Chapter 3:

The Wind and Its Intensty

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

“Ando- sama, how long are we going to watch here?” Ando’s bodyguard asked. “If you get bored, you can go, Muzaki-san,” Ando answered without taking his eyes from the door.” Then “So I would not take attention with a huge guy like you,” he added.

As soon as Ando saw who entered the restaurant, he suddenly bended his man’s head down. He wished he didn’t be seen behind those mobile food stand in this crowded restaurant.

“Wow!” one of Eita’s bodyguards said excitingly. “It’s past ten p.m. already but look at that crown!” he added. Eita looked around calmly. His eyes were looking for the owner of the place. A man who past sixty years old already came and saluted him by pressing his cooker cap in front of his chest. “Welcome to our unpretending place, Fumikaze-sama!” he said.

Eita could see stress on him clearly. He hoped he could reduce that stress by preventing him to bend over in front of him but he sensed he failed.

Ando sensed the stress in the place as he could see. The costumers who finished and were about to finish their meals began to leave the restaurant. His look slid to Eita. Eita was wearing a suit just like his bodyguards. But his jacket was open and his white shirt was messy. Ando watched him while he was looking around the place by touching his nape. He saw Eita was not letting the owner to bend over in front of him. “How can he be successful at looking good in that messy clothes?” he thought himself.

Eita sighed and turned to the owner again. “I won’t take your time so much, Humaki-san,” he said. The owner invited him one of upper stories by bending over again. Eita thought he and his men took attention. He didn’t want to disturb people so he decided to send one of his men to outside. He took other one and went up to stairs.

Ando waited Eita’s bodyguard to go out by holding his cap tight. He thought how he could go upstairs without being seen. As soon as he attempted to go Muzaki hold his arm and, “Are you crazy, Ando-sama?” he asked. Ando got rid of that hand and, “No. Let’s think I will learn something from a senpai,” he said and left there.

He crushed a waiter who carried dirty plates knowingly and he made his clothes dirty. He accepted the apologize of waiter and he asked a place for cleaning himself. The waiter recommended him to go upstairs by bringing a clean towel.

Ando looked around first floor quickly. His hostile was not there. Then he went up one more story carefully. He passed upon the ribbon which said “staff only” and headed to place where voices came. He felt he was so lucky that there was nobody around. However, he was planning to give his dirty clothes as an excuse if someone saw him there. He barged in one of empty rooms which one of the walls was from matted glass between the other room. He gave an ear to walls.

Eita didn’t talk until Humaki-san finished to serve traditional tea for him. He was leaning on a table with his elbow. He never liked to deal with old crafts. He tried to surpass his respect to elders. He closed his eyes and, “I had to come to you in person since you didn’t give a sensible explain to my men. So, I will broach to subject directly,” he said. When he opened his eyes, he saw the old man was bowed and scraped. He couldn’t stop his respect and, “Sit down, please,” he added.

Humaki sat on a chair timidly. Ando refrain himself to laugh. “I came here to learn something from a cruel young master but he is just a respectful kitten,” he thought. But when Ando heard Eita’s serious voice tone, he startled.

“Let me start from the beginning. You came to Tokyo from your hometown after you sold your place there. One of your daughters is ill and she has to be treated in Tokyo. Besides you were such a good citizen that you gave scholarship for a few students. Even though this big and busy restaurant has been working for only two months, it’s enough to pay your hospital bills and expenses,” Eita explained.

Humaki bended his head and, “As expected from Fumikaze-sama, you know a lot of things,” he answered.

“However, the region where you have chosen to open a restaurant, is a junction between three mafia groups. I guess your head has been hurting by people like us,” Eita continued to talk. This time the owner was listening to him without talking.

“The police can’t protect you in this city completely. You’re aware of that, right?” Eita asked.

Humaki nodded as if he wanted to correct Eita.

“You’re aware that others won’t behave nicely you as I do, aren’t you?” Eita asked again.

Humaki nodded again. Eita asked his last question carefully.

“Is your answer still, no?”

This time Humaki nodded with scare by showing that scare on his face. Eita leaned on the table again. He was looking at Humaki calmly. “What if I wanted the half of the tribute which they wanted from you and I promised I would protect you from whatever they threatened you? Would your decision be still same?” Eita asked.

