Chapter 3:

An Author's Note

A Multiversal Biography

Who else in my book of universes shall be named in this tale? A reference-filled work of all that I created. A pure letter of love to that I write. What is What? A question none, not even myself, shall know. Is it but one title? Two? Three? Is it a series? A crossover of series? Or is it something more? What do you, the reader, think of such a strange thing? Are there twists? Will anyone die? What can happen? What will happen? What has happened? 

One sentence. One word. One I am sure you may be very familiar of. 


A word tied to English. It's meaning: great in difficulty to describe. A word that requires context. But what if that context was removed? What if there was no context? If the word was there to suggest something strange. Something weird. Something unknown. It questions what is unknown, asks for an understanding. Perhaps sometimes no understanding is given. Simply due to the answer not being known. That is it. That is What.

Yet, simply by coincidence I used this word. This odd piece of lexis. A perplexing, singular syllable, four-letter word. Although. Perhaps I could use it to greater meaning—give it a new meaning under the right context.

A word to describe all and understand all. A word to describe something and understand something. Truly, a bizarre thing. I'm unsure how I could use it to its potential, yet I shall milk its worth.

Thank you. I shall see you as you read more.

- Author