Chapter 52:

LII | Something More

Something's Not Right

'What's wrong?'

I look up

and then away.

It's Asher.

I'm so distracted
I think he's Tammie.

He doesn't comment

on my reaction.

What's wrong?

he sits on the bench beside me

even though

I haven't said he could

at our last
staring contest.

Don't talk to me,
I tell him now.

'I'm thinking.'

He looks away.

Doesn't get up
but doesn't leave either.

I search for where
the rowan tree
branches are intertwined.

Even if someone
tried to separate

the two trees

by combing their branches

they won't let go.

I know this
for sure.

Asher's looking at it too,
thinking the same thing.

Krishna's not tending

the flowers today—

which is why
I'm here trying to sort out my thoughts.

'What have you been doing
'these days?'

I ask him

what she asked me.

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