Chapter 20:

XX | Someone Who Dreams

Something's Not Right

Do you understand
my dream
or are you also making that face of fear?

don't lie to me.

I know
you don't get it either.

A doctor told me
it's okay if they
don't understand so long as
you try to understand them.

But then who
will understand me?

It's better if I die.

My eyelids are heavy

so my sight returns
very slowly.

A white room, familiar by now.
thousands and thousands of white lights

put together
like honeycomb.

I writhe violently

but my body doesn't react.

I scream
but my voice can't be heard.

I ate all those pills at once.

I should

be dead.

But I have this
awful feeling

that I'm not.

I want to close
my eyes again.

The lights sting my eyes

and they water when I try.

something wet
is falling from my face
and it doesn't


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