc