Chapter 0:

Prologue : Ether

Why is the Hitman in-love..?

"They say "The Demise".. moves as fast as lightning.. as powerful as a Lion.. you won't even feel that you got hit by him.." the Thugs are telling a story about a person.. a special person.. ,Bookmark here

T: "Hey.. Hey.. see that guy..? he looks easy.. maybe he's got dough.. He looks like a business man" the thug whispers to the other thugs,
T: "Lets.. go.." he whispers
T: "HEY BOY!!" he pauses "HEY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?" the thug grabs his hood pulling it off.. "OH.. Oh.. No.. Sorry.. Sorry boss.." the thug lets go immediately raising his hands and backing off.. Bookmark here

T: "Hey.. Boss.. What happened to your arm..? Do you need help? why is it bleeding?"

Demise: "I'd rather worry for yourself more" 
He walks away, as the Thug's vision became blurry and the other thugs trembling in fear as they can see a hole punctured through the Thug.Bookmark here

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

T--- : "ETHER.." "ETHER!!" "HEY ETHER!" someone taps Ether back from behind,
Bookmark here

Ether: "Uh.. Hey?" he says as he puts down his headphones to his shoulders, "Soo..? What do you want?" he says in a annoyed tone,
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T--- : "How long are you gonna keep this "Demise" business up..?" "Like seriously.. you can get in serious trouble.." he says in a worried manner,

Ether: "Well.. you see.. Theodore.. This.. This job.. give me lots of money.. and y'know I am a sucker for money.." he shrugs and replies to TheodoreBookmark here

Theodore: "WELLL.. YOU SEE.. MR.DEMISE.. THIS JOB YOU ARE SAYING MIGHT END UP KILLING YOU.." Theodore says in a angry tone,

Ether: "Ughh... seriously.. I'm a good fighter trust me.." "heh..", Ether pats Theodore on the back while Ether scoffs while having a smug smile on his face.

Theodore: "Alright.. alright.. just watch your back.. " Theodore says in a tired manner,Bookmark here

### Ring, Ring, Ring, .. His phone ringsBookmark here

Ether picks up,

Ether : "Who this?" he says in a quick manner,

Boss: "Hey.. Sonny boy, you are 16 right?" he says,

Ether : "Yes.. I am 16" he replies,

Boss: "Alright, I've got a task for you.. Trust me.. It's a win-win situation, Y'know that good school you've been talking about..?" he said in a calm tone,

Ether: "Yeah, of course!"

Boss: "Well.. I will transfer you to that school, BUT you will need to terminate someone for me.."

Ether: "Yeah sure? Who?" he answers rapidly,

Boss: "Ahh.. Ether always straight to the point.." "Alright.. I want you.. to terminate Alicia Izumi" 

Ether: "That's a.. That's a foreign name.." he says in a curious tone,

Boss: "Yours is unique too" "Enough dilly dallying" "Off to the School now"Bookmark here

Ether: "Alright, Alright boss.." he says in a determined tone,
He puts it down, 

Ether: "Ichiban School... HERE I COME!!" he screams loud,

Theodore: "CAN YOU TONE IT DOWN?!" he screams at Ether, 


End of PrologueBookmark here

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