Chapter 12:

Midnight match (part 1)

Higher Lower

Vincent and the cat masked attacker enganged in a fight. They were moving so fast that Sarah couldn't see anything. Bookmark here

"I will decide the game, Vincent!"Bookmark here

"Not interested."Bookmark here

After saying that Vincent snapped his fingers, stopping time. Of course this action caused him a lot of pain because his fingers were already broken.Bookmark here

"That won't work on me!" said the cat masked attacker launching a supprise attack from behindBookmark here

The fight continuied for several minutes and in the end, they both were still standing.Bookmark here

"It's a draw! Guess I became better. Or you became weaker, Vincent!"Bookmark here

Vincent didn't respond.Bookmark here

"So the game that I have in mi-" Bookmark here

The cat masked attacker couldn't finish his sentence. Even though, this time he didn't get defeated right away by Vincent, the only thing that kept him standing was the adrenaline numbing his pain. But now that pain was coming back.Bookmark here

"That took a while. But even in my weakened state, I still win." said Vincent, looking down at his opponent that was now kneelingBookmark here

The cat masked attacker made a couple of unsucesfull atempts to get up on his feet, but in the end he colapsed.Bookmark here

"W-What happened?" said SarahBookmark here

"He lost at his own game."Bookmark here

The cat masked attacker looked at Vincent. That teriffing look would have scared anyone, but Vincent didn't make any noise, or gesture.Bookmark here

"Did you think I didn't figure it out? We weren't fighting because you wanted to chose a game. The fight itself was the game! And you lost."Bookmark here

The cat masked attacker trully lost. He was so weakened that he couldn't run this time. He couldn't do anything but wait his execution. Bookmark here

"It was fun playing with you." said Vincent raising his arm.Bookmark here

But before he could kill him, he felt a small push from behind. That push was from Sarah. She used all her force to try and stop Vincent, but of course for Vincent that was just a mild inconvenience.Bookmark here

"I didn't frgot about you. I will kill you after I am done with him."Bookmark here

"I don't want this! Why would you kill him? You were only playing a game! And games are supposed to be fun!"Bookmark here

"Mind your own buisness! Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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