Chapter 4:

Multiversal Commotion

A Multiversal Biography

"Another one has gone."

"Indeed, a troubling time we are in."

"I was rather fond of those two."

"Well, so it seems the blues are on the move."

"Perhaps the events of yet another war are in the making."

"Well, perhaps Galactis might actually do something for a change, if another one is to happen."


"No, still silent as always."

"They never do talk, do they?"

"Want to make another bet?"

"Go on."

"I bet the sanity of another M that Galactis doesn't intervene."

"In that case, I bet the eyes of truth that he does."

"On a different M?"

"On the same one you are betting on."

"Interesting. We shall only see in time then."

"Indeed we shall."