Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 - Promise


The metallic sound caused by what I deduce to be a garbage can hitting the wall puts me on alert.

So far I had been stunned by Angela's words, but when I hear that metallic sound I unconsciously push her away from me.

Pushing her away from the front, I peek through the broken window through which the silver creature had escaped in broad daylight.

From my perspective I notice a girl dressed in a red buso, with a ponytail as a hairstyle, hiding next to the guard booth near door number 4.

A barred door that is never opened for unknown reasons, I remember once trying to get out through there but the guards were so exalted, they forced me to turn around and go back to the main entrance.

The cabin is small, with room for only one person, mustard colored walls, dark windows and an antique telephone located in one of the blue doors.

That girl was hiding near the booth, sitting and leaning against the brick wall, with her limbs wrapped tightly around her body, just enough so that no one could find her.

Angela, who a few moments ago was desperate and seemed to have established a connection with me, grabbed my hand, it was cold and clenched very tightly.

I watched her out of the corner of my eye, her gaze said - save her, we have to help her - but her body said otherwise.

The shivers her body let out, and how her legs wanted to move and yet remain static while her lips stuttered - I can't do anything .

You could tell that deep down he intended to want to go to her aid , to shout very loudly that there was shelter up here , but the words I said to him in the middle of the day - if you want to save your friend you can't go around trying to save people - and the state of his friend had made him understand that he could do nothing but watch from a ``safe`` place for the time being .

A chair went flying through the air, more of these followed, all of them shattering into pieces of wood as they crashed into the walls of the adjoining building, which belonged to the faculty of arts.

The imposing and brutal silhouette was approaching the guardhouse.

From my position it would be very easy to see me, were it not for the darkness.

She covers her mouth to hide her agitated breathing and pulls her knees as close to her chest as possible.In the twilight, the end seems to be near for that girl and has a gray tone, the creature is close to the guardhouse, so it walks very safe and slow, moving its head from left to right to the beat of its antennas that give the image of a radar.

With one blow she breaks the wooden door of the booth, pulls out her arm full of splinters and looks through the hole , seems to find nothing.

He stands up and walks to the other side of the cabin , in the direction of the girl's hiding place . Just around the corner , before it finds the girl the greenish bushes move causing a small sound that draws the creature's attention .

From my perspective I had noticed that a piece of rock was thrown from the position I am in , when I realize that Angela is responsible for the throw as she had her other arm stretched out giving the image that she was responsible for that action .

It was a solid piece of stone thrown from the window.

I force Angela to bend down with a strong pull on her forearm.

We are both under the window, her eyes are wider than usual and her glasses, fogged by the strong exhalations she gives, reflect a feeling of a very small satisfaction.

- What are you doing ? - I raise my head for a couple of seconds.

- I don't know, I just thought it was the best I could do.

- Are you crazy or what? You know they could get to this building in one push if I wanted them to.

- But she needed my help, I could feel it .

I cocked my head and smiled - if you want to die - I moved quickly to the side of the building.

I move quickly to the side of the window , from there I can observe everything but in a limited way <I can't risk being seen> .

The monstrous creature begins to retreat towards the bushes that are still a couple of meters away from the guard house .

- At least it worked - I said .

- Really !- his eyes shone like two stars in the darkest night .

- yes he stopped ....

- what's the matter why are you silent ?

A stream runs down the sidewalk stimulating the antennae of the monstrous silver creature, it walks straight towards that little puddle of liquid on the sidewalk and looks at it inquisitively shaking its head .

- Tell me what's going on? - She asks.

- Nothing, stay down.

- I can't, tell me the truth, something's wrong, isn't it?

The monstrous thing opened its large, sore mouth and let out its slimy tentacle, which grew so large that it reached the small puddle, whose cocoon-like tip was engulfed by the liquid.

- grruuuu grrruu grrruu

<What is that .. it's not blood if it was blood at this sight it would be noticeable , water it may be but I don't think they are lodged by water , now q I remember with Angela's friend , the creature got like that when it reached her vaginal area , it won't be the pheromones , if so then that liquid may be urine >

He walks in a straight line following the direction of the stream until he turns at the stall .

There was the ponytail girl hiding , with her hands covering her lips to avoid letting out any sound and her heavy breathing .

She looked terrified and couldn't help but scream because of the horrible creature in front of her .

Ahhhh !

She began to scream desperately while he like an animal grabbed her arm and threw her against the sidewalk falling on the puddle of urine that she herself had released .

She rested her arms on the sidewalk and with an impulse tried to get up.

Getting up without even looking at her assailant, she started to run and after a couple of meters the creature jumped and kicked her, breaking her right leg.

She screamed in pain.


It grabbed her with one of its silver hands in the air, holding her by the head, the pressure was so great that liquid began to drip out of her ears, run down her jaw and finally fell to the sidewalk leaving a dark reddish hue.

