Chapter 54:

LIV | Some Suspicions

Something's Not Right

I do my best

to make the days

so that the nights will come,

and I can

my thoughts to Tammie

in the privacy
of my bedroom.

The nurses are always listening,
I know,

but at least

other human ears

will not hear.

We aren't
conspiring anything.

The nurses
can tell you that.

We spend our nights
dreaming of our future.

The nurses

won't tell the others.

We'll be together after this too—
Tammie tells me this


It makes me feel

warm and fuzzy

but it makes me
more and more anxious.

Will Tammie
disappear like those patients before?

How can I keep Tammie
from getting replaced?

Does Asher want to hurt Tammie?

Why does he always frown at her?

Is he seeing her
in Tammie?

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