Chapter 1:

Tis But A Bored God

A Multiversal Biography

"To bring glory upon the world, with that of new creations and new lands to explore. I am but a cook in a kitchen of endless customers. An ever expanding restaurant with no limit to how many it serves.Bookmark here

I blow the infinite balloon for this infinite realm of existence. Yet, will that balloon burst? Tis a question I ponder.Bookmark here

I merely witness the dominos of my actions. I witness the branching paths of them worlds who bring others into life. A domino effect. Tis but out my control. Tis but the cause of my actions. A constant chain reaction.Bookmark here

This universe begins to end, what may be in store for its neighbour? The multiverse begs the question. My brothers. My sisters. They ask me these questions. Yet, I know but as much as they do.Bookmark here

I wonder what Galactis thinks of this matter.Bookmark here

What do you think, my dear neighbour?"Bookmark here

"The Janitor'll find one of us some day."Bookmark here

"Indeed. I believe the sailor may some day too."Bookmark here

"I have my bets against them."Bookmark here

"Oh, you wish for a bet then?"Bookmark here

"Much so. I bet on the wings of that child, that the sailor won't find them."Bookmark here

"Really? You seem rather attached to that youngling."Bookmark here

"I'm confident in my words."Bookmark here

"I'll bet on the saillor's grandson's sanity, that he will find one of our kind some day."Bookmark here

"Maybe we could see if Galactis would put a bet in."Bookmark here

"They care too much about their things to bet anything."Bookmark here

"True that is. Maybe the other one?"Bookmark here

"Surely you're not suggesting them, are you?"Bookmark here

"I was merely jesting."Bookmark here

"I wonder what mythical quest will be next on the agenda."Bookmark here

"The box?"Bookmark here

"The pumpkin?"Bookmark here

"The global wasteland?"Bookmark here

"A dripping corpse?"Bookmark here

"A creative god?"Bookmark here

"A swordsman."Bookmark here

"That last one shall wait."Bookmark here

"Till when?"Bookmark here

"Ask him."Bookmark here

"Who?"Bookmark here

"The author."Bookmark here

"Ah yes, we are breaking the fourth wall now, are we not?"Bookmark here

"Since when have we not?"Bookmark here

"True that is."
Bookmark here

"I shall make as many references as I wish."Bookmark here

"Just like those gentlemen, I suppose?"Bookmark here

"Jolly is it not?"Bookmark here

"Very good indeed."Bookmark here

"A culmination of works?"Bookmark here

"Absolutely."Bookmark here

Indeed.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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