Chapter 3:

Quest 2: Welcome to the Guild

Souls of Legends: Online

 “HEY!!! Are you going to show me around?”

   “Eh? Oh, ok. If you go north, it has the Guild Hall, Adventure Hall, and other important buildings you go, and south there are the town hall, shopping district, a park for romantic" I responded while I was standing up.

"Really?" She said back to me with an unsatisfied face "Well, can you take me to the Guild Hall?"

   "huh..........sure, ok; well, I was going to check on my old guild, but you can come with me if you want to join the guild and meet the guild master”

   “Thank you” While saying this, she jumped upon me out of surprise. After she realized, she moved a distance from me. Both of our faces turned red after the unexpected event between us.

“Hey, before we go on, I got a question”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Why do you have the absolute territory?”

“What? What’s that? It that an item?”

“Uh, no… the area of bare skin in the gap between over knee socks and a miniskirt”

   “Eh?” After she heard me, she got confused. When she looked down and noticed what I said she turned red while at the same time she he grabbed her skirt covering her thighs and gave out a loud shriek “YOU PERVERT!!!”

   After a half an hour of walking, we finally get to the Guild Hall. The building looked like a mansion with colors of light blue and white on it. The building seems like it was made of wood, but it seems a bit old like it was there for thousands of years. On top, it had the guild's emblem. The emblem had a sword in it with the shading of light blue and the border being white. On top, it had a heater shield with wings around it, with the border being the color of white. As we entered, inside looked like a bar with the tables on one side and the counter on the other. On the counter, the bartender cleaning the cups was an orc. When Eiko saw him, she started to get afraid of him since he was an orc.

"Don't worry, he's not harmful" I told her as we got closer to the counter as she was hiding behind me.

"Long time no see, eh Gary?"

"So, you are back, eh?"

"Yeah, since this morning, I received a message saying that the exile was up"

"Well, it was your fault that you went against that guy"

“Hey, is not my fault that he challenged me, all I did was to respond him back”

   He sighed after hearing my response. Without noticing, I started listen the other players from the guild at the tables chanting out loud “Drink!!!! Drink!!!! Drink!!!!”

“Eh? Hey, what’s going over there? Is her, is it?”

“Ugh…. yeah, it is her”

   As soon I got closer and tried to pass through the other players, I got a better look of the person in the center. Eiko was following me behind confused of what was happening. The person in the center was a female player, she was the size of an adult woman. Her hair was long and wavy, and her hair color was brown like mine, but it was a little bit lighter. She was beautiful that many of the guys in this game would fall for her. She has equipped a dress of blue with armor parts on top. Another reason why guys would fall for her, is that she is a bit revealing. As soon I was behind her, she was drinking a large glass of beer. When I placed my hand on her shoulder, she began to feel a terrifying presence that made her uncomfortable, but she managed it as if nothing happened and began to say, "is been a while since we have seen each other"

"Come on, you know we live in the same building, and you know you shouldn't be drinking"

"Aww, are you going to say hi to your big sister?"

Game Tag: Merlyn

Level: 7

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Subclass: Arch Mage

Facts: some people call her the Beauty Storm Bringer. there's a rumor saying that she's the brother of a player named Kazuma.

   Then I began to feel a presence of jealousy among the other players who were among her. They must have been getting like this when they started to realize that I was her younger brother, but Eiko was surprised after learning this. Ignoring them, I asked my sister "Do you know if the guild master is online?"

"Yeah, he is in the guild admin's room, he must be waiting for you after getting a notification that you are back."


   When the guys noticed on Eiko, they started to cover their eyes like a powerful light was coming from her legs while they were screaming like it was burning their eyes from the light. When my sister noticed this, she said "4:1:24, the golden ratio of skirt length to absolute territory to stockings. How bold" When Eiko noticed what Merlyn was talking about, she started shrieking while covering her legs with her skirt.

"Alright, let’s go" I grabbed Eiko's hand in the process as I wanted to go to the guild admin's room.

"Hey, Kazu-kun you're cooking tonight, right?"

"Ok" I responded to her with a big of frustration while she responded with a smile.

   When I saw the door of the room, I went ahead to it while Eiko was following me since our deal was to take her to join the guild. As we entered the room, we saw a man sitting on a tablet like he was expecting someone. He was big in stature, as someone who should be feared. He wore mostly armor, from head to feet that nobody even knows how he looks without his helmet. He was in his desk with his two hands together forming a triangle with the desk, and his face was pointing to our direction in a way like he was waiting for someone. With his helmet covering his entire face, we didn't knew if he had a serious face or he was just sleeping. Out of nowhere we started hearing snores, until we noticed it was the guild master. While, Eiko couldn’t catch of the situation, I was starting to get angry as smokes was coming out of my head.

   I, finally snapped, slammed my hand to the desk making him wake up without a realization what was happening. “Eh? What? What’s going on?” he said confused. “I found us a newbie” I responded while pointing at her “I think she wants to join us.” Flustered, she introduced herself to the guild master “Good morning, my name is Eiko, nice to meet you…”

   “MasterSensei” he responded as he bowed to her. After hearing his name, Eiko felt confused but she kept quiet not to ruin his moment. “Ok...well yes, I would like to join this guild”

   “Great, but to join, you have to finish one of these quest” the guild master responded throwing three pieces of paper that were for quests “Maybe Kazuma can help you with it since they are not easy quests.” “Good to know” she said after she grabbed the three quests as the way of accepting them.

“Welcome to the Wings of Valor”