Chapter 7:

Cap 7 - The Succubus Visions

Eyes of the Mind

The day began like any other, the noise of the neighbors, the traffic outside the apartment, in view of the place where Haruka lived was considered a normal day, however, it was not quite so.

"How did you get in here? "She asked Haruka as the strange female form embraced her in her bed."

"Humm... Oh! Good morning Haruka... How long, huh?"

"Yes... Too long... How did you get into my little morceguinha house?"

"It's a great day, right? Outside that your neighbors are very noisy of ours."

"How you get in here damn!"

"Calm down, I came in the door. "He said to succubus as he got up from bed and was stretching out."

Haruka's days off were quiet, until the unexpected visit of the girl she had met in the spirit world.

"And what have you come here to do, little bite?"

"I came to see how long you were... We're friends after all!"

"Humm, I'm great as you can see, you can go back to the world of spirit now."

"Oh, i'm so sorry. What do you mean, you don't know? Is that how you treat your visitors?!"

"You broke into my house in the middle of the night and came to grab me I could report you to the police!"

"That only works with humans! I'm a succubus!"

" True... Let me see where I put the ACP number, they must have a hunter available."

"What?! It's a joke, right? Don't do that, I just came to make you compainha!"

"It's soft, what I least want is to see the face of someone from the ACP, now you're going to tell me why you came here."

Kirien's coming was not just to know how Haruka was in fact, succubus had other interests in the girl.

"All right... But first, let's walk a little, it's been a long time since I've been in the human world."

"Did you lose mocerguinha? If any hunters see you, they'll definitely want to rip your kidney out."

"That's what I invented this new product for! I called him "paranormal presence concealer of beings of the spiritual world to the proof of humans!"

"You know that name sucks, right?"

"Cof, cof... It is an innovative product, it makes the one that consume the same have its paranormal strength levels reduced to the human level, outside that its user gets a human appearance too!"

"How cool! If the order of the hunters learns about this you're chipped, but in fact, it's pretty cool!"

At that moment Kirien felt an extreme fear rise through her body, she finally realized that her invention could make her head stand at a premium by the order of the hunters.

"Hehe... Can I ask you to keep this a secret?"

"No, i'm not... Just kidding, you can leave it."

"I didn't think you'd agree..."

"To tell you the truth... I don't care about the order of the hunters, they're apparently grilled with me, and I haven't done anything that can put the freaks on my tail so far, so I guess they just want to me off, other than that I'm off duty, so I don't care about anything in the spirit world."

"What a terrible example of a hunter you are in Haruka..."

"I can take my sword and break you in two how about?"

"No, no, no, no No... Easy, you're a great hunter, I was playing easy."

After talking for a while, Haruka got up and started getting ready, was not in the girl's plans to leave, but she also did not want to stay at home, until then the girl's days off were represented in watching anime and sleeping.

"Okay, where are we going morceguinha?"

"All right, I have no idea... But let's go for a walk."

"You came all the way out here with nothing marked?"

"I've got it all programmed! But we have fun places to go before, it's been a long time since I've explored the human world."

"How old are you morceguinha?"

"I am currently 1038 years old."

"Humm, wait what? You look younger than me and you are 1038?"

"Succubus does not have the same standard of living as a human, it is normal that succubus have a very high age, my mother is 23568 years old."


"Umm? What's the out of here?"

"Nothing... Let's go then."


After using their new invention to look like a human, Kirien and Haruka were finally ready, the first stop succubus chose as a route was a local arcade near Haruka's house, it was a busy place and one of the places Kirien most wanted to visit.

"It's been so long since I've been in a fliper... I think I'm going to cry."

"It's not that much, is it? How long has it been since you've been in these places?"

"The last time was before the cataclysm, after that the hunters left nothing that was from the world of the spirit alive, to come here was suicide."

"I understand... So go, kill your longing there."

"Oh, I don't have any money..."

"Are you serious?"

