Chapter 1:

I | Somewhere

Something's Not Right

What's your name?

'Where am I?'

Your name, please.

'There're too many lights.'

The nurse
gives me a funny look.

Her scrunched

makes her look
looks constipated.

Tell me your name.

'You're angry with me.'

Her eyes
meet mine boldly.

They're like chocolate balls.

'Why are you
'angry with me?'

Do you not remember
your name?

On the paper
in front of her,
she wrote


in the blank after the word


Did she think
she can fool me

into giving an incorrect answer

so she can lock me up


The nurse nods.
The grip on her pen

Yes, your name.
Do you remember

your name?

I hold back my laughter.

'I don't know.
'I've never been here before.'

My arms
cannot be lifted

from the armrests.

My feet
don't separate
from the legrests.

The wheelchair

even when I tell it to stop.

'The seatbelt's
'too tight,'
I complain.

No one's listening.

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