Chapter 9:

The lone warrior

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«Beep, beep, beeep»


«Beeep, beeep, beeeeeep»


It was a scene out of a dystopian novel.

Crumbling buildings, cars crashing, noisy screams, people rioting.

Fires started, flames danced. The fumes grew bigger by the second.

What started this? Frankly, I had no idea.

All, I know I that I must keep going.



I heard a very loud voice in the distance. As usual, the sound was muffled by the noise of the chaos. Tiredly, I let out a short sigh and caught my breath, as there was no time to lose.

I grabbed the old sword that I had left on the ground, and once again I ran to the scene.

Again and again, for this was an everyday event.

The rust in my sword was growing bigger by the day. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this facade much longer.

Yet, somehow, I kept finding myself standing up once again.

Over and over.


Sometimes, I wished everything would end.

Sometimes, I wished to end myself.

Yet, my pride stubbornly forced me to keep going.

My little brother.

I swear I will avenge you.