Eita’s bodyguard got surprised to that offer. And Ando couldn’t believe his ears. Humaki couldn’t nod his head this time. He bended his head. Eita realized that Humaki’s eyes were full of tears. He wondered what they had threatened him with and made him scared than he did. At the same time, he began to get angry seriously. He guessed he could harm that old man and he thought he should leave there.

Eita got up and, “Then, excuse us,” he said. While he was leaving the room, “I hope you won’t get in a trouble, Humaki-san,” he added. Even though he said that as a threaten, he wished that he would be safe in his heart.

Eita lit his cigarette right in front of the restaurant. He called one of his bodyguards. "Yes, sir!” he answered. Eita looked around for a while then, “Put two disguised men around here. If there will be an incident about the restaurant, they will inform us immediately,” Eita ordered.

Eita saw two women who stood under a lamppost on the right main road. They were looking for customers as prostitutes. They didn’t belong to his region. He watched how one of them was flirting with a customer for a while. After the costumer grasp the woman’s back, suddenly that woman turned to another person in Eita’s eyes, to a beautiful yakuza boss who alleged that he played role as a gigolo and slept with other men. Eita imagined that beautiful face flirted and caught costumer. Eita’s eye sight went dark.

Everything happened suddenly. He saw himself he was between that man and prostitute when he gathered to himself. He noticed he put out his cigarette on the lamppost. Both of them was looking at Eita terrifyingly. They left there when they saw Eita’s scary face.

One of bodyguards came closer and tried to get what happened. “Please do not make a scene in another group’s region, Eita-sama!” he said. Eita suddenly looked at him with that scary face. The bodyguard regretted to say that and he thought Eita would punch him.

Eita came to himself after a while. He apologized to his bodyguard for making him scared. When another bodyguard saw their boss was alright, “You made us worry, Eita-sama. I couldn't understand how you went there. You were looking at as if someone was stealing something from you,” he said. He thought he made a good joke. But Eita realized that was not joke for him. He really thought something was taking away from him. He got surprised he felt like that. “Leave me alone,” he said and lost in the street.

Ando could get himself out of the restaurant lately. He searched for Eita by looking around right and left. Since he had to get out secretly, he lost time and couldn’t see what happened before. Then Ando saw Eita’s bodyguards while they were looking at somewhere. He guessed Eita went there. He skipped his own bodyguard and he chased after him. After he took approximately 300 meters, he saw Eita.

Eita was walking slowly and thoughtfully. Since Ando couldn’t Eita’s face, he couldn’t guess his psychology. He followed him for a while without getting closer.

Eita finally could calm himself down after he walked about one kilometer. He suddenly stopped at the road and lifted his head up. He took a deep breath and he began to think. He had been meeting with Young Sakurai for three weeks. Even though he had not been seeing him since he met with in the campus, he was always watching him.

At first, he thought he wondered Ando because he thought he was an interesting yakuza. Now he began to believe he had been watching him because of something else. He thought Young Sakurai was the most beautiful thing in the world. But that the most beautiful thing was asserting that he could play role as a gigolo and could sleep with other men just because he wanted to save his family. Imagining that was even for his going crazy so he stopped there. Then he startled to a woman calling.

“Isn’t this Eita-sama? What a surprise!” woman said. Other women greeted him with cheerful screams. Then Eita realized that he was in front of the biggest bar in his region. Those women were hostesses of that bar. Eita sometimes used to come this bar when everything was alright with his men for fun. Sometimes those girls used to serve him differently than other costumers got. While he was chatting with them, an idea came up his mind. Tonight, he was going to prove that he was still the same. Two girls hold him hands and took him inside.

Ando was watching what was happening. After Eita went in the bar, he waited for a while. He thought that a yakuza did his job and then he took himself to his women. Ando couldn’t understand why he was so disappointed about it. In the end Fumikaze Eita was a man, too. Ando crouched down by slipping where he leaned on. He was still looking at the door which Eita went in. He couldn’t get why he was depressed. Then he looked at his watch. It was late and he had to go home. He stood up and returned to road.

After a half an hour, Eita left the bar. There was nobody around. He puffed and kicked the can next to him. At first everything was going alright. He had been drunk and he had started to kiss the girl from her neck. He had been about to do more but suddenly he had smelled the perfume with sakura aroma. And he lost all interest for that girl. Because that smell reminded him the most beautiful thing who he saw under the sakura trees.

That issue was not joking. He had to decide. He was going to get rid of those emotions or he was going to run to them. He looked at the can which he toppled for a while. Then he called his men with his phone to take him from there.