Chapter 1:

She's All I Want And I've Waited For So Long

I Know It Might Be Wrong, But...

Steven was the most popular boy in school. He had a face that could rival any celebrity or model. He was not the tallest boy in school, but he was above average in height that he could still stand out from his peers. His body was fit and toned that girls are reportedly seen sneaking a peek to admire his half-nakedness during swimming classes. He excelled at athletics and he was the star player in the school’s basketball team so girls would often come cheer for him even during practice. Not only does he have looks and physicality, he was also one of the top students of his year.

He was a girl’s wet dream. Handsome, athletic, smart, and a bright future ahead of him; he was mister perfect.

This is why every week, he would get confessed to by a girl or two or three. Sometimes, one each day. There was even a week early in the school year where he was confessed to by three girls a day. However, he would reject each of them. Even the prettiest girls in school, he would not give the time of day to. Even the promiscuous ones, he would not be tempted by.

The boys, who were envious of him, would all say that Steven was gay which is why he was rejecting every girl. But the girls, who had put him on a pedestal, had assumed what he wanted was someone who could be on the same level as him. Although, neither was the real reason, and none of them knew it.

One day, however, they will know. On that day, Steven invited a girl named Stacy from a class next to his to meet him at the back of the school - the same place where all those girls confessed to him.

The invite was neither discrete nor private. He had personally visited this girl in her classroom while she was having lunch with her friends, and that was where he had asked her to meet him after school. Consequently, her friends had told their other friends, who had told other people, then those other people told more people, and so on. A rumor spread like wildfire that mister perfect had invited a girl to that famous confession spot, so everyone assumed he had his eye on a girl and he was going to confess! This resulted in that supposed confession event becoming some sort of spectacle that what seemed like the entire student body went to watch, especially the girls he had rejected previously.

However, Stacy was, frankly speaking, not one of the prettiest girls in school, let alone her class. She was not ugly though. But, she was the type of girl that most people would not have a good or bad impression upon first glance. She wore glasses, but she was not nerdy. She groomed herself well, but she does not dress herself up trendily. Her shoulder-length hair was only styled simply, which just makes her seem average. She was not tall like a model and her stature was below average. She was slender, but the curves of her body were modest that perverted boys would not even instinctively take a glance at either her chest or bottom. Basically speaking, she was plain Jane.

So when the crowd had seen what type of girl Steven had called for looked like, plenty of them whispered snarky and insulting comments among themselves out of jealousy and confusion, some were even said out loud by those within earshot.

“Is that her? What’s so good about her?”

“She’s so plain.”

“She’s not a good match for Steven.”

“My grandmother looks prettier than her!”

“My puppy looks prettier than her!”

“Did she get Steven drunk or something?”

“Is she blackmailing Steven to do this?”

“Maybe she should give Steven her glasses so he could see what she looks like.”

Stacy was unmoved by the insults, however. Or rather, she was actually relishing in them.

“Say what you want, you ugly bitches”, she thought to herself. “At the end of the day, I will be the girlfriend of the hottest boy in school.”

She was a plain-looking girl, but that does not mean she did not have grudges or a tendency for pettiness. She bore ill feelings against all the girls that looked down on her so she thought this was a lucky event where she could finally gain the upper ground on them.

But of course, that was not the only thing on her mind. Like most girls in school, she also had an interest in Steven. She just had never made a move because she thought she did stand a chance when he was rejecting nicer and prettier girls than her. So when he had asked her to meet at the confession spot, she was ecstatic. She was also very nervous standing there waiting for mister perfect to come, and she was distracting herself in her head by making a list of people she had a grudge on to show off to after getting confessed to by the most popular boy in the school.

Minutes later, squeals could be heard from the corner of the building. Some shouts along the lines of “Please pick me instead” could be heard. That indicates that Steven had arrived, and sure enough he had appeared in front of Stacy.

“Hi, thanks for coming here”, he said to her with a beaming smile.

“N-n-n-no p-p-problem”, she replied, stuttering. In her head, she wanted to stay cool and collected the entire time, but that plan had already gone awry on the first exchange.

“I hope it’s not a bother that I called you out here.”

“N-no, not at all!”

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you to meet me.”

“Here it comes”, she thought as she braced herself with a very wide grin on her face.

“I know we don’t talk much, so you’re probably going to think I’m being weird.”

“Here it comes. Here it comes. Here it comes.” she keeps saying to herself in her head, barely even listening to Steven anymore.

“But, I can’t hold it in anymore so I’m just going to ask you outright!”

“IT COMES IT COMES IT COMES” still all in her head.

“Is your mom still single?”


She had just stopped herself from saying yes. Stacy had thought Steven was asking her to go out with him so she was about to reflexively say it. After all, they were in a known confession spot. Until she realized what he actually had just said, which made her look at him quizzically but awkwardly still maintaining the grin she had.

Immediately, what followed was silence. The air stood still as everyone tried to process what mister perfect had just asked miss plain Jane.

“I-I’m sorry, can you repeat what you just said?” Stacy finally asked a few moments later, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I can’t blame you for your reaction”, Steven commented with an embarrassed chuckle. “I asked ‘Is your mom still single?’”

Visibly confused, she asked him “W-why would you want to know that?”

“Because I’m in love with your mom”, he boldly confessed.

“How do you even know my mom? I don’t think you’ve even met!”

“I already met her twice, the first time was last year and then the second time was last week after your parent-teacher meeting. It was only this year that I knew she was your mother”, he explained. Then he enthusiastically stated “She’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long!”

Stacy, who could not believe what she was hearing, paused again while staring at Steven with a disapproving look.

He took it as a queue to continue asking for a favor. “If she was still single, I was hoping you could introduce me to her.”

Stacy was not sure how she should respond, so she asked him another question. “W-Why my mom?”

Steven started gushing about the impression he had with her mom on their first meeting. He started praising her face, her hair, her lips, her skin; mostly just her appearance. He actually barely knew the person.

But, at that point, Stacy was barely listening to him. She felt embarrassed by being called out to the confession spot, and she had wrongly assumed, got her hopes up that her crush was confessing to her, only for the boy to ask about her mom. She had mixed feelings of pride and disgust when a boy her age was praising her mom. Moreover, she felt humiliated that people had come to watch this embarrassing scene play out.

“So, I ask again, is your mom single?” Steven posited as soon as he was done with his piece.

But after the third time of being asked that question, Stacy’s emotions burst and she shouted “I DON’T WANT TO TELL YOU!!!” as she ran away from him.

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