Chapter 6:

Circus of Animals

White Parasite

The menagerie was gathered in a back alley, but since it consisted of a seagull, a turtle ("A tortoise," they'd add during conversations with a yawning emoticon) and a frog, they were definitely not going with the "overpower with sheer numbers" strategy, considering La Luna used illusion clones to keep in correspondence with magicians and anchors fairly often.

Speaking of illusion clones, there was one right behind Toshifumi - he could tell from the strange whispering noises all the clones made when they moved. In one swift practiced movement, Toshifumi pivoted on his left heel and struck out with his right arm, simultaneously punctuating this action with an audible breath. The clone fell like a very silent tree.

"Now," his stare grew cold as he glared down at the exact replica of Luna, "I may not have been the magician, but granting anchors the same powers as their magicians will become a choice I'll make Luna regret." With that, he summoned sleep upon the clone.

"No wonder Luna picked you to divulge secrets to," the tortoise murmured. "You're every bit like your brother."

The glare was now directed at the reptile, so it took this opportunity to retract into its shell. Not in fear, but out of Toshifumi's sheer potential for hurting others...which happened to almost equate to the same thing.
In the abandoned house Christie called "home", a humanoid Luna was involuntarily nodding off. The girl watched over Luna for a moment, but there was concern etched into her face.

This had never happened before. Luna never slept, and this combined with their apparent omniscience was why Christie chose to name them after the moon.

However, if Luna was sleeping, it must have been one of the clones that caused it. Luna and the clones always had exactly the same status, even if their damage intake wasn't the same, and the real Luna had stayed by her side. It was almost as if they wanted her to watch them...

...did Luna suspect something, and send out clones, using her as an alibi in case she was picked as an ally by whoever was doing this?

In that case, the most likely case would be Hazuki. She still recalled his request to become "the quintessential spell-using saviour of the human race" and considering his brother's dour mood, it wouldn't be a stretch to say they were working together against her.

Well, regardless of what they were doing, Luna had only just snapped awake, their face morphing into a fox's muzzle and snapping its jaws at the warm afternoon air before resettling into the generic human features it normally wore.

Simultaneously, a fist came through the window pane closest to Luna, sending shards of glass scattering with immense force. The shards scratched Christie's face and spilt streaks of blood, causing the dilapidated beige walls of the decrepit building to regain colour - the colour of blood.

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