Chapter 1:


I'm Already Dead

"Mom!! Dad!! Look at my drawing!!" A child said while running towards her parents. Her mom then pat her head with a smile on her face, while her dad also smiles at her. Anyone who saw this will think 'What a sweet family'. But suddenly, everything around the child was burned, even her parents. Bookmark here

"M-mom...d-dad..." the child said while crying. Her parents burned body were in front of her. A voice then called out to her saying "Don't cry child, you should smile...Your parents are dead..."Bookmark here

*RING RING RING Bookmark here

A hand reached out to the phone that was ringing. The person grabbed it and slowly opened her eyes to look at the time. '2:00 PM? wasn't it supposed to be 2 AM...' she thought.  Ignoring it, she covered herself with a blanket. After a while she realized something. She hurriedly sat down and looked at her phone again.Bookmark here

"F*ck..." she cursed while getting out of her bed as she prepare herself without taking a bath or eating.Bookmark here

[AT SIGNIEL SOUL]Bookmark here

"Now, now mr. Cha...We all know you want to live right?" a person said standing near the window while holding a glass of wine. "I-i promised...I won't do it again..." the man said kneeling in front of the person.Bookmark here

"'s not for me to decide tho, we still need to wait for boss." the person said smiling to the man who's kneeling.Bookmark here

*OPENS DOORBookmark here

"Noona, your late again!!" the person said pouting. (ps: noona means older sister in korea)Bookmark here

"Not my fault I set the alarm late." the girl said while taking the glass of wine from that person's hand.Bookmark here

"M-miss...I really promised that it won't happen again..." the man said begging the girl in front of her.Bookmark here

"Let's see, human trafficking, being a drug user, oh also have a weird fetish which is sleeping with children...that's- disgusting..." she said looking at the glass of wine. The man who was kneeling was left speechles. "Now, please leave everyone, since I still have a business to finish." she said with a smiling on her face. After ordering the people to leave the two in the room. She pulled out 2 pills in her pocket, placing it in front of the man.Bookmark here

She then sat down on the ground putting her right hand on her face. "Now choose..." the girl said while smiling.Bookmark here

"W-what are these p-pills..." the man said in a shaky tone.Bookmark here

"Ah, the red one will freeze your heart and the blue one will burn your heart!" the girl said happily right in the man's face. "Tho you see, I got curious on, Cha-Jung-Su...your a professor in Vista middle school back then right?" she said with her expression changing so fast.Bookmark here

"I-I don't-" "It was 15 years ago was it?" she said cutting in.Bookmark here

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I'm Already Dead

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