Chapter 8:

Solar System AXZ (Part 2)

Arc Incidents

August 3rd, 2840 AD: 7:45 AM CST, Noah 3 Bridge

Traveling at the speed set by the computer during the night, the large Noah 3 made its way to the unknown ship here. There was a new energy inside the ship because of their first taste of the unknown for once. At least, there was in the bridge because no one else on the ship knew about this meeting of the unknown for the moment.

“Mira, have you made contact with our scouts?” Captain Charlotte Medina wondered. “I want to know what we are walking into.”

“I have them on text chat, captain” Lt. C. Markus Mira mentioned.

“Can they send us the data on the ship in question?” Mira asked kindly.

“Yes captain, they are transmitting now.” Mira replied.

“Good work, Mira.” Charlotte Medina switched her glance from her communication officer to Jinto Barr, the science officer. “Mr. Barr, what readings have you received?”

“A minute or two, captain.” Barr said, looking over the data on his computer.

“You have them.”

“The readings really aren’t that interesting, Captain. The ship itself is of an organic make, but there are no life signs at all. No atmosphere, no computer systems active, no engine core that we know of there either. The most interesting thing is that the inside of the ship is completely destroyed besides one coffin-like box.” Barr says. “Do we really have to look into it?”

“I am very curious about that box.” Susan said.

“What if that is the cause of why the ship was destroyed.” Weapons Expert Aisho Haro wondered.

“We could keep it in deep isolation.” Captain Medina thought.

“Ok, we can rig the box into something that we attached to the ship so we can keep it outside of it.” Susan said. “I think our engineering crews can come with something.”

“I can agree with that. We need to keep them busy anyway. Does everyone else agree?” Charlotte asked?

There was a general sense of agreement in the bridge.

“Ok, with that, let's get some probes into the ship. Aisha, you are up again.”

“Ready whenever you are, captain.” Aisha smiled.

“Excellent. Before that, let's get a look at the ship in question.”

The bright green, broccoli like organic ship in front of them looked dead through the many holes in its haul. Nothing special really, but the crew keep their eyes away from it because it was so different.

One Hour Later

“Aisha and Barr, is your probe ready?” Captain Medina thought.

“Yes captain, we put a range extender close to the enemy ship to provide some more signal as the probe goes into it.” Ashia said with Barr agreeing.

“Send it in and put the probe’s feed on screen.” Captain Medina ordered.

The probe was completely outside of the alien space craft’s holes, so the view of the green ship disappeared into a black view

“Please turn the lights on and have it enter the ship.” Charlotte ordered again. “Also, please put a bit of the radar on screen so we can find the box.”

“Yes, Captain.” Ashia and Bar said in unison.

The first thing that came to mind in the ship was the remains of massive fire throughout the ship. There were no dust particles left, but the very leafy texture of the ship’s walls were burnt. Everything else was completely gone.

“Well, let's keep going then.” Susan sighed. “I don’t think we are going to get a lot of new information here.”

As the probe moved through the hallway, the ship still followed the leafy hallways, there were completely destroyed computer screens and areas where the unidentified species could have lived in from rooms they slept in to possible kitchen areas.

Too bad, nothing was readable at all. No alien language, no new pieces of technology they can learn from, or anything else. The engine room was all the same with the core of the ship just in ashes. Just all dead, it was the worst fate a ship could face.

“I’m getting tired of this, have we found the box yet?” Charlotte sighed with Susan agreeing.

“We just got to it, Captain.” Aisha said as the drone got to a shiny black, metallic box.

A box that obviously didn’t in this more organic themed ship. A Quick metal analysis showed that it's an unusually ductile and strong metal that humankind has not found yet and completely untouched from the scuff marks without any marks from the flames around it. Another completely alien mystery in an already dense mystery in itself. A surprising sight to really see that it didn’t register right now.

“Ok, let’s take it home.” Charlotte ordered.

“On it, Captain.” Aisha had the drone pick up the surprisingly light box and started dragging it through the hallway of the mysteriously destroyed alien ship.

“Did the engineering crew build something we could put it in?” Susan wondered.

“I sent a message to the engineering crew and haven’t got a word back yet.” Charlotte looked at her console. “Yang is busy, so I didn’t want to ruin their creative juices.”

A ping just hit her console.

“Well, the engineering crew couldn’t figure out anything. They just recommended putting it in the airlock so we could release it immediately if we needed to.” Charlotte said.

“Well, if that’s the best we can do.” Susan sighed.

“Tell me about it. After seeing the inside of that ship, I got pretty nervous too.” Charlotte sighed.

“Captain, I feel like we should put the box under quarantine and heavy cleaning as well.” Science Officer Jinto Barr suggested. “Just to make sure we don’t get any alien substances in the ship.”

“What about a motion sensor that releases the box into space if something goes wrong?” Susan looked thoughtfully at Charlotte

“Both granted. That sounds like sound advice, Mr. Barr and Mrs. Ray..” Captain admitted. “Ok, let’s gather the rest of our crews, get the information we recorded, and get out of here.”

August 3rd, 2840 AD: 5:30 PM CST, Captain’s Office

Susan, Charlotte, and Jinto Barr have sat around Charlotte’s desk for two hours looking through the data acquired from all the scouting times. Charlotte was seated at her captain’s spot looking through her screen while Susan and Jinto sat on the other sides looking at their screens of different information.

“Besides the obvious, AXZ is really a boring system, isn’t it?” Charlotte stared at her screen more intensely.

“I agree, captain. No planets with breathable atmospheres, no minerals to mine, or anything. It’s like the whole solar system has been stripped bare.” Jinto Barr commented.

“I suppose that there are a lot of solar systems in space and only a few of them are what we are looking for.” Charlotte sighed. “Captain, this is a long mission for a reason.” Jinto smiled.

“I realize that fact.” Charlotte commented. “I just wish they were a bit more interesting than this.”

“Well, we did find one interesting discovery.” Susan commented.

“A scary one though.” Charlotte sighed.

“Scary, but interesting nonetheless.” Jinto Barr switched to the readings on the box.

“There is a lot to study just from the material it's made out of.” Susan smiled.

“Could you imagine building a ship out of that material?”

“It would be so much stronger and powerful then the material for the Noah 3.” Jinto sighed.

“Guys, I’m tired. Could we call it for the day and look at the information again tomorrow?” Charlotte closed the screen.

“Yeah, let’s get some dinner. Do you want to come with us, Jinto?” Susan smiled at him.

“It depends on where you two are going.”

“Probably somewhere in the city.” Charlotte replied“Sold already. Can I invite Lucas?”

“Yeah, no problem at all.” Susan closed her screen.

“Let's meet up at the city entrance in half an hour.” Charlotte sighed.  
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