Chapter 17:

You're Not Alone

Second Chance At Life

I hate these fools.

I hate the concept of “teamwork”.

Their seductive words, passionate dreams, and their unrelenting will, time will tell when they discover my vengeance.

I enhance my legs with lightning, dashing around Balduin.

With enough momentum, this artificial trap should prevent him from escaping.

Who cares about teamwork when I can finish this human so easily.


He presses his chin, his eyes directly at me.

I’m impressed yet disturbed that he can detect me.

“You’re planning to end this quickly.”

I have to wait for the perfect timing.

He has an earth affinity, and it counters mine.

To overcome this, it’s best that I should overwhelm him with speed.

The rocks beneath my feet slow my movement.

My engulfing lightning feels less empowering.

If I continue, I would only exhaust myself.

So, I stopped.

And I returned to the fools.

“You shouldn’t go off on your own like that, Alfhild!”

I glare at her with ferocity.

“Bai Ming is right. There’s a reason we are picked in a squad of three. I think they want to emphasize the use of ‘teamwork’.”

Here they go again, with their seductive words.

I will not be fooled by them.

That was how father succumbed to his untimely fate.

And mother is a traitor amongst the elven race.

No, it is also the false king, Xirgrias, who is the main conspirator to father’s death.

“While you were running around our squad captain, Archie thought of a plan.”

Though it displeases me, I act as if I care.

There’s no telling what will happen, but I can sense this lousy woman will continue to nag at me.

It’s true I have to work as a team.

If I am to be exiled from this kingdom, my vengeance will be all for naught.

I cannot accept that until my father's spirit may rest easily.

“Fine…spill the plan…”

“That gauntlet is his weakness…”

I analyze Balduin’s hand.

Most of his magick is manifested through that weapon.

“Go on…”

“Remember from our studies about elemental reactions?”

I know it all too well, so I nod.

Where is he going with this plan of his?

“Bai Ming can enhance herself and other objects she touches with her fire. If she does the same thing to you—”

“Fire will not make me go faster. In fact, fire will only burn me in the process.”

It looks like I’m in a squad of students revolving around enhancements.

Speed is my specialty, power is Bai Ming’s, and defense is Archie’s.

“I never said—”

“I have no experience empowering lightning onto someone other than myself.”

Silence merges, and Bai Ming stares between the both of us—uncomfortable—possibly sensing further conflict between myself and Archie.

“It’s the per—”

“I refuse!”

He takes several deep breaths.

“We can’t—”

“Are we done arguing?”

We completely forgot about our enemy, and he wastes no time fighting us.

He charges after Archie, throwing rapid strikes at him, but Archie shields himself with an armor of rocks.

Bai Ming engulfs herself in flames to assist Archie, and I empower my legs again.

We attack Balduin all at once.

His might proves too great for us to handle.

He smashes the ground, shaping the earth beneath our feet, and we lose our balance.

This gives Balduin enough time to retreat from us.


Bai Ming touches his arm, the armor glows in a magma material.

Archie, in his new achieved armor, chases the squad captain.

His punches are packed with fire, but it’s clear it is not enough to best Balduin.

Balduin has the speed advantage.

He can easily evade the fiery punches.

I have no other choices but to help.

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn something new, is probably what Archie wanted to say before I interrupted him.

My eyes close, my arm aiming at the target, and I attempt to concentrate my magick.

Remember my dear, Alfhild, there will come a time when life will make you feel despair. Be aware that you are not alone. Know that you cannot do everything alone.

How can I forget, father?

I should be ashamed of myself.

“This will help you, Archie!”

Lightning encases his armor.

Archie moves faster, his punches become harder to detect.

The compatibility between lightning and earth are like water and oil.

They don’t mix well.

Due to this, I drain almost all of my magick.

My vision grows dark, my body weakens, but Bai Ming helps me on my feet.

Each attack is successful, devastating than the other.

Bai Ming’s energy praising Archie infects me, and I start to root for Archie.

Before we knew it, Balduin caught Archie’s fist and stopped the simulation.

“You three pass.”

He adjusts his glasses.

“You put aside differences and pulled through with teamwork. Congratulations. We’ll start our first mission tomorrow.”

As expected, he would assign us a task immediately.

“You three still need to pay for my room…”

And that too…