"Calm down, there are some interesting faces coming here, I'm going to use my succubus charm to make them give me money right back."

Before Kirien could use her succubus skills, Haruka grabbed her by the collar of her blouse and pulled her back.

"Hey, listen, if you get the hunters' attention, they're going to kill you and I'm going to get screwed for walking with a creature from the spirit world, so you better stay calm there... Did you understand?? "Haruka said as he looked at the succubus with a frightening look."

"O-Okay... But Haruka, how am I going to play then?"

"Ask for the chips I pay, I do nothing with my money other than paying the bills and the food itself."

"Really! Thank you, but I have to say... My idea was cooler, you're missing your chance at not using your curves, human men are totally fissured in girls your age."

"This is a crime, apparently you're not a good influence."

"I'm just trying to say that you're a pretty girl hours..."

"Go get your chips soon, I don't get along in busy places."

It was not normal for Haruka to go out with a friend, the girl did not have many people that she could call a friend, but for the first time the girl was enjoying going out with someone, Kirien proved to be an interesting and funny girl, besides being very energetic and relaxed.

After playing a little at the arcade, Kirien chose to watch a movie and then play in an amusement park.

"Really, it's okay for you to pay for everything?"

"None... I don't usually buy anything out of the pattern, the only things I buy are manga and some clothes."

"Humm... Sure! Let's take a walk Haruka, I have little time left here and I need to get straight to the point of my visit."

"Okay then, let's go."

As they walked down a street full of houses, Kirien entered an alley between two houses, Haruka wasted no time and accompanied the succubus, when the girl saw the succubus, Kirien had already created a kind of magical barrier that formed a circle around the two.

"What is this you have done?"

"This circle will prevent anyone who passes through here to see and hear us, basically I created a dimension between the two worldthat leaves us trapped here."

"Why did you do that?"

"Haruka... What do you remember about your past?"

"What are you talking about, morceguinha?"

Kirien then opened his backpack and took a black scroll, that object overflowed with magical power, Haruka immediately stayed on alert.

"No need to worry, this is the scroll that I record everything I see in my travels, after our last meeting... I noticed something different in you, my doubts were justified after I went to the land of the fallen, I found ruins of the first masters of annihilation, I need to show you something... You have to trust me, you just have to touch the scroll and you'll see exately what I could see in that place."

Haruka was not sure if she could trust Kirien, however, she was also curious, the girl then slowly approached the succubus, afraid she touched the scroll, intantaneamente the girl's eyes began to see exactly what the succubus had seen that day.

After Kirien passed through the portal, his first view of the land of the fallen was a destroyed and dark place, as if the sun had no access to that place, despite being totally dark and with a kind of fog, it was still a place with some visibility.

"It was exactly as the lower demons told me, it was worth doing that favor, so if it's all right, the tomb of the former is in the center of this place."

Immediately the succubus pulled from her backpack a kind of black beast and some potions she kept.

"Would it be better if I had used the beast to help Haruka? Well now it's gone anyway, let's see what the schooner and the fog hides."

Walking slowly, Kirien remained alert, although he was also a creature of the spirit world, she was not immune to attacks from the other creatures, it was quite common that the inhabitants of that world were not very familiar, the ogres and the elves were living proof of this, both harbored a pure hatred for each other, Kirien had lived for a long time in that place to know that he could not walk around quietly.

"I think it's already good here, where did I keep you? Aha, I thought... "Kirien said while taking a white scroll with a magic circle written in the middle."

The succubus then placed the scroll on the ground and activated its magic circle, at the same time the paper joined the ground, after which a red eye-shaped mark appeared on the ground.

"All right, if anything happens this is going to be very useful, let's get back to what matters."

Soon later Kirien noticed an entrance, hidden in the mist, with two giant statues one on each side of the gate, slowly approaching she realized that the doors were half-open, the passage was very short, but in view of the size of the gate, it was enough for her to get through, after entering that place, Kirien came across an immense tomb.

"So... This is where you're sleeping forever, right?"

