Chapter 48:

XLVIII | Some Kind of Apology

Something's Not Right

He looks
the same as


hair cropped close to his head,

a plastic ear
instead of a real one.

Even his voice
is the same.

But that smirk—

that's gone entirely.

For the past week,
he washes my used paint brushes.

Brings me new canvases.

Brings me food
from the kitchen

even though I tell him
I'm not hungry.

I am



Why are you doing this?
I demanded.

He refused to say
and told me

to look for him

if I ever need help with anything.

I told him
to stay away from me.

I don't want to see you again.

He flinched

at those words.

For a moment
it looked as though

the smirk would come back,
along with words would hurt,

and everything
would go

back to normal.

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