Chapter 46:

Chapter 42: Ghost Town

The Immortal Witch's Death Wish

“This is one of the most fundamental aspects of magic. You’ve managed to release your aura before. However, in this case, we’re going to utilize a sort of detection system.”Bookmark here

Rin nodded in affirmation. “The most basic form of detection is what’s known as Mana Pulse.”Bookmark here

“Before, you demonstrated the ability to exude your aura. This will be no less different. By externalizing your energy away from your body, you can then perceive any interferences within this the range.”Bookmark here

She didn’t quite get it. But at last, she attempted to follow what she was saying. She quickly recalled the feeling she experienced when she first released her aura in the previous session. Bookmark here

Calming down her body, she felt the rush of energy immediately begin to leave her body. Lusha interfered and slapped the back of her head harshly. “Not so much. It should merely be a small wave. Imagine opening a faucet for just one single drop, and immediately turning it back off. “Bookmark here

“The key is in the amount you expel, and how well you can maintain that small amount. This should not be like the previous fight. Unlike what had occurred before, this is no dream world. You’ll simply pass out again if you continue to try and exert too much for your own body to take.”Bookmark here

Rinn nervously nodded. Surprisingly, she was fairly calm during this training. Compared to when she was participating in combat with the odd creatures, this was a much more refreshing change of pace. Bookmark here

She tried once again to utilize the technique. However, this time, there was no noticeable difference. In fact, this concept of opening a faucet slowly, yet exerting your energy outwards did not make much sense to her. If she had attempted to exert her energy, it would simply come out in violent waves, and she would face the same exhausting collapse as before. Yet now, as she attempted to control that- there was no discernable change occurring. Bookmark here

Lusha shook her head. “This may take a while for you to fully learn. There’s a connection with your body and mana that you’re not quite getting.”Bookmark here

“I’ll permit you to remove your blindfold for the time being.”Bookmark here

Yet again, another illusion was conjured. It seems this was perhaps her favorite method of teaching. “Your gift naturally takes advantage of external stimuli, so utilizing it in this way should be a very natural thing to you. You’ve always been utilizing magic. Think of the stimuli you received then.”Bookmark here

It was a general rule of thumb that those who received divine gifts were capable of utilizing magic a lot easier than those without. But even this technique was a basic part of magic. So basic- that one can perhaps teach themselves to utilize it- without the need to learn at an accredited school. Bookmark here

“Think of mana and aura as a pool of water. The amount of mana is the pool of water.” She conjured up yet another image of a still pond. Twirling her finger within the epicenter of it, swirls and ripples began to disperse through the water. “Your aura is when you put this mana into application as you did before. Everyone has a different pattern and signature. As such, these ripples do not all look the same.”Bookmark here

“As such, I cannot explain to you the feeling required to release your aura, but you may perhaps be able to visualize and remember what it was you felt all those times you utilized magic without knowing.”Bookmark here

“Instead of releasing your aura like before. You should visualize something similar to this.” The ripples completely stopped and Lusha dipped just one finger into the pool. So lightly was the touch, that one single wave pulsed through the water.Bookmark here

“Y-yes, Teacher.”Bookmark here

Rinn thought back hard on the night that she was fighting with the vine. “What was I thinking of back then… the feeling of…”Bookmark here

Suddenly the thought occurred to her. Whenever her ability was utilized, there was always one condition. Even to this day she avoided touching people. Even in the case of people like Lusha, she always hated the ability. She always hated to touch people, and she always hated the sadness that encompassed her. Yet, that was the feeling most familiar whenever she had utilized magic.Bookmark here

She bit her lip and felt the blood draw from it. “Lusha... can you… grab my arm?”Bookmark here

The more she can perceptualize this impetus, the more she could truly get a grasp on her mana. “Hm?” This wasn’t quite what she was expecting the answer to be, but it should not have come as a surprise to her. Lusha nodded. Since she was still under the effects of her ability, there should be no harm done should they touch again.Bookmark here