Walking down the stairs of the huge tomb, Kirien noticed a strange movement, quickly she hid behind a pillar, looking in the corner as she tried to find what had caught her attention, however, she could not identify what that could be.

"All right, let's take the first bottle, it was complicated to create this potion, but if i were to keep i would be like my mother, then let's make use of."

The potion kirien referred to was a formula that gave a night vision to those who made use of it, because of the darkness of the place and because of the danger of walking with a light to help in the vision, Kirien opted for the potion.

After consuming the potion, Kirien began to fill the place as if it were during the day, it was then that she finally managed to see what was moving in that intense darkness, the tomb was created many years ago with the aim of guarding the bodies of the first beings to set foot on the earth, so to prevent it from having any kind of unknown entering the place, several traps have been created to prevent the advances of the curious.

In the midst of the darkness, there was a statue walking in circles, the movements of that statue were not normal, Kirien wise of it, a statue does not move without first seeing a threat, so watching that strange movement left the succubus apprehensive, she did not wise ly continue her journey or return, but Kirien would not return without finding out what was inside.

"All right, where did I put that magic bezel... Ready, let's see what you got little friend."

After focusing the bezel on the statue, Kirien noticed what made that statue act strangely, focusing on her bezel, the succubus saw what were magical parasites, at the same instant she began to look at her things and herself in search of some parasite.

Magical parasites were dark and evil beings, they had a red larva appearance and were shudderingly lethal, when one stuck to the host, in addition to consuming their internal magic they controlled the poor creature's mind and used it for reproductive material, some of them implating inside the victim and began to reproduce quickly.

Kirien wise how lethal those creatures were, so she had in mind that passing near the statue was very dangerous, but amid her thoughts she remembered that she had a great potion for this situation, so she made the use of one more of her inventions, a potion that would leave her invisible.

After drinking the potion, the succubus began to slowly descend the stairs, there was no way she could pass away from the statue on account of where she was, so her only choice would be to pass near her, the thought of attacking the statue with her beast was recurring in her mind, but she wised that even if she succeeded in taking down the statue, the parasites would hunt down who had killed their host, so she preferred to take a chance and pass the statue.

By little Kirien managed to pass through the statue, however, his happiness was far from coming, after overtaking the statue and entering the main hall, something caught the girl's attention, the traps previously created to prevent the intruders had already been activated by something, Kirien noticed that if there was a statue, surely there would be more, then she finally realized where the others were, the succubus had found the nest of the parasites, and in it were all the statues that they had managed to control, in the midst of that situation the succubus had no idea what to do, but she needed to think fast, her potion would soon lose the effect.

After looking around she managed to spot a passage at the top of the place, she suddenly began to bypass the nest of parasites, when she was about to arrive her potion began to lose effect, realizing that Kirien abandoned the silence and began to run towards the passage, in contrapartly the statues controlled by the parasites realized the presence of the girl and got up ready to run after the succubus.

The statues were quickly reaching the girl, quickly thinking Kirien managed to arm her beast with an explosive dart that she used to shoot at the top of the passage, after the dart explosion, the passage began to crumble, quickly the girl threw herself into the passage that was collapsing, so she managed to get rid of the parasites.

"How I hate these things... But what parasites like they're doing here? Well, it doesn't matter, my vision is starting to go back to normal, so I'd better get ready for the dark."

Taking advantage of her short time of vision, Kirien began to enter even more into the tomb, so she arrived at what she thought was the descent that would give access to the entrance of the tombs, without success the succubus began to descend the stairs, knowing that there could be more parasites, the succubus took her beast and armed her with a shock dart, as she came down she took an object that was similar to an eye and put it in her belt.

"Right, if you were here would have attacked me already right parasitinha? ... I'm going to take that answer as a yes. "Kirien said while picking up a ball of light in a bag she carried around her waist."

After catching the ball of light, the succubus deposited some of her magic on the ball, instantly the ball began to glow, totally illuminating the path in front of the girl, carefully Kirien began to walk down the aisle.

