Chapter 1:

Why did I come back?

Arkashic Keys

"Who would've thought I would return to this wretched town after the accident". Bookmark here

I step out of the car looking back at my grandfather while he drove off. As I slowly walked towards the house I was previously raised in anxiety started to kick in. As I opened the door "he" was there. My uncle looked frail and spoke with a soft smile, Bookmark here

" it's been soo long Akira " Bookmark here

I Grabbed my bag and ran upstairs into my room. Locked my self in. I slept in the room having a nightmare of that day Bookmark here

Car skitting (sfx)
"Akira, Akira, Akira, AKIRA!"(Slowly increasing)
Looking at my alarm I say to myself
"Why did i come back?"Bookmark here

As I walk towards bus stand I took some pills to relieve the massive headache ive been having then I notice a girl with braids and a red school bag looking right at me from a distance. My headache increased suddenly seeing a red maple tree with a swing on it and a little girl playing alone. I stumble back collecting myself on what just happened. The girl disappeared Bookmark here

"Its just the morning fatigue" Bookmark here

Walked towards the bus as I mumbled to myself. Seeing the school from a distance made my headache even worse. After walking around mindlessly trying to find the teachers room a girl with long hair and blue eyes crashed into me sending both of us onto the floor. I immediately said Bookmark here

"You ok? also ARE YOU BLIND?"
The girl looked at me and said Bookmark here

"Im sorry i was trying to find the teachers room" Bookmark here

she was clumsy and hyper that i had to pick her books up. We both walked to around to find the teachers room. Bookmark here

YAAY! Bookmark here

Turns out she was is in the same class as me.I asked if she could stop screaming. She then turns around and asked Bookmark here

"Oh by the way we should introduced our self's." Bookmark here

Kinda rude of her knowing she should say her name first. Bookmark here

"Akira just Akira" Bookmark here

She then proceeds to introduce her self Bookmark here

"The names Emily Emi for shorts" Bookmark here

After cringing hearing that short name suddenly the headache i was having got worse that i held my own head. Emi asked if I was okay and needed to see the nurse.
I declined and said Bookmark here

"Its fine" Bookmark here

Entering the classroom after the teacher told there would be new students Emi went in and introduced herself with positive vibes that probably killed every dipressed student. When the class teacher saw my name she looked at me as she was seeing a ghost. Then I proceeded with my introduction reciveing only a few claps. After that i was asked to sit next to the window. Emi sat in the middle with some popular looking kids. As i was walking to my seat the person sitting behind me was the girl at the bus stop. Getting my text books out and pretty much doing my work normally my head started pulsating i felt like i was gonna pass out in the end i did. Bookmark here

"Wake up Akira wake up!" Bookmark here

Said a voice. I look up to a place with galaxies, nebulas and planets surrounding me. In a distance there was a girl wearing a white dress and hair which reflected the space around us. The girl looked at me and said Bookmark here

"Welcome Akira"Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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