Chapter 8:

The right path?


“Look, I don’t need anything complicated, I need you to destroy the biggest factory down here.”Bookmark here

“And why is that?” said Ryūji.Bookmark here

“Sorry but my lips are sealed. You don’t need to know anything, the only thing you need to know is that after you finish that, you come back here and I will give you the troops. Understood?”Bookmark here

“Sure. See you in thirty minutes!”Bookmark here

“Aren’t you a bit cocky?”Bookmark here

“Perhaps. Guess we will see in thirty minutes.”Bookmark here

“Do you really think he will give us the troops?” said Hikaru.Bookmark here

“Of course not.”Bookmark here

“Then why are we doing this?”Bookmark here

“We’re already in a battle. The moment I walked up to him I challenged him. He tries to outsmart us, while we try to do the same. Now we need to realize what he is trying to do with this.”Bookmark here


“Stop screaming Daichi. He is the only one who has powers.”Bookmark here

“How would you know that?”Bookmark here

“He wouldn’t let anyone be as strong as him. He wants to be at the top, all by himself.”Bookmark here

“You deduced all that from that brief conversation? You sure are a menace.”Bookmark here

“Was that supposed to be a compliment Daichi?”Bookmark here

“What do you think?”Bookmark here

“From you? A compliment?”Bookmark here

“Fuck you!”Bookmark here

“Anyway, let’s hurry up.”Bookmark here

They got to the factory in about 10 minutes.Bookmark here

“We got here in record time. Now we just need to destroy this in 10 more minutes. Are you ready?”Bookmark here

“Does it really matter? I will open the front gates as a distraction so you can enter from the back.”Bookmark here

“Of course, Daichi. Sorry, I mean boss.”Bookmark here

“Very funny. Go already!”Bookmark here

As Daichi opened the front doors where drones come to pick up materials, the other four entered through the open windows. As the guards were confused, they took them down before they could have realized. All the workers started panicking.Bookmark here

“Please stay calm! We are the terrorists who started a war against the dome. We came here to liberate you. I’m the leader and I promise you, you can go home safe. They will pin it all on us.”Bookmark here

One of the workers looked at Ryūji with hate in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Why must you ruin everything now?”Bookmark here

“Please stop! They will kill us!”Bookmark here

“What is that supposed to mean?”Bookmark here

“They finally stopped abusing us. Even if we were considered inferior they stopped beating and spitting on us, but now you started causing trouble. They doubt us and treat us like shit once again, sometimes even kill us. For what?”Bookmark here

“For what? Is that even a question? Don’t you want to be free? Don’t you want to have control over your own life?”Bookmark here

“Of course I do, but you won’t win. You can’t battle an entire country. You will just make it all worse.”Bookmark here

‘In that moment I saw Ryūji’s eyes turn blank, no hope, no determination, only disappointment and resentment.’Bookmark here

“I didn’t start all this just to lose. Now get out of here or I will detonate this factory with you in it!”Bookmark here

Even doe they didn’t want too, they left in fear.Bookmark here

“That could have turned out wrong.”Bookmark here

“It could have, but my bluff worked didn’t it, Hikaru?” said with the same disappointed eyes.Bookmark here

“Can you and Shō tear down this place by yourselves?”Bookmark here

“S… sure.”Bookmark here

Shō and Hikaru managed to make something explode inside the factory. As they were going back through the sewers Ryūji started walking slower and slower, looking down at the ground. Hikaru saw that so he stopped to talk to him.Bookmark here

“I couldn’t believe my eyes.”Bookmark here

“What are you talking about?”Bookmark here

“The man who provoked the mafia boss without a shred of fear in his heart was brought down by a worker. Why?”Bookmark here

“I didn’t start this fight all for myself. I want to build a community. One I can trust to evolve in a good way after I die. I don’t want this to happen ever again. When you see people who aren’t willing to fight for a better future, you start to question if they are worth fighting for.”Bookmark here

“I think I understand. You sacrifice everything for people that might not want it, but sacrifice was never about that. You do it for a better future, even if they don’t see it, it will be better for them. Isn’t that enough?”Bookmark here

The beginning of a smile appeared on Ryūji’s face.Bookmark here

“I guess that’s why I started all of this. You sure have a way with words Hikaru. Thank you, I can’t waste any time now. We are about to fight our mightiest foe.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. We count on your plan boss.” As he said that Hikaru fist bumped his shoulder.Bookmark here

As Hikaru got further away, Ryūji whispered something that nobody heard.Bookmark here