There it was. This pool that she was to perceptualize. It was not voluminous at all, but Rinn could feel the familiar sensation that had always plagued her. Even deeper than before,she was very much aware of her ability to utilize her magic. However, if she were to truly want to fight on her own, she would need to learn this ability without the use of others. One cannot simply latch onto everyone else around them all of the time. Bookmark here

She released her aura, just very lightly dipping into her reserves. It was different in her mind. Perhaps like being surrounded by a wave of negativity in all directions. With everything around her, the only way to truly grasp onto her mana was to find her own emotions.- The ones that truly were hers and not influenced by anything else. Once you find that, you simply need to release it.Bookmark here

The sea of chaos that encompassed her internally, quickly got overtaken by her own true nature. Even if only for a second. A burst of energy left her body in a pulse, spreading throughout the entire forest without interruption. Bookmark here

It was an odd sensation. Every time the small wave expanded and went around any solid objects, she was then aware of its shape, size, and even mana- telling the difference between living and inorganic materials. Bookmark here

As the waves washed over everything within a couple hundred meters, she noticed the houses and villages, it fed her images of the trees and soon she could even see the people within their houses. Their sizes range from infants to adults, women to men. It felt almost as if she was spying. She could see exactly what they were doing, and more importantly…- she could see their… “Wait… what…” Bookmark here

Lusha placed a hand on her head. “So you’ve done it then. Good work, Rinn.”Bookmark here

“What… does this mean… those people… they’re all..”Bookmark here

“Inorganic?” Lusha interrupted. “I had thought that you’d say that. Though you should have a greater perception ability. It is even stranger that while non-living, they still possess emotion.”Bookmark here

“Though… even I wonder about that.”Bookmark here

“The other group of adventurers that arrived here, are they also dead?”Bookmark here

Rinn shook her head. “Though it’s strange…. They’re all acting… like they’re alive?”Bookmark here

“What was the other thing you noticed?” Lusha quizzed her. There should have been one more glaring detail about the whole ordeal. She was proud of Rinn for finding out the first part of it, but the easiest information, it seems she left out.Bookmark here

“How far were you able to stretch your mana before losing connection with it?”Bookmark here

“Erm…. maybe… just a couple- 100 meters?” Bookmark here

“That should be good enough. What else did you detect?”Bookmark here

She took the moment to think. “N-nothing?” Bookmark here

Lusha slapped the back of her head. “That should have been what you noticed first. Though still,I am intrigued by what you have discovered.”Bookmark here

“Hm? You mean… you didn’t know?”Bookmark here

“Not at all. This may be a basic move, but your proficiency in it is a lot higher than I can attain.”Bookmark here

“This detection ability, it usually cannot be used to locate and detect those who are not blaring their aura. Thus, it is utterly useless outside of combat. But I figured with your natural heightened perception, you should have a pretty good edge with it.”Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

“I actually cannot use this skill that well. I can only use it to detect motion or heightened aura. Nothing else. Those like you, who fall under the sensory branch, can do a lot more with it than I.” She shrugged and walked away from the dumbfounded Rinn. “Besides, I would have no use for such an ability.” Bookmark here

Lusha stopped to turn around and check on the still frozen Rinn. Bookmark here

“You mean… I can actually learn something from someone as great as you…- something you can’t even do?”Bookmark here

“Oi. Are you coming?”Bookmark here

She quickly snapped out of her train of thought. “Ah- yes! Where to?”Bookmark here

“Well, if even the forests are devoid of life. The ones responsible will be the only living beings in this town of course. You can point them out to me.”Bookmark here

Rinn hurriedly caught up to her as they headed back to the village. Bookmark here

There was certainly something very wrong with the whole situation. An entire forest devoid of lfe, and a town riddled with corpses. It wasn’t necromancy. It was more akin to puppetry. The odd part about it however, is that the bodies were capable of moving without any mana being supplemented. Bookmark here

“Who would expend so much trouble to create a village like this and why? What would be the reason for drawing in adventurers?” Bookmark here

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