Chapter 0:


Return of the Satan God

--When the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released.--Bookmark here

Location: "Pattwood"Bookmark here

Sedea started to talk with someone. Bookmark here

[Everywhere looks the same in this hellhole. The sky is red, the land is red. Everything in this world is just shades of red for some reason. How did this happen? Even I don't know.Bookmark here

When I was born, it was just like this. I accepted the fact that the world will never change and I'll suffer for all eternity. Even when I take a walk because I want to relax, I still fear that the "demons" will kill me. Demons are very... weird, I suppose? I think all they want is blood. Human blood specifically. They fill their bodies with human blood then give that blood to their master, "The Demon Lord". At least, that's what I heard. We still don't have any clue as to why these demons want our blood. ]SedeaBookmark here

*Meanwhile, in "DE-101"...*Bookmark here

[Is this enough, Master?] Some unknown demonBookmark here

[Still not enough... We have to collect so much more if we really want to "save the world".] Master of the DemonsBookmark here

[Yes sir, I understand. I'll collect more blood for you.] Some unknown demonBookmark here

[Brilliant.] Master of the DemonsBookmark here

And so, the demon started to fly in the forest, in search of blood.Bookmark here

While flying, he spotted a human. Then started to dive into the area.Bookmark here

With the help of his claws, he catched the human and then started eating her.Bookmark here

*Inside the forest*Bookmark here

[That's all I know for now. So, I told you everything I know. Will you help me?] SedeaBookmark here

[I'll... Try. Anyways... The Return of The Demon Lord, The Red Sky, The Demons... Everything has an explanation and has a reason as to why it happened. There's only one one explanation for all of this..!] Unknown manBookmark here

[And what is that?]SedeaBookmark here

[These, "demons". They're actually not demons. They're the worshippers of the "Satan God".] Unknown ManBookmark here

[What the hell?!] SedeaBookmark here

[1000 years ago, "Satan" created this very land... Then, he tried to destroy everything! But some unknown force stopped him. But satan promised, "I'll be back no matter what!". Could this be true..? "Satan", the god himself of this world... Did he finally come to destroy it?] Unknown ManBookmark here

[But...But..! There has to be a way to stop him, right?!] SedeaBookmark here

[Unfortunately, I don't know. I just hope you'll die soon. Because if you won't, then you'll experience things that are... Let's just say that they're "Really bad". Goodbye, Sedea.] Unknown manBookmark here

And a second later, he disappeared.Bookmark here

Sedea, frozen in shock, couldn't say a word. Did the "end"... finally come?Bookmark here

--END OF CHAPTER 0--Bookmark here

Golden Boy

Return of the Satan God

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