“Thank you!”Bookmark here

It took them about 20 minutes to get back.Bookmark here

“Impressive. I thought you were just bluffing but you almost did it in time.”Bookmark here

“Had a problem I didn’t expect to be there. Anyway, why are you here all alone?”Bookmark here

“I will answer if you respond to my question? How can you call yourself the leader when you are the weakest?”Bookmark here

“I asked the question first.”Bookmark here

“I’m alone here because they would only be in my way.”Bookmark here

Not even a second passed after that and Taichi gut punched Ryūji. He fell on one knee.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry! I held back.”Bookmark here

“Why did you do this?” asked Koji.Bookmark here

“Why? I need something from you, and I don’t feel like giving something back.”Bookmark here

“Of course. People are selfish and would do anything to achieve their goals. They don’t care who they crush in the way.”Bookmark here

‘I never saw any emotion on Koji’s face, but now it was brimming with rage.’Bookmark here

Lightning started shooting everywhere around Koji, as the expression on Taichi’s face changed from confused to intrigued Koji started running towards him and from his palm a shield started to be conjured. Once again the expression on Taichi’s face changed, this time he seemed disappointed. He waited for Koji to be close enough and he touched his shield, throwing him in the wall behind him.Bookmark here

“That shield tickled. Who wants to try next? At least be entertaining.”Bookmark here

“You bastard. Miyu pass me a knife.”Bookmark here

"Shō, stay back!" said Daichi.Bookmark here

"Why? We need to help them!"Bookmark here

"Just listen to me you fool!"Bookmark here

Hikaru cut his palms and his shoulders, he started running towards him conjuring knifes from his shoulders and a katana from one of his palms. He launched four knifes towards him, Taichi touched them on the side and deflected three of them towards the roof. As he did that Hikaru managed to get up close and personal, trying to cut his neck off but one of his knifes returned to Taichi in time for him to deflect Hikaru’s slice. As Hikaru was off balance after the deflect Taichi touched his sword and it started to be pull back. Hikaru tried with all his might to hold on to it but it flew off anyway. Without a weapon Hikaru was punched into a wall by Taichi.Bookmark here

“Utterly useless. How are we supposed to trust him? Anyway, no time for this now. Are you awake Koji?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. What’s your plan Miyu?”Bookmark here

“Just follow my lead! Game on!”Bookmark here

“That was better but not good enough. Another try?”Bookmark here

“Hey shit head! If you take your eyes off me you won’t have them anymore!”Bookmark here

“Big words coming from a small lady.”Bookmark here

“Who are you calling small, shortie?”Bookmark here

“You are starting to get on my nerves.”Bookmark here

“Then come at me, big man!”Bookmark here

Miyu threw 4 knifes at him.Bookmark here

“Again? It didn’t work before.”Bookmark here

He deflected three of them and one got past him.Bookmark here

“Now, is it the same?”Bookmark here

Taichi blinked and as soon as he opened his eyes Miyu disappeared. Without a moment to analyze the situation he got a knife in his shoulder.Bookmark here

“I missed. You had to move didn’t you?”Bookmark here

“Sorry I didn’t stay still when you teleported.” As he said that he tried to touch her but she teleported back. She stuck a knife in the ground.Bookmark here

“Are you ready Koji?”Bookmark here

“Of course.”Bookmark here

She touched him when he stabbed him, marking him. Miyu teleported him where the knife was and Koji trapped him within four walls made of lightning.Bookmark here

“Very good! Now were talking! Let’s start the show!”Bookmark here

Taichi touched the roof of his cage and the it started floating to the roof of the sewer, as did he mere moments later then he started floating up and then in the direction of the wall and then  he dropped to the floor. His moves seemed robotic but they were fast enough to compensate for that. Miyu didn’t leave a sign anywhere else so she tried throwing a knife but it was to late. Taichi punched her and sent her flying to the other side of the room.Bookmark here

'Goddammit, we need to run. Shō might make it but now there isn't anyone to distract him so the chances are small. I can't let it end here.' thought Daichi.Bookmark here

“That’s one of the three. I see all of you are awake, even you. Did you expect to rose up from the floor and be the triumphant hero. It’s not going to happen, because you are weak, Ryūji.”Bookmark here

Ryūji started smiling.Bookmark here

“You can say I’m weak all you want, in fact it’s true. I can’t manipulate my blood, teleport or even use electric walls, but if I give up who will stand up again. Do you hear me!? All of you rise up! Let’s bring him down and accomplish our dream!”Bookmark here

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