Chapter 70:

LXX | Some Feelings

Something's Not Right

I see confusion

in Asher's eyes.

He's tilted his head,
plastic ear pointed at me


To hear me better.

That's not the problem though.

His fingers twitch.

He's scared.

The fear makes its way
into his eyes.

Along with


I'm sure
that's also


in mine.

He leaves before I can be sure
it's really guilt in his eyes.

He doesn't come back

even though I wait,
paint drying out my brush.

The sky darkens.

There's no sun today.

No moon either.

Moonlight Sonata
whispers through the walls.

I move

at last,

like the other patients,
one leg numb.

I notice

there's a new patient
in Urei's armchair.

David. That's his name.

Unlike Urei,
he doesn't shut up—keeps whispering under his breath.

Tammie's turned away from me,
staring at him.

Asher refuses to look at me.

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