Chapter 0:

Nostalisk, The World Of Endless War

The Grand Revolution Of War!

No one knows why, or for how long, but Nostalisk has been in a state of endless war for millions of years. This war has never ended, only having small breaks. While the true reason why isn't known, it is taken as facts that the ancients destroyed themselves with their peace, causing civilization to collapse, and that afterwards, one person managed to conquer Nostalisk but, before they died, they plunged their domain into war. Even after death, their teachings were too deep too fade away and so, the endless war began.

After the rise and fall of the Tyrants, the first Warmongers rose, making sure Nostalisk was in a state of constant war. Then came the rise of the Union. After the fall of the Union, Ai, The Apostle Of War and her Warseekers, kept Nostalisk in a state of endless war. Then, one day, a new threat rose from the portal that brings fresh blood into Nostalisk. Awokened, this threat nearly conquered all of Nostalisk. She was defeated before she could but she lead the Outsiders into Nostalisk. The Outsiders were completely wiped out every attempt they tried to kill the "evil beings" that populated Nostalisk until, one day, the Gods of the Outsiders grouped together, forgetting their place and that the people of Nostalisk were the rightful inhabitants, tainted by the Outsiders lies. They empowered the Outsiders and, despite losing horribly, Nostalisk never recovered.

The Apostles, except for Ai, started killing the Outsider Gods, greatly annoyed at them. When they were away, the portal opened up again, earlier than expected. The fresh blood united the Outsiders and, believing their lies, lead their armies into Nostalisk and won. Of course, everything fell apart and the inhabitants of Nostalisk killed every Outsider but, the world was already too far gone. Soon, civilization collapsed. The Apostles disappeared and Ai, The Apostle Of War, was killed in the invasion, believing until the end that Nostalisk is doomed if war ever stopped. A million years passed until, one day, they rose again in great cities. These new factions fought against each other but, due to the state of things, often dealt with their own corruption instead of each other. After two million years, Nostalisk receives a prophecy from Notch, the father of the Apostles.

The prophecy was about a Saint who will change the world, and the Seraphs, six the least, who share a bond and will work with the Saint, each Seraph capable of changing the world themselves. And the final message stating that the year of the Peacock will come. A long time has passed since Notch gave the prophecy and everyone awaits, nervously, for the arrival of the Saint...and the revolution that comes with them. Then, one day, after years and years of waiting, a little homeless girl named Nelsie became the Saint.

And so, Nostalisk, The World Of Endless War, reaches another chapter...

Joe Gold