Chapter 37:

XXXVII | Some Black Flowers

Something's Not Right

I wake up

and the nurses aren't
following me like shadows


Moonlight Sonata

through the walls.

I'm alone.
I'll go back
to sleep.

My body moves
without my knowledge.

I'm downstairs

before I know it.

(seated in his armchair)

closes his eyes

to avoid
seeing me walk past.

Tammie smiles at me from hers,

swinging her legs.

more bruises

than before.

She's pole dancing
all wrong

because there's

no one to teach her.

I remember
the reckless promise I made to Tammie.

Thanks to that slip up of reality,

Tammie now thinks

we'll be friends even outside this asylum.

I don't remember
what she did back then

but telling her,
'I can't. I want to die,'
is no good


I'm starting to think about the future.

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