Chapter 1:


The Fancy Hat on Maple Street

There once lived a girl named Amelia. Amelia grew up in a family that wasn’t so privileged. Her parents would have to work all day long just to make enough money to support her and her siblings. One day, she walked home from her public school when she stumbled upon a cute-looking hat on Maple Street. “Cool hat!” She thought. She couldn’t bear it just lying there without its owner, so she took it home with her. When she got home, her parents were shocked with what she had brought home. “Amelia! What did you steal? Why did you bring it home? Do you want us to all die from poverty?” Amelia’s mom shouted at her. “But mom! It was just lying there without anyone using it! It doesn’t even have a name on it!” Amelia told her mom. “Besides, this hat is just a useless piece of junk. It can’t even help our family.” “But mom!” Amelia yelled back. “Enough is enough; you are grounded for five days, young lady.” Angry at her mom, Amelia stomped back to her room and slammed the door behind her.

When she entered her room, she burst into tears. “Why would my mom think that everything I bring home is a useless piece of junk? She doesn’t even have any proof to go with it!” Yelled Amelia. “I wish I had ice cream right now to relieve all my pain,” Amelia said sadly. Then, all of a sudden, a bright light started shining out of the hat. Then appeared a large bucket of ice cream. “Woah, where did that come from?” Amelia asked herself. “I wish for a big, large burrito.” Then again, a giant burrito appeared from inside of the hat.

“Oh my gosh! This hat grants me everything I wish for!” Amelia shouted in realization. She ran down to her mom, looking at all the pay bills stacking up on the kitchen table. “Mom! Look at what this hat can do!” Amelia shouted to get her mother’s attention. “What nonsense now?” she asked. “This hat is magical! It grants me everything I wish for.” “Stop being such a foolish child.” “Just look!” Amelia said, trying to prove herself. She said, “I wish for $100” Then again, money began to come out from the hat. Shocked, her mother fell silent and said, “Well, my sweet, sweet daughter. Why don’t you be nice to your mother and give that beautiful hat to your mother.” Asked Amelia’s mom. But Amelia was an intelligent child. “Well, what if you do me a favor and leave this house?” “My sweet little daughter, what do you mean?” “Stop acting so innocent now, “mother.” You have always been so mean and cruel to us.” “After all these years of hard work, and you’re just going to kick me out?” Amelia asked the hat to give her $10,000 and said, “How about I give you $10,000, and you leave. Does that sound fair?” “Sure, I was never happy in this house anyways.”And there, her mother left the house.

One year later, Amelia, her dad, and her siblings lived a beautiful life with no displeasure. Even though Amelia still had the hat, she was still humble and lived in an average house with her family. She also transferred from her old school to a new school because people were always making fun of her, but now, she has many great friends she can trust in the new school. And so she and her family lived happily ever after—the End.