Chapter 50:

Chapter 46: The Song of Terror

The Immortal Witch's Death Wish

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“Think….. Think… it wasn’t Ozun.” That was her first hypothesis. It would make sense entirely. However, now that that ship had sailed, there were only a few other options left. Her brain scattered as she walked herself through the timeline of events. Bookmark here

Gagan had arrived in this village once departing from Godon. The following day, the two brothers disappear. Then there was the appearance of the bandits and lord Ozun’s change of character. Yet, it is now known that he was perhaps already under the influence of the orchestrator by this time.Bookmark here

Thus, all events occurring after can be disregarded. The only ones that mattered were the bandits which are no longer prevalent, and the missing children. “So… something must have happened during Gagan’s arrival, and the disappearance of both of Ozun’s children.”Bookmark here

Suddenly she remembered something. “That’s right… they haven’t disappeared though. She wasn’t aware of the location of the second child, but she recalled when she had detected the presence of the lingering child within the halls. The green eyed brat. “I’ll check the manor. If he’s not missing, then perhaps the other one isn’t either.”Bookmark here

Lusha took flight, leaving behind the mass of destruction she had just caused. It was not like anyone was going to leave their houses any time soon. She entered through the hole in the wall far above the village. From there she could see all the details of the fight. This was clearly the dining hall. Yet the table was embedded into the wall and the two marble stems connecting to the floor were now simple stumps. Bookmark here

Rock and gravel littered the hall. With the smell of ash still thick in the air, it was easy to see it was definitely no easy battle. Yet another disappointment. She had hoped that the diamond rank adventurers were of higher capability than that. Of course, she did utilize a pinnacle skill. Though if her patience had allowed for it, she could have finished the earlier fight in a variety of ways.Bookmark here

She stretched herself out and began to wander down the halls of the estate. Incidentally, she had already caught wind of where Lord Ozun’s room would be. They were at the most prevalent wing of the estate. An aerial view of the building reveals several huge rooms, but others build with various intricate arches and designs. Should he be the self-grandiose man that she thinks he is, he would claim the largest, most high-end room for himself.Bookmark here

As the doors swung open, it was just as she had suspected. A room made for a miniature king. Gold embroidered the walls and dotted each line of walls with rivillin stones. The yellow shine off of the gold reflected tiny specks of light from the stones, giving the appearance of stars on a clear night. Bookmark here

A giant king sized bed with pillars on all four corners sat at the bed of the room. The velvet carpet could be felt shrinking under her feet with each step. Pristine paintings dotted the room in strategically symmetrical locations. Bookmark here

Lusha’s eyes scanned the room before finally settling on a work desk. It was clearly a study that was made for practice. Thousands of papers scattered the desk as if the person that was here left in a mess. She quietly observed the contents, reading all the details listed, there was nothing of importance or nothing of note.Bookmark here

Ledgers, ledgers, ledgers, tax documents, population size, housing construct plans, market-place orders, payment files. So far there was nothing that could help her conclude what was going on.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the doorway behind her. Tall and slender, standing up as tight as humanly possible. “Are you finding the young master’s studies to your liking, lady?”Bookmark here

Lusha’s eyes turned over to meet his. She was rather impressed that the man managed to surprise her. While she was distracted by the writings and ledgers, the man was also too silent to detect. He had feet that were as lightweight as a cat’s- no, lighter.Bookmark here

“Rinn….”Bookmark here

There was no need to elaborate. Rinn was already on the response. “He’s… alive..”Bookmark here

Lusha observed the man’s face. His usual neutral expression was no longer. Instead, he harbored a pained expression. The lines around his mouth crinkled as he attempted to hide his pain.Bookmark here

“Y-you… you managed to kill… Ozun?”Bookmark here

Lusha prepared a small fireball spell. It was elementary, but it was all she’d need to finish him off should he become hostile. Instead the man took no notice of the conjured flame. He stood there in disbelief that the lord Ozun had finally perished.Bookmark here

Then tears began to flow. He clutched at his chest, as he lost composure. The muscles from his legs finally began to weaken and he fell over to his knees crying loudly. This was an old man, yet here he was, crying shamelessly. Lusha’s flame disappeared, determining that the man wasn’t her enemy. Bookmark here

“S-seven…. Times… seven times.” He wiped away his tears. “Seven times!! And each one could never get this far!!”Bookmark here

He placed both hands to the ground as tears continued streaming without signs of stopping. “I-- was beginning to lose hope!!” Bookmark here

“All this time…. All this time…. Not a single one could beat him.”Bookmark here

“Please…. Tell me! Promise me!!”Bookmark here

“No matter what… save our young master from this peril.”Bookmark here

“You’re the only one who even stands a chance- you must put a stop to all of this!”Bookmark here

His frantic, contorted crying turned to demands and pleas. “Save… the young master…?” An image of the little cheeky brat flashed in her head. “So there is an answer to this after-all. Explain.”Bookmark here

“Please… if you do. I will forever be indebted to you. Please!!”Bookmark here

“Explain…”Bookmark here

She asked yet again, this time a little more annoyed. The man finally calmed his breathing and between sniffs managed to get some of his words out.Bookmark here

“The young master… Zari Ozun… and his brother… they’re plagued by a demon.”Bookmark here

“A...demon?” Bookmark here

There was a small pause as she asked the question before it all came to her like an epiphany. Gagan, the brothers disappearances, the lord's strange act… and the 7 different adventurers. The pieces were now starting to fit together in their respective time-frames.Bookmark here

The one who started all of this was Gagan…- this was a problem that started all the way back in the capital city of Godon. The only conclusion was that Gagan ended up bringing whatever problems from the capital city …. To this small village. Bookmark here

His failure to complete his mission and properly finish off the opponent only spelled doom for this place.Bookmark here

“What happened… I want you to explain everything you can from the start.”Bookmark here

“It started… only 3 months ago… when Gagan had arrived in the village.”Bookmark here

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