Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 - Help us


I stop his slap with my hand, I notice his thin, light sweaty wrist, maybe it's from the nerves caused by watching those horrendous scenes for most of the day. My somber eyes make contact with her sentimental brown eyes that are in a whirlwind of emotions.

- What's wrong with you? What part of me just checks her for injuries and ....- Angela are you ...... Angela - the soft, husky words came from the girl I had just saved moments ago.

Her faint words were spoken between small lapses of consciousness.

She, Angela the girl with the white tees turned her gaze towards her friend, her eyes grew larger than normal and her lips started to babble, I could notice the words she was saying - you are alive - only she was babbling without making any noise.

- Let go of me - said Angela with a strong tone, she withdrew her wrist with great force from between my fingers and turned her attention back to her semi-conscious friend.

- Angela always so loud .... Don't argue, she didn't do anything to me, she just helped me, and I think -between her vague explanations of support towards me, her eyes let out tears that flowed uncontrollably- that....

The girl with the white tees knelt down, took her in her arms and hugged her as a sign of comfort.

- I know, I know, this has all been very scary... don't worry, you are safe now and I will protect you.

He hugged her tightly as if she were his most precious treasure, both sitting on the floor next to a pool of blood.

- Yes what a nice encounter - I interrupt - leave your consolations for later, you know, you see his arm .... we have to do something he is bleeding to death and we don't have much time .

- Could you be more careful what you say?

She turned to me, looked at me with demonic eyes and like lightning she stood up grabbing me by the collar of my grey coat, she tugged at it as if she wanted to rip my head off for my words.

- You know what happened to him, it's not like that -  she shouted at me, I had my face close to hers, I felt her breathing agitated and hot as if she was a furious dragon.

- Yes I know and that's why I'm saying it, besides she is not the only one suffering, now do you want to save her or not?

-...... yes I do but how do we do it .

- just hold her and don't let her see what I'm going to do .

She nodded doubtfully, her eyes softened the moment I mentioned the word save her. She turned to her friend and hugged her again heeding my commands .

<This is going to hurt like hell but it is the only way to test my hypothesis I know I am despicable for using a person in a traumatic state to know something , that is why I despise myself>.

While they hugged I went to get the axe on the other side of the lab.

I walk to the other side of the lab observing everything around me, the white tables where the experiments are done were intact, the material stores were closed and there were only some spots of silver liquid on the stone floor.

I return with the axe in my hand, Angela still hasn't seen my actions and this was for the best. She has her friend lying on the floor of the laboratory , she holds her hand while her gaze is hidden in the shadow cast by her head .

- Planc , planc !- I gave her two accurate blows with the axe on what was left of her arm.

Ahhhhhhhhh !

she regained some consciousness as she screamed in pain , her black eyes enlarged and crystallized , the countenance of her face showed that she would rather die than suffer more pain .

Earlier , the hideous silver creature had not torn off his whole arm , but only the forearm part so the part below the shoulder was still there .

The piece he had just cut off was solidifying on the floor of the laboratory .

< if it wasn't because that creature hadn't sucked her whole body with its tentacle maybe it wouldn't have cut off that part of her arm , so now I understand it all , any part of living tissue that makes contact with the tip of the tentacle could get infected , she is a clear example of that . While the creature had its back to me, I had observed how it passed its tentacle all over her body, for sure it made contact with the open wound and contaminated it but I still have a doubt, on the previous girl it took effect immediately ..... layers is like an indirect method, if so that would explain the contagion time >

These thoughts flow like rivers in my head at the same time she screams.

I feel my body shaking from my actions , even if there are reasons to investigate or help her I still can't believe I am doing these things .

I feel my mind churning in these thoughts .

- But what the hell have you done ? - turned to me the girl with light tes, with angry eyes -.

Her screams brought me back to reality, my answer takes a long time to come out but I answer only what comes to my mind at the moment.

- Calm her down otherwise those things will come... now comes the complicated part - I drop the axe.

- Serena Serena are you ok - caresses her forehead.

I take off the belt I have on my jeans, on my knees I take the arm I just mutilated, with a lot of force I twist the belt on her arm making an improvised tourniquet.

-Can you bring me the lighter, the alcohol and the matches - I order while securing the tourniquet.

I order as I secure the tourniquet , I don't want to look Angela in the face , I didn't want her to see my emotional instability now , that's the least they both need .

-Alcohol and lighter what the hell are you planning to do? - She asked.

- Save her life , hurry up or she'll bleed to death , she already lost too much the first time .

She nodded immediately, got up from the floor and went in search of the rum lighter along with the alcohol and matches.

The girl she had just saved seemed to be unconscious.

-Well, good thing we have a beautiful naked girl here -I said sarcastically as I took off my gray jacket to cover her naked body.

