Chapter 10:

A tough opponent part 1

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

Get rid of that person now!

This time I enhanced my leg as well, the energy was wider than before, is it fear?

I'm afraid that my identity will be revealed. I can feel the massive energy coming from me.

Before that, I could charge against her, she said:

" Listen, I don't want to fight you! "

Too late, kid.


I unleashed my deadly combo, but she already moved herself to a safe distance.

" I see, now you are able to see the future. "

" My powers are far scarier than you think! " she replied.

" Well, entertain me! "

This time, it wasn't Ivan fighting, but Alkatraz.

I unleashed my azure dance several times but it was useless against her clairvoyance abilities. I need a new move.

However, there was an odd thing. She wasn't attacking at all.

She kept dodging my attacks.


I see now!

She's trying to buy time.

She knows her weakness, it's her weak damage.

She's waiting for other members of the higher five to come.

I need a new move quickly.


My demon senses tingled, I had a new idea in mind. It could damage me but it was worth the shot.

For me to be able to take her down I need an undodgeable technique. Something, with wider area damage as clearly she's not fast as Strength or Share.

" You know, we're the same! We're both limited to our weak bodies." she said.

" Do you think a more developed animal can compare itself to me? "

" Too bad, you're human as well. "

" I still have my old mental strength. "

" But, for how long? "

" What do you mean? "

" You'll get to it eventually. " she grinned.

Crap! She's buying time by talking.

It's time to end this once for all.

I spun around myself, it was a dance I saw in one of the demon tribes. They were specialists of flames.

I felt the shockwaves covering my whole body, strangely it didn't affect me.

I guess this could do it.


Wait, why isn't she dodging?

I saw her whole body torn apart before my eyes until she turned into ashes.

Is that it?

She's dead?

Something is wrong.

Let's say she has the same regenerative ability of that watcher. She can't regenerate after this.

What is her ability for god's sake?

Am I feeling scared again?

No, it can't be!

I fear no particular one.

" It's fun when your ego is getting crushed piece by piece. "

Where is she? I'm hearing her voice all around the place.

" A former demon lord from an alternate universe, you were the strongest right?

How did that feel? That every other living creature is below you and you can do whatever the hell you want to them.

How does it feel when you meet someone stronger than you, my lord? "

That same face, I can see him in front of me. That justice my ass body and that dark hair.

With all my rage I dashed towards him but he easily thrust his golden sword into my heart.

" Oh, look it's the same guy who killed you. Now he killed you twice! "

Shut up!

" Is it because of your human body? No, I don't think so. It's simply because you were not born to be the strongest. There are other people who you can never surpass. Allfather didn't choose you to be the messiah. You poor thing, and here you are, reincarnated as the thing you despised the most. What an irony! "

My eyes turned red, and I feel like it was raining.

" It isn't raining. *laughter* It's just you crying. " she teased.

Me, crying? Impossible!

Wait, she has been reading my thoughts from the beginning.

I touched my eyes, and I was indeed crying.

" I was wrong, your true ability is to read people's minds. "

" Oh, is it? I didn't know it, thank you for telling me. "

This bit** is irritating me. I need to make her learn her lesson.

" Oh, go ahead and try, my lord! "