Chapter 58:

Appendix: Lore of Ethos

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Seasons of Ethos:Bookmark here

There are 360 days in a year. There are 12 months with 30 days each. Each month consists of 5 weeks with 6 days per week. Each day is 24 hours. The 12 months start with "1st Darkness" and end with "2nd Light".Bookmark here

1st Darkness: 8 hours of light only.Bookmark here

2nd Darkness: 4 hours of light only. Very dangerous months; high crime rates and depression during these times. Staying indoors is recommended. A bit cold.Bookmark here

1st Flame: hot weather (75 F).Bookmark here

2nd Flame: really hot weather (100 F). Flame mana restores light during these months. People can die from heat stroke. Volcanoes might erupt. Drought.Bookmark here

1st Water: rains a little.Bookmark here

2nd Water: rains a lot. Water cools people off but rivers tend to flood during this time. Tides can erode coastal areas.Bookmark here

1st Forest: harvest.Bookmark here

2nd Forest: really good harvest. Some areas experience earthquakes. A bit warm.Bookmark here

1st Wind: windy.Bookmark here

2nd Wind: very windy. Dangerous; hurricanes and tornadoes can occur. Slightly chilly.Bookmark here

1st Light: 16 hours of light.Bookmark here

2nd Light: 20 hours of light. Good vacation months. Hard for some to fall asleep. A bit warm.Bookmark here

Languages of Ethos:Bookmark here

Thorian: The common tongue of Western Ethos. It is generally learned as a 2nd language in Eastern Ethos.Bookmark here

Karsi: The main language of Minas, but also spoken in West Valis by the elite.Bookmark here

Aegean: Main language of Gaea. Very common in Aegis and Brywood. Spoken by the elite in East Valis. Can be found in parts of Shima as well.Bookmark here

Zalar: Main language of Ramah indigenous people. It is very difficult to learn.Bookmark here

Siril: Main language of Charon. Bookmark here

Old Siril: Some of the scholars and elite in Charon can speak this ancient variant. Only useful for ancient texts.Bookmark here

Kingdoms of Ethos: Bookmark here

Shima (located in the northwest). This kingdom has hard-working individuals that focus on manual labor, logging, and mining. Fishing is popular too. Technology is not very advanced. Chakra Castle was the old capital and it got moved to Balassar after the war. Lake Balassar is a popular tourist spot with many visitors every year. Shima's landscape is mostly plains and forests. The sea of traitors is to the east, famous for having criminals thrown off board ships. The southernmost region in Shima is called the Lavender Valley. To the north of Shima is the Kildar mountain range that is covered in ice. People either own land or work the land. It is a feudal society with many poor and few wealthy. It is a quiet land with plenty of space and a low population density.Bookmark here

Shima Kingdom founded in the year 876. Total Population: 560,000. 6% Demi-human. Total Land: 280,000 sq.miles. Capital city is Balassar with a population of 100,000 people. The natives are mostly olive-skinned.Bookmark here

New Karsi (located in the west) is an ancient magical city within the Azure Plains, surrounded by Shima, Minas, and West Valis. The city sprung up 3 years ago after some ruins were discovered in the area. Adventurers come to hunt for gold and forgotten relics of the past. Some are archaeologists and scholars but most are looking for gold and precious gems. A town where it's every man for himself. Most are very poor. Original Karsi kingdom existed from 277 to 481. New Karsi founded in the year 988. Total Population: 25,000. 1% Demi-human.Bookmark here

East Valis (located in north central Ethos). Covered by mountains, but still has plenty of inhabitable land. Both West and East Valis have a strong military and relatively decent level of technology.. However, the war has caused the countries to weaken. The capital is now in the Golden City; this gives the government access to many ancient texts. East Valis values scholarly activity, magic, and the Shining Light religion. A high level of technology and architectural innovation can be found in the Golden City. Has a famous Magic academy known for producing many famous mages. East Valians generally have an arrogant and proud attitude (especially those from the capital). There are many old families of nobility. The capital is crowded with the poor as is common for large cities in Ethos.Bookmark here

Original Valis Kingdom founded in the year 926. Total Population: 2.8 million. 5% Demi-human. Total Land (includes uninhabitable mountainous regions): 625,000 sq.miles. Capital is Golden City with a population of 325,000 people. The people in the west are usually olive-skinned and those in the east are fair-skinned.Bookmark here

Gaea (Located in central Ethos) Surrounded by sea on the east, jungles to the south, and mountains to the west. Gaea is a very diverse land. Gaea is a powerful empire but is currently occupied with fighting jungle tribes in the south. The capital is in the "Fire Keep" to the west; the Elemental Ruby is held there. Gaea possesses a longer reigning dynasty than the western kingdoms. Social class is very important in Gaea; more so than in the west. Very high level of industry, magic, architecture, and the arts, since it is an older country it has had time to develop its civilization very well. There are multiple magic schools and military academies. Tourism is a growing industry as well.Bookmark here

Gaea Kingdom founded in the year 672. Total Population: 4.5 million. 7% Demi-human. Total Land: 500,000 sq.mi. The capital is Fire Keep with a population of 480,000 people. The natives are fair-skinned.Bookmark here

Charon (Located in south-central Ethos). Has a diverse topography. Mountains and plains in the west. The Graylands are to the south and the island of Gamma is to the east. The Nyr lands are the easternmost border. The sea of Alon is to the north. The western lands have been neglected for most of the Gamma dynasty's rule. Gamma has stayed out of wars which is why it has survived so long. Gamma has access to some of the oldest texts available. High level of technology and civilization, especially on Gamma Island where the capital is located. Social status and lineage is very important.Bookmark here

