Chapter 40:

XL | Something Missing

Something's Not Right

I remain
wrapped in white
for a long time

before the siren

and Moonlight Sonata
plays instead.

The white warmth

even as I feel

cool air

brush my face
where my own breath
has collected.

I blink the sudden brightness,


I'm in the main hall.

Sitting down.

In my armchair.

As always.

The other patients
are in their armchairs too—

it's medicine time.

There's no light
outside the window—

evening medicine time then.

I don't remember
time ever passing

this fast.

Why is there
something strange

about this sudden


I look for Tammie in her armchair.

She's knocking her heels gently
against the footrest,

smiling apologetically

in my direction.

My gaze
lands on Krishna near her

and she's also

looking at me
with a knowing smirk,
as if she's saying

You won't tell anyone.

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