A feeling began to bother the girl, a negative force that made her totally dizzy, after walking a lot down the long corridor, that negative force was now much stronger, the girl then came across a purple crystal that sucked the vitality of the beings close to him, the girl quickly understood that it was on him that there were no parasites in that place.

Without thinking twice Kirien took a containment scroll and stuck it to the crystal that controlled his negative effects.

"If I had come here a few years ago... Maybe I didn't even get past the hallway... Thanks for being big old, if it wasn't for that, you'd have killed me already. "Kirien said while patting himself in the face."

Looking around the girl realized she had finally reached her goal, she had finally found the graves of the first.

"Fiu! I thought you'd have a much larger size, but it seems that you guys have a size very similar to humans and elves, but as some human said, size is not document right."

Looking closer to succubus he noticed that each tomb had a picture representing the one that was buried in the tomb, looking from frame to frame the succubus noticed that those beings were the infamous ancestral demons, but one of the paintings caught his eye.

"No... This can only be a lie, right? "Said the succubus with a look of fear accompanied by a shaky smile."

"What a surprise... How did you get in here?"

A voice caught the girl's attention, by instinct, Kirien turned towards the voice already firing his electrifying dart, however, the owner of that voice just took the dart and broke it without even feeling the damage of the rays contained in the dart.

"You're pretty weak, aren't you? Just the fact that you use a beast with darts modified with magic proves it."

"And who are you?"

"Me? I'm just a study, I received some news from one of my allies and Came to see what I could find here... I didn't think I'd find a succubus spying here."

"I'm not spying... I'm an explorer."

"Humm, so... What do you think of this place? Best... What do you think you know about this place?"


Suddenly the figure of that woman approached in the blink of an eye and grabbed the succubus by the neck lifting it in the air.

"You know I can't let you out of here right? The secrets of this place must be buried forever, I'm sorry, but I can't trust you, maybe you work for the unbeliever, so you'd better die by this place..."

"It was bad... But I can't comply with that part of the deal..."

Without succeeding Kirien took the eye-shaped object she had stored in her belt and squeezed it destroying it, at the same time she was teleported back to the eye scroll she had marked near the entrance to the tomb.

"She ruined my exploration..."

Before she finished talking the tomb exploded right in front of her, fearing to be next, Kirien turned and began to run while preparing another portal scroll, after conjuring the portal she did not think twice and threw herself inside it, before completely overtaking the portal she felt that something grabbed one of its wings, when her eyes turned back, that woman had held one of her wings, as soon as she pulled the succubus back the portal closed by cutting kirien's right wing and saving her from being taken back to that woman.

The pain that succubus felt after losing her wings was distressing, but she wisely that if the portal had not closed at that moment, she might have already lost her own life, after escaping that strange woman, Kirien recorded everything she had seen on her scroll.

In the present present, Haruka had fainted after touching the scroll and having the vision of everything Kirien had seen inside the tomb.

After finishing seeing all that Haruka woke up, rising quickly and looking everywhere in shock.

"You took a long time to wake up... "Kirien said with his back to a corner looking at the wall."

After Haruka fainted, Kirien carried her back to her apartment, inside the apartment she waited patiently until the girl woke up, gradually returning to her original form of succubus.

"That... was it real?"


"That woman you saw inside that place."

"She tore off my wings... She also seemed to be a human."

"She's my mother..."

"What?! What do you mean she's your mother?! "Kirien said as he got up quickly."

"I'm sorry, i'm sorry. Can you give me a break? I need to think a little..."

"I understand... I like you Haruka, because of that I wanted to show you what I found in that room... I have to go back to the world of spirit now, I left a contact scroll, in case you want to talk to me..."

After saying that Kirien opened a portal back to the spirit world and left the girl's house, on the other hand, Haruka was in shock, what she had just seen, had left the girl totally distraught.

"Mom... What does that mean? You're alive and now this..."