Chapter 0:


Don't have Debt with the Devil

    "Please Dad, I need the job! Please! I'm off drugs! I quit I promise!" "Fine," said George's father, "You start work tomorrow, come into the store and Marty will give you your to-do list". "Thank you so much Dad! I needed this, thanks!" As George hung up the phone he walked back over to his dining room table. A bag of various drugs was situated on the table. "Don't need you anymore," George said to himself. As he poured the entire bag into the toilet he stared at it. "This is my renaissance",   George proclaimed. With that, he flushed the bag down the toilet and went to bed.

    The next day George woke up at six am, got dressed and went to work. Walking into the department store, Marty greeted George. After a brief chat, George got his to-do list and started working. He began with mopping the floor. Having never worked a day in his life, it's safe to say George was the least qualified person for this job. His co-workers heckled and laughed at him which made him embarrassed. Next, was cleaning the bathroom. This time Marty took pity on him and taught him how to scrub a toilet and sweep properly. Finally, his last task was stocking. Marty helped him again and he was starting to get the hang of it. His co-workers still bullied and harassed George about only getting the job because his father owned the store. But George didn't care, he was glad to have Marty as a friend. 

Things were going well, until one day, one thing said to him, a singular joke, turned his whole life upside down. George had worked there for about 2 weeks. He wasn't good at cleaning but he managed. One day however, Jay, one of George's co-workers, walked in on him  struggling to clean the sink. "Maybe the reason you can't clean so well is because your mother could never teach you!" Jay was referring to George's mom who died in a plane crash when he was only 7. This sent George into a massive rage. He pulled out his concealed switch blade that is always kept in his pocket . As he was swinging at Jay a hand caught his arm. George looked at the man who grabbed him. It was Marty, with George's dad right behind him. "You're both fired!"

   "Dad please! If you heard what he said..." "I heard what he said!" shouted George's dad. "Both of you get out of my store before I call the police!" George was boiling with anger. He walked out of the store and decided he was going to get revenge. "It's time for my dad to meet his fate", he thought to himself.

   George got a link from one of his friends for a contract killer. As he opened the site he saw "The Devil" in big red letters at the top. He messaged the site owner with the chat feature and went to make dinner. Sitting back down at his computer with a cup of noodles, he had a message from the site's chat box. "Who?" Asked a man with a display user of "The Devil" "Steven Wood and Jay Wilson."  "How?" "Any means." After a long back and forth of messages, the last message was sent by The Devil. "Fifteen thousand each, Bitcoin only, you can pay afterwards if you want, but if you don't pay, well you will so there's no reason to go into that." That last message worried George but he knew he would receive his father's fortune and he would be able to pay it off. "Ok", George replied. He didn't get another message for a few weeks. Thinking the site was a troll site, he gave up on hoping, until one day. That day, he got a call from an unknown number. "Hello?" said George. To be continued...