Chapter 1:

Arrival and despair

Ace of spades

"In a world where people have different kinds of abilities, skill and summons, they are divided into ranks F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS & SSS. Energy is required to use skills. The skills use different amounts of energy. People are ranked accordingly with the amount of energy they have in the same way as skills. People with rank F or E are considered as peasant, D, C, B, A & S is considered as noble snd SS & SSS are considered a royal order. There are different types of skills. They are active skill, elemental skill, unique skill and conditional skill. The active skills need to be activated before using it. Elemental skills are skills that uses the power elements. Unique skills are rare skills only a few people have it also depends on its rarity. The ranks according to its rarity are common, uncommon, rare, epic, lengendary and unique. Conditional skills are skills that can be used only after a condition is fulfilled. Abilities have different types as well. They are passive ability, active ability and recollective ability. Passive abilities are the abilities that are active all the time. Active abilities are also called power-up abilities. Recollective abilities can be activated once after a certain something is collected, it can be simillar to conditional skills. "

"Stop! what are you reading?" asked Eren.

" A book about a magical world and how it works." said Alan.

" But we don't live in a magical world." added Eren.

" I know but still I like these kind of things." replied Alan.

" Alright, fine but we need to haste our horses others will be waiting for us." said Eren.

"Wait, others who are you talking about?" asked Alan.

" Haven't I told you ?" asked Eren.

" No, you haven't." said Alan.

" There are some of my classmates coming. Now, we need to hurry up." said Eren.

At the meeting point,

"Hi guys." said Eren.

"You are late." said Ian.

"Sorry for that." said Eren.

"Okay time for our official introduction. I am Eren." said Eren.

"I am lan. This is lrik. This is Anne." said Ian.

"Hi, I am Rika." said Rika.

"Hi I am Alan, nice to meet you." said Alan.

"Alright lets go." added Eren.

"Go where?" asked Anne.

"To the arcade." answered Eren.

"You love games, don't you?" said Irik.

A few hours later in an unknown place, Eren opened his eyes and asked,

"Huh... Where am I?"

 "Hey Eren, you finally woke up." said Alan.

 "Alan, Where are we? How did we come here? Where are the others?" asked Eren confusingly.

 "I don't know. I am just as confused as you." said Alan.

 "We need to get out of this place but where are we?" asked Eren.

 "Looks like a tunnel." added Alan.

 "It doesn't matter we need to get out." said Eren.

"Could it be that we have been sent to another world." said excited Alan.

 "You mean like in an isekai anime." said Eren.

 "Yes and we might be the mc with amazing powers. Lets go fight some monsters." said Alan even more excited.

 "No, its too dangerous to wander like that we might get hurt or die. We need to confirm where we are." said Eren.

 "What are you talking about we are the mc we can't die." said Alan.

 "Shut up! If you want to fight then learn about your powers first." said Eren.

"Yes sir." replied Alan half-heartedly.

"Start practicing, I am going find a way out of this creepy place. Don't go anywhere." said Eren.

"Okay, I am not a kid." said dissapointed Alan.

"Thats right you are worse than that. Now, start practicing." ordered Eren.

He starts exploring the tunnel and finds a dead body at a dead end. It was like some kind of animal's doing. He leave it there and keeps going ahead. Soon, he feels like he should go back but he keeps going like something is attracting him towards it. He suddenly hears a roar and a scream. He starts running towards it and encounters a huge monster. It was attacking a human. He was powerless to do anything. Then it looked towards him and starts running. He too scared to move and Alan appeared out of nowhere and attacked it. "Alan! What are you doing? Why are you here?" asked Eren. "If it weren't for me you would have turned into dead meat. " said Alan. "How did you come here?" asked Eren. "I used my skill 'Search'." said Alan. "You can already use them." said Eren amusingly. "Of course. Who do you take me for?" asked Alan. 

"Idiot" answered Eren confidently.

"Is that how you talk to someone who saved your life. " asked Alan. "Yes, if its you." said Eren. "Behind you." Eren shouted. Alan gets hit by that monster and screams in pain. While Eren was unable to move that monster killed his friend. Eren was still unable to move. It didn't made any sense. The monster turned towards him and just before it stabed him he started to see his memories.

Eren thought, "Huh? Whats going on? Memories? People say that our memories flash before our eyes when we are going to die. " In that stack of memories, there were some he didn't recognise. "Wait, this is how could I forget? Its my fault. I am going to correct everthing."


Ace of spades