Chapter 7:


White Parasite

The animal brigade were huddled around the shattered window, with Toshifumi - the clear instigator - in the middle, his body haggard with disuse and extended nights. His breathing was heavy as he held the guilty fist in front of him.

Luna morphed into the large fox form Toshifumi had seen that one night and leapt at the human, jaws wide...

The tortoise smacked Luna on the snout with its full force with rapid rotation, sending a liquid that shimmered like mercury out from the vulpine creature. The fox howled, then grabbed the tortoise by the shell with its tentacles. The green tree frog then leapt up from behind Toshifumi to land on the ensnaring tentacles, turning them to gold in the process.

A scalpel shot out from nowhere, stabbing the frog on the left side and reverting the tentacles' transformation. Christie had positioned herself behind the fox and struck while the animals were unaware.

The seagull then zoomed in to peck Christie in the jugular, but she summoned a spear and the bird narrowly missed being hit by it.

A (humanoid) clone - assumedly the one Toshifumi had sent to sleep - then soared through the broken window with a flying kick, connecting with the seagull's feathered body. With a squawk, the bird hit the ground in a daze.
The sun was blazing brightly overhead, causing the ragtag band of teenagers to swelter - even Hazuki, who had transformed into his magician getup in case of self defence.

As they turned the final stretch to the dilapadated house, Christie's loud cry resounded through the neighbourhood - "What do you want with Luna?!"

Oh no. Their "little strategic meeting" had already made them too late, and to top it all off, his brother was the leader of the opposing group!

"The fox is just way too sketchy!" came another shout - it was raspy and male, but not Toshifumi's, so Hazuki assumed it was the frog or the tortoise. "It stole our perfectly normal lives away from us to make us-make us-" As the band of teenagers gathered in the bushes around the house to observe, the tortoise, which had been knocked to the ground, halted its movements and trembled in its shell momentarily, causing Christie to knock it against the wall with her spear like a hockey puck.

The wall nearest Hazuki began to shake violently as the tortoise's impact affected the very foundations of their battle site, but Kanato propped it up using his back.

"Basically speaking, we're no longer human, and no longer happy." Toshifumi held an open palm at the giant fox to keep it from moving. "Regardless of what others want, we anchors were sucked into this for absolutely no reason. Why should anchors have to exist when magicians can already hold their own?"

Kanato kept pushing back against the building, but the wall crumbled and gave way to the immense pressure he placed on it.

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