-thank you - she said through the pain and tears staring at me with those beautiful black eyes so crystal clear, this made me even more nervous than I already was .

- ..... hmmm don't thank me yet I only do it because he promised to give me a good reward.

The tone of my voice was uneven and I think my nervousness showed.

A smile combined with pain came from his face .

-..... - the silence was uncomfortable

- You haven't seen what nice breasts your friend has -she made a little joke to break this awkward moment.

- I know, I know, although mine are small .... but you stopped that creature from doing more of those nasty things with my body, I know you could have waited for me to let my guard down and come in to save me but you preferred to jump in without hesitation.

- a ....

I didn't know how to respond to that

- have - saved by the big-breasted girl, who immediately brought the lighter of rum along with the alcohol.

If she hadn't arrived, I probably would have dropped my mask.

I looked up, she held out the lighter and I took it without a word.

Unfortunately, this laboratory was one of those that were not very well equipped, the instruments that could be found here were not in very good condition, if they worked but did not look good, it was the case of this lighter that looked neglected and rusty, and the wick was a little worn. .

- you gave him your jacket .

- Does it matter? - I lit the lighter but it took me a while because the wick was not well conditioned.

-Well, now comes the hard part, in my pocket I have a small rag, take a bite if you want me to help you with the pain, this one ....

I point to the girl with the white tees.

- Angela that's my name- she answered with puffy cheeks and a little blush. Unfortunately for her these gestures were predictable at first glance.

- Angela secure the doors, close the chairs or anything else because we are going to stay in this place for a long time.

- But I don't have to support you or her - she said worriedly.

- No. This is going to cause her a lot of pain and her screaming may attract more of those things so secure the doors and windows, lock everything.

I start acting immediately just as Angela turns her back on me.

I spray alcohol on the mutilated arm of that girl whose name I didn't know, I think Angela had mentioned it a few moments ago but I couldn't remember.

- Ready on three - I hold the match between thumb and forefinger.

She took the piece of rag from my pocket, made it into a ball that could fit in her mouth ,bit down, bit down as hard as if she was grabbing something.

- Hmmfu!- he made the sound of a -yes- as he nodded his head lying on the lab floor .

- Well 1 2 - I lit the alcohol , his arm burned immediately because alcohol is very flammable , but as it burned immediately the fire was out almost in a few seconds because alcohol is just fuel and this sometimes can not cause serious burns because it evaporates with the environment .
It was enough to eliminate the bacteria and stop the bleeding , with the lighter he cauterized the wound a little more until it stopped bleeding .

But this was not easy for her, who was writhing in pain on the floor.

- Hold on.

1.00 pm

I'm standing next to a window watching the outside , this one had bars which gave me a slight sense of security , with a cold look I observed how everything had gone to shit , the dark tone provided by the dark moons gave it a more apocalyptic touch you could say .

The sounds of cautious footsteps alerted me that someone was approaching me .

I looked out of the corner of my eye and noticed Angela, the big breasted girl, approaching me with fear and a little embarrassed , besides not wearing her camel colored coat.

- sorry ....-.... - There was no response from me, I was concentrating on the scene in front of me through the amber window.

The bodies of some of those who until this morning were my companions, of whom I had not even worried about their well being were there, dismembered or crushed, the feeling of guilt was growing inside me because at no time I thought about them and now they were there, that boy who told me he would wait for me in the dining room with my other friends was right in front of me, with lifeless eyes looking in my direction, he had a hole in his stomach and half of his skull had been crushed.

- Excuse me, excuse me, are you still with us? -  his shy words with an air of sarcasm made me pay attention to him.

-What can I do for you -  I replied in a serious and curt tone, turning my body towards her.

- Well, I just wanted to thank you - she said crestfallen, with a weak tone in her voice.

- Yes, I did... well I told you I would help you no - I turned my back to her - although I never imagined it could cost me my life - a bitter smile was drawn on my face.

I feel a strong grip on my back wrapping around my torso, as I look in the direction of my chest her slender arms encircled it, so manicured and stained by the wounds of that friend I tended . - Why is this? - I asked

- just for your help

- I told you I would help you, didn't I?

-What now?

I withdraw Angela's thin, soft, white arms from my body, it wasn't because I didn't like to feel a woman's perfume or her touch but because I'm getting a little turned on by the pressure I feel from her breasts on my back.

I turned around and answered.

- I think it would be best to stay in the lab for the afternoon, besides there is material here that I can use, and I think your friend needs to rest, by the way, how is she?

- What do you mean by that, and she is sleeping, you can't see her- she looked at her.

We both looked at her , she was covered by my jacket and her coat , her cauterized arm was wrapped in gauze and bandages that were in the warehouses and that could be used for any experiment or to take care of the wounds in any accident.

She takes my hand, I feel her warmth, she avoids looking directly at my face but her cheeks were slightly reddened.

