Chapter 1:

Did I Somehow Reincarnate?

Second Chance At Life

This room isn’t mine.

My name isn’t Archie.

Nor do I recall this woman’s face at all.

To be frank, I have no clue where I am.

The room looks worn down, unglazed windows, and the bed feels uncomfortable.

“Get up, Archie! The Knights of Valera are on their way. Pack all the essentials you need, and be ready when they arrive.”

She gives me the tightest hug, leaving no room for me to breathe.

“I can’t believe my son is making a huge step in his life.”

Then she claps loudly to catch my attention.

“Now, we have to use our time wisely. We wouldn’t want to give the knights a bad impression, would we?”

It is best I do what she says.

Maybe there are answers I'll find if I continue this unknown life.

I explore the limited house.

It's hardly a house, two rooms, a table, and a food storage.

No bathroom?

It's like I traveled back to the past where toilets were not invented.

Can this be a second chance for me?

I use one of the knives as a mirror.

Though the space is limited, it does the job well.

This face doesn’t belong to me.

The more I stare into my reflection, remnants of an old life slowly return to me like a bucket of water splashed upon my face.

The sound of the firearm clicks into my ears.

I reminisce about the horrors, screaming, and the violence accumulating.

“Archie, are you ready?”

“I am!”

There isn’t much to pack.

I only grabbed the essentials.

Clothes. And more clothes.

Horses neighing loudly catch my attention.

It must be those knights my mother mentioned.

I exit the house to see three armored knights on their horses.

The nearby villagers leave their straw house, all of them lay their eyes on me.

One of them rests their horse as they approach me.

“Archie Hamon, by King Xirgrias’ orders, your magick is among the highest in Erfonis Village. Thus, you are to be escorted to Valera where you’ll be trained to be one of the Valeran Knights.”

All of this sounds like an RPG game.

The female knight lends her hand to me, and I accept it.

“Goodbye, son! I’ll be writing you letters, and please come back as our hero!”

The villagers seem to praise me.

They cry harshly in excitement, waving their arms to my farewell journey.

What awaits me I do not know.

But I can come up with a conclusion…

I have been revived to another world.

Perhaps to a heavenly realm, or a hellish paradise…

The unwavering questions will surely be answered.

Joe Gold