She writhes in pain in the air , with her left leg intact she tries to kick the body , with her hands she tries to remove her hand from her face .

- Tell me what's wrong ?.

- She has found it - I tell her.

- Don't tell me that , please don't say that .

- It is the truth .

With the tentacle he licked the drops of blood on his cheeks and then he tasted it , with the other hand he grabbed his neck , he squeezed very hard .

The choking sounds were powerful .

The monstrous silver being has her neck hanging in the air while crushing her throat with the intention of making her open her mouth .

The pressure was so great that she gave in and he forced the tentacle between her parched lips.

The girl's throat enlarged, the skin of her neck stretched, revealing the blue markings of her veins.

Her eyes opened wide, pupils dilated, and the choking sound was heard loudly.

After a few minutes of this gruesome scene, he removed the tentacle from the girl's lips and threw her with great force against the grass on the side of the sidewalk.

She is still conscious and falls face down on the grass, drooling.

The creature waited patiently watching her curiously , she regained some of her strength and turned around , squeezed her neck with great force and began to crawl on her back .

The creature was disappointed by the result .

Seeing her crawl backwards , it began to follow her like a predator awaiting the death of its prey . The cold wind blew, the heavy footsteps matched the slow and painful movements of that girl.

She hurried to crawl on her back, but her broken leg did not allow her to go faster, her leg barely allowed her to move.

She crawled after that creature, when she reached a kind of railing located very close to the sidewalk she stood up.

She had her leg broken in the air to avoid hitting the ground in an upright position. She turned her back to it and started to walk away, but the red blob sprouting from her stomach and the creature's protruding silver arm stopped her.

He opened and closed his hand as it pierced her body as if it were a simple sheet of paper , with a strong pull he withdrew it leaving a hole in her body through which the wind entered letting out the metallic smell of blood .

The girl's intestines overflowed like snakes coming out of her body as she collapsed on the ground .

The monstrous creature wrapped its slimy tentacle around her arm, wiping away every drop of blood it had stained .

- I can't watch this again - said a terrified Angela on the other side of the window.

More shadows approached, imposing and robust, with two antennae on their heads. When they arrived , they surrounded the body of the girl who was wiggling the fingers of her outstretched hand in the grass .

Her heart had not yet stopped and those movements represented her last strength to try to survive.

Tentacles appeared everywhere. That monstrous creature that had found her from the beginning knelt down, grabbed the fabrics of her body and pulled them with great force.

- grurururururur gruccc rrrrrrruruuu

- rrruuurrrur

- gruuuuuuurrru

They seemed to be having some kind of talk , although I can only hear those sounds , the monstrous creature that had removed her clothes nodded with those emotionless creepy eyes.

He inserted the tentacle through her vaginal area , the fist-shaped tip made her labia rupture and blood began to gush .

She didn't react, but her eyes said it all: put me in, keep me fast, please, was the message he was conveying .

The tentacle coming from the monstrous creature continued to extend.

while her vaginal area was bleeding as if she was in the days of her menstruation.

When I realized that tentacle was coming out of the orifice of her stomach , smeared between her intestines .

<I can't watch this anymore>

I stopped watching the scene , I could not keep watching that , see how those bastards were having fun with her .

I look at Angela who was paralyzed by what she had seen .

I squat down and go to her , when I was next to her I tried to make her react but the scene seen before had left her in a very powerful state of shock.

- Angela... can you hear me?

I got no response from her.

I turned her towards me, stared into her eyes and pulled her into my arms, stroking her hair as she rested her head on my chest.

Her smell soothed me a little.

- Nothing will happen to them... I promise .

- Please don't lie to me - she said on the verge of tears with a feeling of not wanting to have false ideas of survival.

- I promise you that before that happens they will have to kill me first and if that happens I will come back from hell and I will take care of them, I promise you.

- you promise me - he looked into my face with those beautiful black eyes and slightly flushed cheeks.

- I promise - for the first time I felt like I was saying something very clear without hiding anything.

- I can fall asleep on your chest for a few moments - she asked me pityingly.

- I think you can.

I leaned against the wall and she leaned against my chest, tears running down her face like little raindrops running down the leaves of a rose.

- I told you a while ago that you would never be alone with me, you know why I said that.

- Because ? .

- Because in your eyes I only saw the heart of a lonely person torn to pieces . With those words she lay down and fell asleep on me like a child.

- So a person in pieces e - a bitter smile appears on my face - how come something like that appears when I try to hide it .... what the hell am I doing , promising someone that I can keep him safe when I am weaker than those monstrosities .

I look at Angela's face , she looks so calm and helpless from this perspective .

< I will wait for her to wake up , we have to take care of her friend first the only problem will appear if we meet those monstrosities , I think we can go to the medical school there we will find medicines and hopefully maybe we will find someone who knows about medical care , then we have to leave the university but I think it is better to focus on helping them first >.