Chapter 21:

XXI | Someone’s Life

Something's Not Right

Why are you crying?

I can't
turn my head

to face Tammie.

I don't need to. I can smell her.

The rancid vomit

that clings to her
like a curse.

I inhale
the scent of half-digested proteins

like my life

depends on it.


I can't speak.
My voice doesn't work.

She hears me anyway.

Her scruffy head,
apologetic smile,

block out the bright lights,

down at me.

Her expression

is a little blurry.


You're safe now, Fifi.

She wipes the tears
on my face,

talking all the while.

Why didn't you listen to me, Fifi?

Do you really think
the whole world

has been brainwashed
except you?

That no one
but you

knows what the world is like?

You didn't think this through,
did you?

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