Charon Kingdom founded in the year 104 by the Gamma dynasty. Total Population: 6.5 million. 7% Demi-human. Total Land: 640,000 sq.miles. Capital city is Gamma with a population of 900,000 people. The natives of Gamma have fair skin.Bookmark here

Ramah (easternmost kingdom). It is a small country where many wealthy families live. The Blade desert is to the North, the Whitecrown mountains are to the South, and the Elm river is to the west. The eastern border is blocked by Ethos Falls, otherwise known as the edge of the world. It is a popular tourist spot for the very adventurous. Samara is the capital. Not a lot of industry; the economy is based mostly on tourism. It is a land for people to retire and for the wealthy to visit. The military force is relatively minuscule. Ramah is a very peaceful country due to its location far to the east.Bookmark here

Ramah Kingdom founded in the year 526. Total Population: 600,000. 6% Demi-human. Total Land: 100,000 sq.mi. The capital city is Samara with a population of 35,000 people. The natives are olive-skinned.Bookmark here

Demi-humans of Ethos: Bookmark here

Fang (silver fur and wolf-like). 7 feet tall on average. Fights with claws. Can use regular weapons as well. They are generally not very intelligent and are easily tricked. Possess little technology of their own. Few can speak Thorian (the common tongue). Fang and Neko can both speak Baal, a language from the shadow realm. Can be very violent if provoked. They prefer to be left alone. Life expectancy: 120 years.Bookmark here

Neko (large black cat). 6.5 feet tall on average. Fights with claws, but can use regular weapons. Average intellect. They have a rivalry with the Fang and play pranks on them. Most have no trouble learning Thorian and can converse with humans. Can forge their own weapons which they later sell to the Fang and sometimes humans. Hate the water. They are a clever species and are good at sensing danger and resolving problems with humans. Can be sneaky; make good merchants. Their native tongue is Baal, which the Fang speak as well. Life expectancy: 110 years.Bookmark here

Kali (human-like, have blue-green scales, and webbed hands and feet). 6 feet tall on average. Can breathe and swim underwater. Most can swim 1 mile below sea level. Stronger than the average human. Prefers tridents, spears, and javelins as weapons. Low level of technology but good at building boats which they later sell to humans. Most speak Thorian. Their native tongue is Kalian. Kali are commonly found near port cities and anywhere near the sea. These "land-dwelling Kali" are friendlier to humans and generally have a better reputation. The Kali that live on the islands in the sea are bulkier, stronger, swim better and are generally wary of humans. They are the "Kali of the Great Sea" and they will attack trespassing humans. Life expectancy: 140 years.Bookmark here

Kildar (human-like and have white wings). 6 feet tall on average. They can fly short distances, have good longevity, and are proficient with magic. Kildar are great archers as well. They are not technologically advanced due to their reclusive lifestyle. The Kildar secluded themselves in the mountains so few ever learned Thorian. They speak their own Kildarian language. Very wary of outsiders and often have an arrogant attitude. The Kildar in the far north are more physically developed, have weaker magic, and a bluish tint to their wings. Life expectancy: 160 years.Bookmark here

Elm (tree-like, strong, but slow). 9 feet tall on average. Very hard to damage. Skin is like stone. Not easily tired and possess high endurance. Prefers to live in forests or mountains. Just a simple punch is already a powerful attack. They are smarter than they look. They actually have a good understanding of world history, partially due to their longevity. They can read and speak Thorian as well as their own native tongue of Elmic. They can speak telepathically (up to 25 miles away in some cases) and communicate with anyone regardless of language barriers. The Aegis Elm are light-brown and generally a very kind and peaceful people. The Nihil Alliance Elm are leaner and dark-brown. The Elm in the Forsaken and Gray Lands tend to have a grayer appearance and are known as Gray Elm. These can be a bit more wild and dangerous. Life expectancy: 200 years.Bookmark here

Demographics of Ethos:Bookmark here

Human: 17.5 million (79.6%)Bookmark here

Neko: 1.5 million (6.8%)Bookmark here

Fang: 1.2 million (5.4%)Bookmark here

Kali: 1.15 million (5.2%)Bookmark here

Elm: 600,000 (2.7%)Bookmark here

Kildar: 50,000 (0.2%)Bookmark here

Ethorian Measurements:Bookmark here

Hex: 25 miles in length.Bookmark here

Penta: ¼ mile.Bookmark here

Skar: 12 feetBookmark here

Tria: 1.5 feetBookmark here

Lia: 1.5 inchesBookmark here

Dot: 4 mmBookmark here

Main Character StatisticsBookmark here

Lita: Age: 37, height: 5'7, weight: 118 lbs.Bookmark here

Will: Age: 18, height: 6'2, weight: 204 lbs.Bookmark here

Dart: Age: 19, height: 5'6, weight: 122 lbs.Bookmark here

Ordalia: Age: 27, height: 5'5, weight: 115 lbs.Bookmark here

Gin: Age: 212, height: 6'5, weight: 255 lbs.Bookmark here

Beowulf: Age: 32, height: 6'0, weight: 247 lbs.Bookmark here

Miri: Age: 19, height: 5'3, weight: 135 lbs.Bookmark here

Amalia: Age: 15, height: 5'4, weight: 107 lbs.Bookmark here

Sinister Man: Age: 30(?), height: 5'11, weight: 208 lbs.Bookmark here

Other Character StatisticsBookmark here

Paul: Age: 25, height: 6'0, weight: 170 lbs.Bookmark here

Jill: Age: 23, height: 5'1, weight: 105 lbs.Bookmark here

Addas: Age: 24, height: 6'2, weight: 210 lbs.Bookmark here

Nia: Age: 18, height: 5'4, weight: 120 lbs.Bookmark here

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