Chapter 0:

Introduction to Novel


In a world where technology-related applications are extremely realistic So there are so many photo editing apps out there, and there is one app that can turn you into the fictional character you want, as you can imagine and extremely realistic, the TFTG App. This function can be changed as follows

1.Transformation Is to change the body of the user, including the clothes

2.Attribute Morph is a partial transformation of a user including the following set.

-Head: Change the head area.

-Hair: Change hair style

-Face: change face

-Chest: Change chest

-Arms: Change arm (split to left arm and right arm).

-Waist: change waist

-Legs: Change legs (split into left leg and right leg).

-Cloths: change outfits

3. Merge Transformation Is a merge of characters with the user, which can be merging with a maximum of 8 characters.

4. Personality Change is to change our personality to be the same as that character.

5.Essence TF is to transform a user to look like that character, but gender and eye color, hair color that remain the same.

6. Species & Race Swap is to change the user's race to be exactly the same as that character (if the race is genderless You will be genderless. If the race only has female You will become female. If the race is only male You will become male and if the race is both male and female in one. You will become both a male and a female in one person.)

7.Clone is to transform the user's body like that character in everything, but still have some characteristics of the user.

Main character

Akeha Touhen

Male, age 17

Nickname: Akeha

A half-Thai-Japanese boy living in Bangkok who has downloaded the TFTG App to follow his dream of being a cosplayer and he is a nice young man and an otaku.

Amelia Tako

Female, 17 years old

Nickname: Amelia

A half-Thai-American and Japanese girl She is the daughter of the owner of TFTG Cosplay Corp who wanted to study like an ordinary person. She often makes Akeha as the company's performance lab rats. And she is a good friend of the classmates.