Chapter 13:

Midnight match (part 2) (Season 1 Finale)

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Vincent finally stroke down... A loud noise followed, and the mask crumbled. Bookmark here

"I finally get to see your face!"Bookmark here

The mysterious attacker was indeed a teenager. He was about 15 years old, had short, blonde hair and blue eyes. He was pretty tall and muscular.Bookmark here

Vincent then snapped his fingers to get information about him, but again, nothing came out.Bookmark here

"So it wasn't the mask that was interfering. Well whatever, from now on I shall call you 'A'."Bookmark here

Of course, during this time 'A' was perplexed. Why didn't Vincent kill him? Why was he giving him a name?Bookmark here

"Didn't you know? In a game, the loser has to do what the winner says. I myself only heard about this recently. It would be a waste to kill someone like you, when I can use you..."Bookmark here

"Oh! So you weren't intending to kill him! You scared me for a second!" said SarahBookmark here

"But you are useless, so there is no reason to keep you alive." responded Vincent, raising his armBookmark here

"What gives you the impression that I will do what you want?" exclaimed 'A'Bookmark here

"I taught you will accept your punishment like a man, but looks like I was mistaken. If you won't listen to me then I will have to force you! You seem to want to protect this woman here, so let's say that if you don't listen to me, I'll kill her!" Bookmark here

The way Vincent was casually talking about killing someone was too casual even for him. Sure, he didn't usually restrain from killing someone, even without good reason, but he wasn't this insensible. Bookmark here

He then grabbed Sarah by her neck and lifted her.Bookmark here

"Leave the innocent people alone! They have nothing to do with us!"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately for you, I don't care if a person is 'innocent or not'. I believe only in fate and luck. She was just unlucky to be here at this moment."Bookmark here

There was nothing that 'A' could do in that situation, but to accept the deal. He would do what Vincent asks, and Vincent will spare Sarah.Bookmark here

"Remember that even if I let her go now and she runs, that doesn't mean I can't kill her anytime."Bookmark here

"I know that much!"Bookmark here

"Hey! I don't like being used as a hostage! Leve me alone! I thought that you were a nice guy, but I was mistaken! You are horrible!"Bookmark here

Vincent lessened his grip and let her down.Bookmark here

"Leave!"Bookmark here

After he said that, he took 'A' and disappeared. He was now on a building's rooftop. Bookmark here

"I don't know why you keep protecting that annoying woman but whatever."Bookmark here

"So, what do you want me to do?"Bookmark here

"It's simple..."Bookmark here

Meanwhile:Bookmark here

"I will save him! That boy, saved me so many times! Now it's my turn to save him! Also, I don't want to believe that Vincent is bad! And even if he is, I will set him straight!" said SarahBookmark here


Higher Lower

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