Chapter 1:

The Orphanage

The Strange Silhouette

Have you ever heard of baseball? If you have you may know that I wish to play this game so I can reach home… but these days, the home wasn’t an option, for now, I guess? Hi, my name is Sabrina and I’m 9 years old, and I’m skinny. But let me explain why I am home right now… Number 1. This place stinks with kids who eat glue to kids who speak to ghosts! Yikes~ Also, the food here stinks, well we have a serving of very wet oatmeal, for lunch, we have frozen peas and fish and the kids who are late for lunch get a serving of scraps from the janitor’s and other kids, and for dinner well… I skip it, don’t ask why. Also, our bedrooms stink of mold and cockroaches. We share bedrooms daily, and today I’m sharing with… Sharon. Oh well, I mean he’s not that bad? The only person I avoid is Ophelia, why? Because she talks to ghosts -mimics a ghost-, scary right? The reason why I said Sharon isn’t that bad is that he is my brother and he is very…very annoying. But I would do anything to sleep with someone else than Ophelia… Anyways It’s almost bedtime, so I’m going to bed. Good night! Um well, can you go away? Okay fine… Let’s just stay awake for today, well since you won’t go away I will tell you my life story. I used to have parent’s their names were Blair and Olivia. Blair was my dad and Olivia was my mom, I was with them until I was 6. They died in a car accident, it was tragic until everything turned worse. I was transferred to this “orphanage” and now I’m living in slight discomfort and I barely have hot food and a nice bed. Well I miss my parents and I wished they come back to life, so I can get out of here… wait., get out of here I-I can make an escape plan! I can be free from this dirty place… I can finally be free!Bookmark here

Sujin 崇神
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