Chapter 1:

An Autumn Evening

To The Girl of Snow

Despite how relaxing people think the sound of rain is, today, it sounded angry and almost like it was trying to pierce through the roof. It was a hard and heavy rain - the worst kind of weather, in my opinion. Then again, it is September. It's not like I should have expected any less.Bookmark here

I guess that means I'd have to use the umbrella I kept in my bag for safekeeping. But that wouldn't stop my glasses from steaming up from the humidity.Bookmark here

What a perfect day to lose my contacts.Bookmark here

Sighing, I looked out of the window to my left. I was sitting in the back corner of classroom 2-D. Although it would usually look fairly regular with it's two chalk-covered blackboards and thirty-five hard wood desks arranged evenly, I'd moved some of the desks and chairs to create some space for a sheet music stand for my club. My self proclaimed club, known only as the "guitarist association". The only way it really passed as a club is because three friends put their name down on the club creation sheet.Bookmark here

That being said, they never actually came, but I also didn't exactly expect them to. In a way, it felt more like a formality. I appreciate it a lot, honestly, because this alone time every evening is relaxing enough for me.Bookmark here

This classroom overlooked the playing fields of the school. Being on the second floor, I had a decent view of what seemed to be a baseball game.Bookmark here

Or, would have been, had the weather not decided to suddenly soak everyone.Bookmark here

Everyone who was outside seemed to be walking in. Judging by the numbers, it must have been a big game as well. In a way, I did feel kind of bad for them. I couldn't imagine practicing so hard for an event that was cancelled. Although, I'm sure they would just reschedule it, so it would turn out okay in the end.Bookmark here

Maybe I should go and see the game next time. I'm sure it would be fun. Plus, it gives me something to talk about.Bookmark here

Oh well. I have more pressing matters, anyway. With the rain being this bad, the trains might end up stopping. I should probably go. Bookmark here

I swiftly, but carefully, placed my guitar in it's bag, being extra cautious that I wouldn't hit my head as I took it off. I guess it wouldn't matter if I broke it, but something about grtting a new guitar makes me feel gross, like I'm cheating on someone. Not that I ever would, of course.Bookmark here

After all, if I decided to write a song about her, it's clear that I couldn't look away from her. Not even for a second.Bookmark here

Trust me. My friends have tried.Bookmark here

Zipping up the bag, I placed the guitar on my back. While the guitar was heavy, being made of solid rosewood, it felt oddly comfortable to have it on my back. Like I was being protected from behind.Bookmark here

Then again, it could have just been a psychological thing. After all, the guitar had that effect on me. It would always comfort me in the times I needed it, although a rainy evening wasn't exactly what I had in mind.Bookmark here

As that thought crossed through my mind, a gentle knock rang out from behind me, followed by the whoosh of the classroom's sliding door.Bookmark here

"Excuse me...!"Bookmark here

The voice instantly struck something in my mind. It was too familiar.Bookmark here

The timing was too coincidental, but I had no doubt about it.Bookmark here

When I turned around, I saw her standing in front of me, making the dark atmosphere almost feel light and fluffy.Bookmark here

The silky black hair, with her trademark plait.Bookmark here

The stunning purple eyes, reflecting behind those glasses.Bookmark here

Her positive aura, one that uplifts everyone around her.Bookmark here

"Oh... hey, Nakagami-kun!"Bookmark here

A soft and calming voice.Bookmark here

Unless she was an oddly exact lookalike who happened to go to my school, the girl standing in front of me was the one and only Yuki Akasaka.Bookmark here

Only the most beautiful girl in my class.Bookmark here

Only the smartest girl in the entire school. Bookmark here

Only one of the sweetest souls I've ever met.Bookmark here

My throat almost clamped shut as my heart fluttered.Bookmark here

What should I do? What should I say?Bookmark here

"Ah... hey, Akasaka-san. Do you need something?" I replied, practically forcing myself to stop sweating.Bookmark here

That sort of came out better than I expected. Bookmark here

"Oh, um, yeah. I think I might have left my umbrella here over lunch. Do you see it around here?" she asked, trying to peer into the classroom.Bookmark here

I quickly scanned the room myself. Beside my 'club activities', nothing else really stood out to me. Just a few random loose papers, my stand and the messy chairs.Bookmark here

"It doesn't seem to be here." I replied.Bookmark here

Her face expressed a mild frustration. Then again, if I'd forgotten my umbrella in this weather, I probably would have been just as annoyed.Bookmark here

"Where else could it be...?" Akasaka mumbled under her breath. "I've looked everywhere now..."Bookmark here

"Did you need to get home quickly, or something?" I asked, immediately regretting it. It wasn't my place to ask her.Bookmark here

"Ah... not exactly. I lose them all the time, and I just wanted to break that habit." she replied, with an embarrassed giggle.Bookmark here

My heart. It's about to burst out of my chest.Bookmark here

I know it's not something Akasaka would like, but I couldn't help but find it absolutely adorable.Bookmark here

"W-well, do you need some help?" I asked, barely able to even put that sentence together. The giggle threw me off, and my eyes immediately darted away.Bookmark here

"Thank you, but it's okay, Nakagami-kun." Akasaka answered, smiling. "I lost it, so I'll sort it out myself."Bookmark here

"O-oh, okay." I mumbled, immediately before a silence filled the air.Bookmark here

Well, this was embarrassing. Bookmark here

"Well, I'm going to keep looking now." Akasaka said, destroying the awkward mood I created in my mind.Bookmark here

"Have fun. I can still help you. If you need, I mean." I offered.Bookmark here

Akasaka smiled. I thought I saw her cheeks turn a slight shade of red.Bookmark here

Of course, that was probably just my imagination.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about me. But again, thank you. Have a good evening, Nakagami-kun."Bookmark here

"You too, Akasaka-san."Bookmark here

I turned back around to finish sorting my sheets. There were so many piled up on my guitar stand. It's a miracle she didn't actually enter the classroom - she would have seen the song.Bookmark here

Plus, since she's really smart, it wouldn't have been difficult for her to make the connection. Even hearing it probably would have been enough.Bookmark here

Then again, I guess Yuki is a fairly common name. Beautiful, but common. It could be any Yuki in the school, not just the specific Yuki Akasaka in my class.Bookmark here

"Wait, Nakagami-kun?"Bookmark here

Ah, it sounded like she was back. Or, that's what I assumed, at least. I was still facing the other way, but that voice was undoubtedly Akasaka's.Bookmark here

"Yeah?"Bookmark here

"I meant to ask just now, but... um..."Bookmark here

It was when I turned back around, I noticed. Akasaka seemed to be anxious.Bookmark here

Wait. Is this what I think it is? Damn it, I didn't even comb my hair properly this morning.Bookmark here

No, Shuji, stop. You're jumping the gun again.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah?" I awkwardly said.Bookmark here

Akasaka took a deep breath.Bookmark here

My whole body tensed up. Bookmark here

"Your guitar... was beautiful. Do you think you could... teach me that song?"Bookmark here

To The Girl of Snow

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