She just turned her attention to her newly saved friend, though she was trembling a little.

- Go take care of your friend, I already told you this place seems to be safe for tonight and I'll see what I can use from this place.

6.00 pm

I wake up in the room next to the main room of the laboratory, the laboratory had two classrooms together, the main one, which was used by students where we could perform any kind of experiments and on the other hand the research room, which was only used by teachers which was full of modern tools although its entrance was always forbidden, I could break the lock with the axe.

I found it strange that this part was still intact.

I fell asleep for a while after examining the remains of the creature under the microscope and the sample I had taken from the delegate before leaving the faculty . the data I obtained explained the reason for the solidification .

I head towards the exit , at the door I see a lab coat so I decide to put it on , on the chest it has the name of the engineer Orbegoso .

< it was his , a great professor of biotechnology although I did not understand his classes very well> 

In the main hall I met the two girls , the girl I had helped lying on one of the lab tables , while Angela held her hand was sitting next to her .

she was wearing my jacket that I had given her to cover up , I went over to check her , I noticed that her cauterized arm had a few blisters sticking out of the bandages , and she was burning with fever .

I noticed the fever as I put my hand on her forehead .

- What a girl ... what bad luck you had but you didn't wear glasses .... I think I did .

I went to where she was hanging , bent down and looked for her glasses , I found them among the little silver thread cloths , I peeled off the silver cloth I had not yet studied .

I went back to her and placed the glasses on her face, she was sleeping so peacefully that I found her even more beautiful.

- You are beautiful, aren't you?

As a reaction she moved her head as a caress to my hand , this was even cuter that my heart was racing .

- And you are a brave and scary girl, I hope you both can survive this - I smiled slightly as I looked at Angela .

At the window, I was looking through the broken part left by the creature. This window was against the previous window .

There was no one and my sight was in the direction of the exit door of the university , I was planning how to get out of this place .

< If I want to get out I have to leave them , it would only be a couple of delays , one can't even defend itself and the other is burning with fever , I think it's the best thing >

-you enjoy the view e - Angela sounded more confident and upbeat .


- sorry if i'm interrupting, sorry if i'm disturbing you if you want i can re....

- She's important to you, isn't she? -I asked, looking at the horizon.

- She is one of the most important people to me.

- Why?

- because, she was always there for me, when I had problems and when nothing went right, she is my .....

- I see, it looks like a dependency -I looked at her out of the corner of my eye.

- No, it's not that!

- Leave her there, and what are you going to do?

- I think we should stay in this place, like you said.

- She is burning with fever, she needs medical attention and I don't think the creatures won't come to this place, now tell me under these circumstances what do you plan to do?

Angela ducked her head as she thought about her "next moves to survive".

A moment of very uncomfortable silence until she raised her head , her eyes crystallized , emitting more glare , about to break .

- You don't know what to do or I'm wrong - I turned to her .

- Please help us -

She fell into despair again , she reminded me of the first time she asked me for help .

- I have things to do, problems to solve and what would I gain?

- what would you gain ....

- never mind, I want to see some things .... Excuse me but I have something to do -

I start to walk away trying to cross to his side.

- Wait - She grabbed my arm, brought her slender fingers through the robe to hold my hand, then dragged them down to her large breasts that felt more clearly covered only by her polo shirt.

- What are you doing, what have you got - I replied embarrassed.

Her cheeks were red, I could tell even more by the color of her skin. - I owe you from before, no, now if you help me I don't mind giving you my body, and my first time. She said crestfallen with her voice resembling a cry, while her reddish cheeks were moistened by the salty liquid she let escape between her sad eyes.

<What's wrong with you, offering yourself like that, using the same technique with me, you said it's your first time, you're desperate, giving your first time to a stranger, you have nothing else to offer, how pathetic>

I pulled my hand away immediately with a strong tug.

- I didn't say I'm going to charge you, besides I didn't say I'm not going to help her, and another thing, I'm not that kind of guy, if you want to get something from me you'll have to offer something more meaningful than a night of sex with you - I replied with a slightly angry tone.

- How I hate having this weakness for people with problems - I whispered.

I crossed to her side with a firm step and annoyed attitude, until I felt two thin arms around my chest, watched her small white hands, felt her head on my back, and how she wet my robe with her tears.

- thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you -she repeated the same words between tears, moving my head from left to right.

- That's enough, don't thank me yet, my law is favor with favor you pay - I tried to remove her arms from my chest.

She pulled them apart first , turning me around with them, looking me straight in the face, eyes to eyes, I felt her penetrating my being, observing more than I let others see, I felt her undressing my soul.

- What have you got , can you stop doing that .

She brought her face closer , slowly shortening the distance , my heart raced like a locomotive about to escape from my chest .

His soft, pinkish lavio impacted my cheeks accompanied by a phrase .

- With me you will never be alone again Adam I promise .